Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quitting is not an option?

Read the CNN transcript of Obama's Speech to Congress. The Obama administration has every intention of fulfilling America's 2020 vision for a communitarian future. In a communitarian , faith based society, every individual is regulated like an "asset." Also often called Capacity Building, all Americans are to be tested and trained for their new jobs. Read that again if you have to. I said ALL Americans, not just our youth.

This is not an optional program; the communitarians do not allow any individuals to choose to not participate. Our skills and abilities are directly tied into all the other communitarian programs (via COMPASS), and which jobs we're qualified to perform determines which housing we are assigned to. Volunteerism is rewarded with further communitarian classes and indoctrination, which will lead to financial security.
"So tonight I ask every American to commit to at least one year or more of higher education or career training. This can be a community college or a four-year school, vocational training or an apprenticeship. But whatever the training may be, every American will need to get more than a high school diploma.

"And dropping out of high school is no longer an option. It's not just quitting on yourself; it's quitting on your country. And
this country needs and values the talents of every American.

"That's why -- that's why we will support -- we will provide the support necessary for all young Americans to complete college and meet a new goal: By 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. That is a goal we can meet." {boldface added} Obama's speech to the US Congress
Not one word about H.R. 45 in Obama's speech (thanks Kathy!), but Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 could be a big help to his "every American" has to let the communitarians invade their homes, to inspect, to regulate, to monitor, to help, to assess values, to mentally and physically test the inhabitants, and to make them all go back to school or get treatment.

Our new president says "dropping out of high school is no longer an option." Is there new legislation that will provide the enforcement for this closed option? And come on, I'm a high school dropout and a college dropout. What if the ONLY reason I was able to understand Obama's communitarian synthesis is because I left the public indoctrination centers? If college makes us all so damn smart, then where's all the grads, MAs and Ph.D.s who can comprehend my writings or be so educated they've challenged our original thesis? (2 more School Review Boards answered the Hegel poll.) How come I have to dumb down my articles about the communitarian legal system to a fifth grade level if colleges are teaching people such valuable knowledge? What the hell are our schools teaching us beyond the fifth grade?

Do fifth graders know what a "new rendezvous with America's progressive tradition" is?
"Tuesday night's speech was the most comprehensive manifesto he has offered yet for his new rendezvous with America's progressive tradition." EJ Dione, Washington Post Op Ed
There's so many issues coming at us now it's a serious mindbender trying to keep up with every new regulation that will bring us, transformed, into 2020: Our Common Destiny. The war against American freedom is exploding in our backyards. Battles rage across the nation, every area has its own distress signals going out. Some of these battles are openly, extremely violent (as on Mexican border), others are vague, extremely benign and sound very nice to the petty officials doing the attacking. But the cause is the same. The reason for ALL the conflicts, changes and takings is Communitarianism.

But few have a clue, so our people keep running in circles. We're all trying to stop this new bill or that new regulation. We never associate these attacks on our liberty with their source, because many of us stayed in the US public school system.

In a free society, quitting is ALWAYS an option. According to our law, resisting government tyranny is our obligation. People want us to depend on the hunters to safe keep the 2nd. Like my dad always said, guns aren't just for hunting animals.

What if refusing to comply with communitarian regulations was mandatory? If there's going to be a war in this country, let's get our facts straight about who we're fighting. Our common enemy is not only the border invasion from Mexico (which requires our immediate, armed attention). It's not only the Wall Street thugs, the US Cons in the congress or their bosses (the international drug cartel running the whole show). It's not just the Empire builders and the "free" traders who quietly write communitarian trade agreements that establish new regional governments. It's also any LOCAL who forces us to comply with an unconstitutional communitarian law.

America DOES need "the values and talents of every American." As sovereigns, born free under our constitutions, our choice of weapons is optional.

