Friday, February 20, 2009

Smart Grids versus Stupid People... like us?

"What’s really needed are agents for change."
Tendril's CEO, Adrian Tuck, 2/18/09

This came today from Gisela at Alaskans against the NAIS: The Smart Grid sure ties into other mapping programs designed to get people to modify their behaviors, doesn't it? What is googles' "investment" in the grid?

A Startup Joins Google and GE in the Smart Grid Conversation
BY Anya Kamenetz Wed Feb 18, 2009

"Historically smart grid was really looked at from the utilities' side--giving the utility control over things like turning air conditioners down [to conserve energy at peak usage]. That model needs to be flipped on its head—getting consumers information about their consumption is the cornerstone to getting people to understand/control/modify their behavior" {boldface added}

Could it be that needing funds for this Smart Grid program was a factor in the Stimulous Bill? Are the big corporates really playing catchup now, or were they in on the action plan from the beginning?

"U.S. utilities already spend about $20 billion a year on information technology, and as part of the federal stimulus bill, the government plans to spend another $11 billion over the next 20 months to help modernize the national grid. So it's little wonder that everyone from giants like Accenture (ACN) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) to hot startups like Silver Spring Networks are angling for a piece of the action."

So what will all the eventual applications of the the smart grid be?
"No one has ever looked at a smart grid project built to scale," says Michael Jung, policy director at Silver Spring Networks, which is developing technology to allow networked devices to communicate with each other. "We don't know what all the eventual applications running on the smart grid will be, and thus we don't know how to quantify their costs and benefits."

And again, while the "debate" rages in the USA over whether or not Local Agenda 21 is a "conspiracy," the English create plans openly based in the Rio Declaration:,

Think learning new behaviors for home living won't be fun? Can we entice you with prizes? Don't you want to pay to play bingo with your future? No worries mate, these are government sponsored games! They're "free!"
"Energy Efficiency Bingo is a fun game packed with energy efficiency advice, with great prizes on offer.

The Home Energy Conservation Officer can carry out bingo sessions free of charge for community groups who meet during the day.

To request a free bingo session or further information please contact John ward-Campbell, Home Energy Conservation Officer on 01423 556909 or email"

How will these plans affect people living OFF the grid? Will participation in the smart grid be mandatory? Is there any place left in the world where independent people can immigrate to and create or become part of a non-compliant society? Will the people who refuse to comply be those raggedy, dirty, hairy ape people so often shown to be digging in the dirtballs for food in futuristic scientific films? How WILL people live outside the matrix (which is what the plans are officially called)?

What do the the American Community Survey, the National Animal Identification System, Smart Grid, the National ID, and the Copper River Country Mapping Project ALL have in common? All personally identifiable information is housed in the GIS. The GIS has MANY layers to their data, and it is already used by the federal police in their Community Policing COMPASS program. Among other things, the COPS use the data to identify "hot spots" and problem people."

It's gone so far the COPS have video cameras all over the world. The 1999 Matrix for the Seattle Neighborhood Plans included training citizen spies. In 2000, Seattle hired a "new police chief", Gil Kerlikowske. Kerlikowske was the DC grants director for the new COPS program created by Clinton in 1994 after the Violent Crime Act authorized funding. He also helped design COMPASS. Seattle was a pilot test for gathering personal identification to be added to the COMPASS database. That he was hired to be the new SPD chief, was amazing to me, but it never bothered my Seattle friends and it sure never stopped anyone in the know from supporting Obama. At that time my COPS' R&B File was almost blank. I wonder if it's grown any over the last ten years.

And just after I finished this post, I opened an email from my friend Bobby, who says:
In my opinion, the Obama administration IS, or will become the "GAIA Revolution". Here's what Gore says about the "stimulus plan":

I urge this Congress to quickly pass the entirety of President Obama's recovery package. The planned unprecedented and critical investments in four key areas -- energy efficiency, renewables, a unified national energy smart grid, and the move to clean cars -- represent an important down payment and are long overdue. These crucial investments will create millions of new jobs and hasten our economic recovery, while strengthening our national security and beginning to solve the climate crisis. -

Gore made plans for he and some cronies to profit from this development back in December of 06 right after the Democratic victory in the mid-term elections:

COUNTING ON INCREASING SUNSPOTS TO 2012: "Gore's Generation Investment Management company and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers aim to use their combination of financial firepower and expertise to help speed up the development of technologies and policies needed for a low carbon economy. Gore in green alliance with venture capital"


In an earlier email as part of that exchange over Gaia 2012, Bobby wrote (and I absolutely love this Bobby!):

"Whereas the Borg's message was: "We will assimilate you. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated". The new message is: You must ascend. It is self destructive to resist. If you refuse to ascend, we will ascend you for your own development, because we LOVE you so much"." Bobby Garner,


Stop Common Purpose said...

You must be psychic, Niki. I have recently been communicating with a bloke in Harrogate about Common Purpose.

Agenda 21 promotion by Harrogate Council fits in there nicely.

