Saturday, February 28, 2009

Arizona Desert Compound Mystery

The ACL has very little posted about the possible use of detainment centers. I have seen quite a bit of evidence that all kinds of old WWII detainment camps are being refurbished. I've read numerous posts by locals in areas where train tracks lead to dead ends with huge wharehouses. There are lists of potential camps online and some people have studied this in depth. I didn't because it wasn't my focus, but I remember being glad other people were covering it. This just came from nightzero and I've been in this part of Arizona before. It's desolate.

It occured to me once a long time ago that the way the US government relocated the American Indians would be the same way they "relocate" the American die hards who refuse to capitulate to the global authorities. Alaskans will be shipped to Arizona, and Arizonans will be shipped up here (to Healy or Delta?) or to Florida like they did to Geronimo. None of us will be incarcerated in territory we well know.

We'll all be getting high on the peace trains.

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