All communitarian funded programs have strings as sticky and deadly as a Black Widow's spiderweb. Here's what our guru has to say about the strings in the Stimulus Bill, as quoted by jcwinnie, a blogger who seems to have an exceptional and "correct" grasp of what Obama means by change (wonder where he went to school?):
“Public works” may indeed be needed, but let’s make those green ones, too. For instance, just granting money to states and localities will not do; strings should be attached ensuring that funds will be dedicated to green infrastructure and not to favorite projects that serve the automobile.

The list is not difficult to draw: Buses and passenger vans should be on the green list, not cars. Hence no funds for highways, roads, and bridges unless they first set aside bicycle lanes and diamond lanes for public transportation. Funds for light rails are green. The same is true for new sources of energy, domestically generated, and for fixing our antiquated electrical grid. Not so for loans to nowhere for auto makers.
Etzioni has no difficulty with drawing the list because he wrote it. This Stimulus package will cement Etzioni's communitarian control over Americans. Show me ONE out of work American who won't go along with the required compliance for using these funds. Etzioni knows full well what it means to fix "our antiquated electrical grid" because his followers designed the GIS database layers to house the expanded grid information. Light link rail development was how I was introduced to Etzioni's ideas for a new communitarian government in Seattle in 1999. It's the biggest scam so far. But light link rail will pale in comparison to what they can accomplish with the Smart Grid. If you only look at Smart Grid and all the new ID programs together, as one, you have a pretty good picture of what 2020 will look like.

From the above very well informed source we get Al Gore's take on Obama's Science team:
"While this is an amazing group of public servants, we must recognize that there is still a very difficult challenge awaiting us before we can pass new laws that truly solve the climate crisis. Public support for doing the right thing is more crucial now than it ever has been."
Americans doing the right thing IS more crucial now, but unfortunately, Americans don't know what the right thing is anymore. Our public educations made sure of it.

And as for obtaining "justice" in the new communitarian system, as in pleading innocence or demanding due process procedures under US law, well don't get yourself in a tizzy over that America. Susan Coble, our Citizen Service Bureau rep and "liason" to Seattle Mayor Paul Schell's office (the hub of Seattle's light link rail plans), assured me at the 8/30/99 DON-NATS R&B meeting on Seattle's Revised Noise Ordinance that, "Only guilty people will get these tickets."

This next few months should prove to be a real test of my character. Every day somebody I know tries to get me to apply for some government grant or NGO funding. I've been barely making it out here these last couple months, and now the state is all abuzz with the gas line preparations and road construction jobs. The ACL may be the only "organization" (besides the NRA) studying them from a strictly legal standpoint and working full time to expose the Communitarian Justice System to the free world. I'm precariously hungry. If I succumb to the lure of federally funded jobs (that pay Davis Bacon wages!), or the even greater lure of marketing gertee to the pipeline, I will no longer have the time to maintain the ACL website or this blog. As most of my family and friends know, I've never been very good at fund raising for the ACL. Now the donations and book sales are getting fewer and farther between. I guess that's just the way it goes, and obviously I never started the ACL thinking it would pay me anyway! For ten whole years I've believed it was my duty to make this sacrifice for our freedom. I still believe it, but it's harder and harder to stay strong in this belief without adequate supplies. Nordica needs help paying the printer and keeping the ACL business end alive. My writing doesn't seem to help her at all. And it's probably just as true that it won't help America either.

My little army of one is going to be an army of none. Resistance is futile, eh?


Anonymous said...


We have to resist Babylon and trust God to take care of us. We must find the true God and the only God of the universe who also stands against all of this.

I will not assimilate to this ungodly communitarian society.

This is what I have resisted since I encountered it in my job, and in my church.

I am still in my right mind and continue to pray towards that end.

You can warn but you can not change this system. You're off the grid and you need to stay off the grid.

I understand all your work and I am a GED student plus 20 years of Federal employment which brought me into an executive position! I was self taught. I am not ignorant of Satan's devices.

God Bless you Niki. Stay strong and don't submit.


the tent lady said...

Thanks Edith, but I'm not "off the grid" and never have been really. I have electric and phone/internet service in my gertee. I have a driver's license, my car is registered, and I pay federal taxes everytime I get a payroll job. I don't own any farm animals or have a supply of goods I canned or stored from my garden. I have to use FRNs to buy what I need.

