Friday, October 10, 2008

Severe winds hit Kenny Lake, Alaska

18' Gertee Sacked in
Statewide Wind Storm

18' gertee didn't make it

exterior destruction

interior destruction

The 20' Gertee's frame is intact after being bent inward and lifted up to 5 inches . The one piece pool cover roof with all the ropes I had tied across it stayed on for over 24 hours of 40-80??mph winds. Our friend Mike came by yesterday and suggested I put tires on the roof. We tried that, but all except one blew away. I learned a lot about wind yesterday, about the psi and high and low pressure. (Mike's a pilot and was shocked at how little physical science I know!) I think now I have a much better idea of what it feels like to be in a hurricane with one of these structures, and with a few modifications they will hold up to the storms. HEAVY canvas covers and good tie downs are essentials. I sent Nordica and Freddie to Tims and I stayed inside watching how it moved and withstood the pressure until 3am when I decided I'd be safer in the truck. I fell asleep reminding myself that even if it was totally gone in the morning, we're safe and all okay. We had just got set up and working on overdue projects, now everything is back on hold. After the worst summer on record we get the worst winds Tim ever saw here.

Moving our things out as quickly as possible because next we're gonna get freezing rain and snow and 50 below.

Please send your disaster relief to:

Nordica Friedrich
800 E. Dimond Blvd
3-131 PMB #153
Anchorage, AK 99515

Paul Barnes quoted in mainstream press!

Here is the article from the Belleville Intelligencer:

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