Friday, February 6, 2009

The White Rose Resistance

The other day my sister Susan asked me if I'd seen the German film about the White Rose. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that while I didn't know there was a movie about them, I was fully aware of their existence. I explained that I learned about them in a book I read years ago called Hitler's Generals (there was opposition in the ranks). When we built the ACL, I added the White Rose to our Links page under Our Inspirations.

The White Rose was a tiny group of mostly students who acted as anti-Nazi pamphleteers working to expose Hitler's agenda inside Germany, during the war. They were condemned and executed by the Nazi courts for publishing the truth about the state. I'm very pleased to find out there's an ACL link from this blogspot that takes its name from these brave young Germans who have been mostly lost to history:


Paul B. said...

Sophie Scholl - The Last Days
An inspirational film, I have seen it many times and highly recommend it. Nazi's beheading dissident German youth, for handing out leaflets critical of their new "regime."

"Long live freedom!"Christoph Probst

Paul B. said...

Sorry it's Sophie Scholl - The Final Days

the tent lady said...

Thanks Paul! I forgot what my sister called it and I forgot Sophie's name too. I'll look for it. Who was Probst.. was he in their group? What was her brother's name? Nevermind, I can go look that up too. heh.

I never knew before I read their story that the Nazis used the guillotine (sp?). I'd lived with the impression it went out of style in the 19th century. So much I didn't know, so much more I still don't know. And it saddened me to see one of the White Rose groups on facebook aligned with the ADL. I accidentally joined it.

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