This stimulus money may be my last (and only?) chance to gear up before the final solution requires I use an assigned # to purchase my goods. I don't have to submit to the communitarians, my countrymen already did that for me.

As for the one true God standing against all this evil, well, I haven't see any sign that anyone agrees on who the one true God is. I'm back to thinking the Eskimos had it right all along. They had no name for "god" (much like the ancient Jews, actually), whereas they have 22 Inupiat words to describe "snow."

Anonymous said...

I'm not off the grid either Niki but as time goes on we will have to be.

I will not accept any money from the gov't because in doing that it will require submission or silent agreement. I do not agree with this plan.

As far as God goes I have to trust that I know his name....:o) His identity may have been perverted and his teachings may have been turned into something false (the truth was turned into a lie the scriptures reveal) but He is still very real, and he has a personality, and he is with me. I have questions also and I take them to Jesus and he leads me and teaches me.

How else would I have been able to stand against the torment? The one true God is hated today. His ways are hated, and his people are hated.

Jesus stood against the evil of the Babylonian system and told us to do the same. It got him killed.

God is not in nature He is the creator of it and we are told that they worshiped the creation more than the creator.

The name of God has been revealed to man. It is not within the Tetragrammaton as the Kabbalist teach. They adopted the god of Babylon as their god and are destroying the true name.

mudlurk said...

Hi Niki
I can't see one, but do you happen to have a paypal donate button? If not, get one embedded in the blog. I'm sure those of us who drop by from time to time can put a few bucks your way for the time and trouble you take to supply this invaluable information. Another idea might be to do a bit of podcasting. Put them out free to download but suggest a donation. For my part I'll try to spread the word. Chin up.

the tent lady said...

Edith I admire your faith and am happy it sustained you. It gives me hope that you and my other friends still believe, and that's a gift.

And thanks mudlark, I think I used to have the ACL's paypal donate button on here somewhere. I'm always changing my blog around depending on what I think is important info, and probably decided it was a waste of space altogether and took it off! And I know Nordica has music on a thing I think she calls a podcast but I really don't know what you mean. And yeah, chin up, where have I heard that before, hehe. :)

mudlurk said...

Hey you got my handle correct: mudlark. Somebody on google took it, so I had to change a vowel and use mudlurk. Not quite the same somehow.

Mudlarks, in case you didn't know, were mostly young boys that scavenged for anything of value in the the River Thames at low tide. Conditions were often horrendous as back in Victorian times you'd find all sorts of nastiness in the river, so I respect these little blighters. So I be a mudlark maam.

Bobby Garner said...

"Who Is To Blame? Many people look at all the oppression and evils that exist from our government, whether it is unjust taxes or fraudulent control of our money etc. and put all the blame on government for these acts. Some people wonder how our government can be so corrupt and why it is so destructive to our country. The people who think in this manner are missing an important point. The point is that there is very little wrong with our country that is the blame of the government. There is, however, much wrong with our country that is the blame of the people.

"To blame the government for attacking and oppressing our rights and freedom and laws, is like blaming the wolf that attacks and devours the sheep."

"...laws which would deprive us of our rights are unconstitutional and are not required to be followed by the people. We the people are to blame for injustice and oppression in this country every time we follow such laws. That is what is happening in America with our current unconstitutional tax system."
- From "Chronology of The International Conspiracy"

But of course, now we have Homeland Security which has waived all legal restrictions under the power granted by the Real ID Act of 2005. As part of the Department of Defense, they are under NorthCom, a military command, which means they work for the Commander In Chief. That spells P-O-L-I-C-E--S-T-A-T-E no matter how you spin it.

We are well past the point where civil disobedience will work. All we have going for us is the fact that there are more of us than there are of them. In number at least. Ideologically, we are the minority, but that could still change.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Yes, Niki. Put up a Paypal button. You'll get a few extra bucks that way.