Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kenny Lake Chitina Alaska Fun-Map - second draft

Actual hardcopy size: 11x17"


Lark said...

Gee, Niki, the place is looking almost 'tourist-y' - do you think when some of us make our way up... they'll still be using... American paper money?

Myself, I'm kinda expecting to have to barter my way; but then I suppose you'll let me know the lay of the land once I hit an airport.

After all, you can sure do up some whiz-bang maps!

I predict someone will co-opt you soon though and stick you on their grant recipient's 'must pay' list.

That is, if they were smart!;)

the tent lady said...

Bring things to barter along the way! Try to catch a boat out of Seattle to Cordova and see if they'll bring you upriver. Skip Canada. You know, this was one of the few places the foreigners could not take by force... the white man bartered his way in eventually, after a scarce food year. Then JP Morgan bought all the copper rich Wrangell Mtns from the chief. Heh.

And Lark, you know there's no way in hell I want to help make communitarian maps, and I should have known there's not a grant in America that isn't attached to one of their programs. I am thinking of them as I design it though .. if you'll notice I use none of their watershed and ego, I mean eco, terms anywhere. The vegan anti-hunters will be offended by the modern trapping pictures, and I feel really good about that.

It's an amazing thing to be alive when the government rewrites the history of the place you live. The only way I can think of to combat their revised edition of Alaskan history is to start writing our own. Like with the history of the U.S., our enemies not only rewrite textbooks, they also make new maps.

I'm going to print these and sell them to the local merchants and visitors this summer. I can revise it easily now, take new pictures, make room for business ads too. I learned how to put publisher files in adobe! Thanks Nordica!!!!! :)

There's also a process to combat their activities in another positive way, one of my friends just sent me the info and I'm going to be studying that! Fo sho!

Lark said...

My thinking is... being the good marketers they are... or these cretins need to be... they will want to promote the sheer savagery of the land... and the 'true grit'... the 'pure ruggedness'... of its 'people-person inhabitants'.

[Insert 'happy family pics' of zany dog mushers, gun-totin' hunters, trappers, salmon fisherman... and campfires, etc.]

By true grit and ruggedness... these terms should naturally equate [in the public mind at least] to that old-time, crazy feelin'... of acting-out what it once felt like... to be a 'trail-blazin', independent, honest-to-goodness real American' - something the traitors to this land... never understood... or else... they've surely forgotten.

So if the wily communitarians want to hold 'real Americans' in captivity - like in a damned zoo or a prison - then there should be a hefty price to have to pay those 'wild' Alaskans like you.

The best thing they could do [if they had a lick of sense] is to bow down to your demands: "We are the only real-live Americans... you [who are so clever] hold in such fear and disdain - therefore, pay us what we demand of you today... and we will guarantee to attack you again... if you ***k with anyone of us... tomorrow."

[Insert appropriate imagery]

Of course, like your new map, we could definitely consider some improvements... as they may be required... or lest... our simple-savage demands... are not met!;)