Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kenny Lake Chitina Alaska Fun-Map - first draft

Here's my first attempt to make a fun-map of Kenny Lake and Chitina. I can't draw so I went through my old files and found pictures we've taken around the area. Haven't heard back from the Copper River Country Map workgroup. According to their latest memo, they have to do a whole lot more talkin', meetin' and grant appin' before they'll actually get around to makin' the map itself. I don't have to wait for anybody to reach group consensus before I get things done.

But, much like the Copper River Watershed/ecotrust group, I only feel the need to put my friends on my map.:) I am convinced, after reading the state and federal plans, that the Copper River Country Map is a barely veiled UN Local Agenda 21 GIS database project that includes capacity building and identifying and mapping private property boundaries. Because this group is associated with WISE and the Wrangell Mountain Center (both communitarian organizations) it's obvious their purpose is to reinvent the Copper River Basin into a controlled environmental wilderness corridor. They are here to teach the locals how to obey the new land use regulations, which come later. First they have to map and inspect all the private property in the region. It's also probably closely associated with the Federal Premise ID requirements under NAIS, I'll have to do a little more research on that whole aspect. Mapping is a KEY ingrediant to rebuilding a communitarian system, all the programs slide into "law" under mapping plans.

Notice on the attendees' list below, there are only a couple private business owners. These folks are all affiliated with GRANT funded ngos and quasi/government agencies. They receive grant funds for community economic development and use it for phony map projects designed to put the locals under the thumb of environmental regulations and drive out locally owned business.

Both meetings:
Arlene Rosenkrans, Copper Valley Development Association
Kate Alexander, Copper River Watershed Project
Katrina Church-Chmielowski, Prince William Sound Community College
Kristin Smith, Copper River Watershed Project
Todd Stoeberl, Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve
Vicki Penwell, Wrangell Mountains Center

Wednesday Only, 1/21/09:
Liana Charley John, Ahtna Heritage Foundation
Geoff Bleakley, Copper Valley Historical Society
Clair Scribner, Gakona Village Council
Tamara Hamby
Dave Wellman

Thursday Only, 1/22/09:
Cory Larson, BLM
Lin Perry-Plake
Marnie Graham, BLM
Mona Jones, Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve/AK Geographic
Bill Hand, Copper Valley Native Association
Gloria Stickwan, Ahtna, Inc.

Facilitated by: Rockstar Heather Rice, National Park Service, Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program

Now I'll admit my map is somewhat distorted, but the MAIN thing a map should do is tell people how to GET HERE! As for stories about us, well, I heard a picture tells a thousand words.

When the Copper River Country GIS mappers come snooping around our neighborhood, we can tell them, "No thanks! We already have a map!"

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Anonymous said...

I read down through those names. Most of them appear to be women. Where are the men? Are they out earning a living while the women-folk sell them down the river?