Also, I recently worked out this definition of CP:

"Common Purpose is a change agent being used by Fabian New Labour to implement its hidden Communitarian agenda."


gisela said...

Add Mr Obama's dear friend Oprah to the teaching of GAIA

Bobby Garner said...

That link to Gore's remarks won't work. Try This. The video on this page is not relevant to the subject.

the tent lady said...

John that's wild! I'm not psychic tho, I did a search for smart grid agenda 21 and got to Harrogate that way. And the defintion of CP is very good, I'm sure people appreciate it.

Yeah Oprah and Marianne Williams are two phonies I fell for... what a rude awakening that was.

Thanks Bobby, i should start checking the links after I post them.

Bobby Garner said...

Niki, I don't see John's definition of Common Purpose at all helpful. It is in fact, a rather typical idea that might be expressed by anyone familiar with traditional politics. However, we do not see traditional politics at work. Its Third Way politics which knows no boundaries, and answers to no one but its puppet masters.

The error suggests that the problem is solved simply by voting New Labour out of office. There is zero evidence to support that.

Does John not know about the Third Way?
Is he unaware of his own governments role as the principle designer and choreographer of this global movement?

Common Purpose is not the problem in Britain. Common Purpose is the snake devouring its own tail. The problem is the narrow focus of Stop Common Purpose, and the attempt to place the blame on corrupt politicians and public servants. Corrupt politicians don't just spontaneously evolve outside of some corrupting influence. That corrupting influence, here, there, and everywhere, we know as the British Commonwealth of Nations, exercising its global power through the United Nations and its proxies (former colonies) registered as member nations, and through Freemasonry and the Pilgrim Society.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing, or when their efforts of opposition are wasted on frivolous pursuits.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Bobby, I understand exactly what you are getting at. The purpose of the Stop CP website is to try to explain to the man in the street what is going on.

These people are familiar with "traditional politics" and many of them would have great difficulty understanding and accepting some of the ideas on

I have looked through and understand the nuances that you convey but for the time being, I shall continue with my "frivolous pursuit".

the tent lady said...

Most people who contact me have been reading and studying my work for a while prior to writing me. to a man they always ask me if i can simplify it so they can try to explain it to the people they know. Even if they "get" the dialectic and they "get" Hegel's connection to communitarianism, they still can't explain it. Hell I've been trying to explain it for almost nine years now and haven't made it clear and concise yet.

And wrong or right, we have got to use terms people already know when we introduce new concepts. I lie John's definition because it includes the synthesis without ever saying that's what it does.

Just the other day another reader was telling me how hard it is for her to get people to see the big picture because they're all so focused on the one piece they can manage. They're not ready. My work has always been more in line with the "program of attraction rather than promotion." People like John found me, and gleaned enough to see it tied directly to his work. Now how many more people have come here from Stop Common Purpose because they want to know more about what communitarianism is. Once here they are exposed to lots of other writers who fill in other pieces of the puzzle. Who knows where they go from here? Why would you want to shut down any avenue that might open doors for people that they may never before have known existed? Plus, The Fabians are real and extremely verifable, and Etzioni said he was one. So it's a great place to start with the skeptics who won't consider anything religious or anonymous.

I look at all this knowledge we have as a recovery program, and I've seen what happens to people who find out even part of the truth without preparation. We've all seen them sending out mass screaming email alerts and posting every side issue they find. It's like stages of withdrawl, and I learned from experience not to expect somebody sober 24 hrs to comprehend what it means to have a spiritual awakening.

I support anyone who's wiling to take the time to expose communitarianism, especially when there are so few willing to name it. Why not just let everyone come to our information if and when they're ready and looking for it, and leave the rest up to God.

Bobby Garner said...

I understand John. No point in getting the readers all worked up over something they don't understand. And by all means, we wouldn't want to disturb their comfort zone of false beliefs in traditional politics with something called the truth.

Niki, don't we know why all those who "get it" find it so difficult to explain to their friends?

Its a reference framing problem which was imposed by the deception itself. The dialectic is a process of deception. No deception can be exposed from within itself by any argument opposing any part of the deception. Within the dialectic/deception, opposition to one part must necessarily promote another part. Albert Einstein understood that: "You cannot solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You must rise above it to the next level."

The next level is a different frame of reference which resolves the justified contradictions contained in the former. Einstein's problem was created by the British Royal Society when they accepted Newtonian Physics because it was explainable in their old comfortable frame of reference known as mechanical physics. They understood Newton, but they learned nothing new about the function of the universe. They rejected Kepler because his explanations destroyed their beliefs in a mechanical universe.

NASA knows they must rely on Keplerian physics to fly in space.

Thats what happens when you look for the words to explain communitarianism in the language of those who don't get it. They don't get it because they refuse to have their justified contradictions resolved because it trashes their precious beliefs. Any explanation to them in terms which preserves their false beliefs which were the origin of the problem in the first place only serves to preserve their ignorance.

However, all that may be acceptable if deception and subterfuge are understood as nuances.