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Greenspan's Epiphany Signals the End of Individualism, by Bobby Garner

Communitarian socio-economics is one of the most obscure aspects of the overall Communitarian agenda. The phrase itself was introduced to the world by SASE partners Dr. Amitai Etzioni and former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev. Many programs across the U.S. and the world designed to address "global poverty" are communitarian based socio-economic "solutions" to the unequal spread of the world's "wealth." Social equity is the most advanced Fabian propaganda, introduced to the modern world by 2 "former" communists.

Missing from the entire debate are the real principles for individual liberty and free enterprise (notice the "issues" all parties agree on, i.e. (some form of) national health care, sustainable development, community revitalization, urban renewal, public-private partnerships, faith-based initiatives, citizen volunteerism, community oriented policing, interventions and treatment, Weed & Seed, etc.)

During my recent radio interview with Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Creations, he brought up his concern over not being able to "opt out" of the new system. The way the EU is proceeding it looks like even nations who pass resoluitions against inclusion are being "denied" the right to refuse. We know nations cannot "opt out." Is there anyplace in the world where individual participation in these wealth distribution programs is optional? For instance, what about people (like me) who completely reject modern medicine with it's doctors and hospitals as modern witchcraft practiced in houses of death? Will I be required to become a member of a national health care program? I want my gravestone to read "Please don't call 911."

What lengths the communitarians are taking to eliminate the very concept of individual freedom. Bobby's latest article nails their argument at its very core:
Greenspan's Epiphany Signals the End of Individualism, by Bobby Garner
Alan Greenspan's recent declaration that the ongoing financial crisis has exposed a "flaw" in his "free market ideology", was seized upon by socialists of all stripes as proof that Capitalism is fatally flawed and therefore, its chief defender Ayn Rand, is totally discredited. Greenspan says he is "in a state of shocked disbelief" because he "looked to the self-interest of lending institutions to protect shareholder's equity".

What Greenspan either failed to understand or willfully ignores, is the fact that his "free market ideology" is a corruption of the pure Capitalism promoted by his mentor Ayn Rand. There is no such thing as "self-interest of lending institutions". Rand based her Capitalist ideology on a solid foundation of "rational self interest" of the individual man. Greenspan like all socialists knows quiet well that "lending institutions" are lifeless artificial entities with no thought, feeling, or knowledge of any kind, and they cannot possibly conceive of something so abstract as "rational self interest". Rational self interest is the sole domain of the cognitive function of a single individual human mind.

Ayn Rand's ideology of Individualism holds that inalienable rights can apply only to individuals:

'"The inalienable Rights of Men are: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Right of Life means that Man cannot be deprived of his life for the benefit of another man nor of any number of other men. The Right of Liberty means Man's right to individual action, individual choice, individual initiative, and individual property. Without the right to private property no independent action is possible. The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness means man's right to live for himself, to choose what constitutes his own private, personal, individual happiness, and to work for its achievement so long as he respects the same right in others. It means that Man cannot be forced to devote his life to the happiness of another man nor of any number of other men. It means that the collective cannot decide what is to be the purpose of a man's existence nor prescribe his choice of happiness." — Textbook of Americanism.

Reverse engineering this economic collapse reveals the real causes, and proves to the rational mind that it was intentional. Nothing can be proven to an irrational mind, because its ability to think clearly has been subverted to a predefined outcome. It has been brainwashed, programmed, deceived and has become complicit in the crime. Alan Greenspan could not possibly be so ignorant of Ayn Rand's ideology as to really believe that institutions are capable of self interest. His ignorance of the necessary function of individualism, and his perversion of self interest, is not delusional. Nor is it an accident of oversight, and he is not in "shocked disbelief". It was deliberately calculated to achieve precisely what is being achieved (as evident in the media spin), which is to totally discredit Capitalism and along with it, "rational self interest" and individualism.

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, is said to be the "guru of deregulation", but this is an Orwellian contradiction where deregulation actually means regulation. Federal regulation of banking and finance came in through the back door disguised as a United Nations mandated and government decreed "right to affordable housing". This is representative of the New Age attempt to over rule and replace our natural, and Constitutionally guaranteed, God given rights. Such government imposed rights are obviously not equally applied, nor can they be. They are discriminatory and place the burden on those tax payers who do not qualify for the right because they are able to provide for themselves. These rights are therefore, socialistic by their very nature, designed for an equalizing effect toward a post Marxist classless society based on the Communitarian Philosophy.

In Bogus Rights, Walter Williams wrote "The way our Constitution's framers used the term, a right is something that exists simultaneously among people and imposes no obligation on another. ... The only way Congress can give one American something is to first, through the use of intimidation, threats and coercion, take it from another American. So-called rights to medical care, food and decent housing impose an obligation on some other American who, through the tax code, must be denied his right to his earnings."

The foremost champion of individual rights, Ayn Rand, defines it very well in item 4 of Textbook of Americanism: "A right is the sanction of independent action. A right is that which can be exercised without anyone's permission. If you exist only because society permits you to exist—you have no right to your own life. A permission can be revoked at any time. If, before undertaking some action, you must obtain the permission of society—you are not free, whether such permission is granted to you or not. Only a slave acts on permission. A permission is not a right. Do not make the mistake, at this point, of thinking that a worker is a slave and that he holds his job by his employer's permission. He does not hold it by permission—but by contract, that is, by a voluntary mutual agreement. A worker can quit his job. A slave cannot."

A direct attack on individualism by the 1960's counter-culture would never have succeeded, but by first creating a corrupt Capitalism and then crashing it thereby destroying the concept of individualism along with it, the way is now cleared for the Communitarian Agenda to proceed. It took 50 years to do it, but the era of unfettered rational individual self interest has now been officially declared dead by direct government ownership of banking and finance, by which the means of production is efficiently controlled through complicit corporations acting as effective extensions of government as Non-Government Organizations (NGO's) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP's). This is the combination of Communism and Capitalism known as Fascism, a form of government completely contrary to our constitution, but it is here and now evident.

At the heart of the problem is the New Age philosophy of living in the moment of "the now". This mind set is pervasive throughout society, in government and among banking and financial executives. It illustrates a mass insanity consistent with the requirements of The Plan for world domination of a clueless and helpless society. Its exemplified in United Nations programs, government bureaucratic eagerness to adopt them, by legal coercion of corporate executives into compliance, and the willingness of the working class to take the path of least resistance and look upon government sponsored programs for their welfare rather than shoulder the responsibilities of rational self interest and self sufficiency.

Henry Lamb writes:

"During the Carter years, the United States became a party to the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (October 5, 1977). Article 11 (1) of this treaty declares that “everyone” has a right to, among other things, housing. This is the same year that the Carter administration pushed through Congress the Community Reinvestment Act, designed to increase housing for low-income people. This new law required banks to report the number and value of loans issued to low-income people, and also gave community organizations (such as ACORN) the right to “comment” on proposed bank mergers and expansions. This gave these organizations leverage against banks that failed to issue enough loans to low-income borrowers." — The Obama-Ayers-ACORN-Bailout connection

This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that bankers forced to make bad loans guaranteed by the government, with oversight by advocacy groups was designed to fail. Will a bank executive try to make such a perversion work, or will he extract as much as possible for himself and drive the corrupt system into the ground?

We have the answer.

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As for Ayn Rand, we had a bit of discussion about her a few months back where I learned from Bobby how her arguments were twisted by the people who took over her work. He's got it all at his website for anyone who thinks Rand is irrelevant here.

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