Monday, February 23, 2009

Pro Communitarian Groups on Facebook

From the Communitarian Fellowship:
"The election of Barack Obama not only provided a fundamental shift in politics and social consciousness but also allowed the philosophy of communitariansim to move into the forefront. Much of Obama's philosophy during his campaign and even possessed in his writings are tenets of the communitarian spirit. many who wish or seek to undermine him or purely due to their own ignorance, have tried to label many of Obama's and others ideas to communism or socialism. While these schools of thought may have some similarities, Barack Obama is a communitarian in his political, social ans religious approach. His pragmatism expresses the notion that one can influence his community by getting involved and being active. Communitariansim looks at the infrastructure of society and humanity. By working together for common goals and solutions, many obstacles can be overcome. With a President of the United State so clearly of the communitarian approach, it is only fitting that the advocates and students of communitarian come to the forefront. It would also be profitable to discuss communitarian ideas and notions since they will be influencing many policies and procedures at least for the next 4 years."
From I think I may be a communitarian:
There are Seven Principles of communitarianism consists of 1. Unity of all people and their diversity. This unity can be expressed through one's faith, community (family and friends circles), and social groups. 2. Self-Determination and actualization by defining oneself, naming oneself, create and speaking for oneself and appreciating whom god has made you. 3. Collective Responsibility by building and maintain community together and make our neighbour's problems our problems by working together for a solution. 4. Cooperation and Entrepreneurship To be committed to the work ethic and working together for positive results and solutions.5. Purpose in making our collective vocation the building and developing of ourselves and our community in order to restore people to their traditional greatness and potential. 6. Creativity and Innovation where one does as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our communities self perpetuating and beneficial for future generations.7. Faith"
From Community Forum-Concept of a Communitarian:
"The election of President Barack Obama has initiated the rise of Communitarianism or the concept of the community shaping the mores and values of society. Let us all be that individual who makes up that community in society that shapes our world. Many have tried to label Obama as being a socialist, but actually he is expressing the tenets of a Communitarian."

From Communitarianism/Christian Democracy:
"At the heart of the communitarian understanding of social justice is the idea of reciprocity: each member of the community owes something to all the rest, and the community owes something to each of its members.

"Basically, this is a group to join and network members of the communitarian and Christian Democracy ideologies. These two movements differ in the means by which they arrive at very similar ends. The most basic explanation of these movements is, by their American definitions, socially conservative and fiscally liberal. I encourage you to join if you either loosely agree or identify stongly with this ideology."
From Oklahoma Communitarians:
"This group was created for those people who don't fit into the political box, who consider themselves Communitarians, to have an opportuinity to learn more from one another, and discuss politics and policy."
From Red Tory Revolution:
"Notable Red Tories: Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Robert Borden, John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield, Bill Davis, and Joe Clark.

"Red Tories believe in government intervention and every ones responsibility of to others and the state. Also as well that with power and wealth there are social as well as other responsibilities. These involve many communitarian ideas such as an equal right to education, housing, universal health care, welfare, social safety programs, public works programs, and laws limiting those things like guns or pollution that are seen as detriments to society."
From Christian Anarchists- A new world is possible:
"The teachings of Jesus Christ and the essential nature of his present and coming reign and rule are anarchistic and nonviolent at their core and foundation. Christian anarchism is a much needed alternative to the civil religion that has been posing as Christianity since Constantine. This is a genesis type attempt at bringing together serious nonviolent communitarian Christians and nonviolent Christian anarchists for the sake of community and common cause."

There's been a lot of concern over facebook's violation of copyrights policy, and I was one of those who almost quit the place because of it. I stayed because I want to keep up with how the communitarian ideology penetrates unaware minds. It was also important to me that I maintain a presence at the Anti-Communitarian League group, which has hovered at around 40 members since I arrived. Nobody's saying much on the wall, but I see that happen at a lot of groups so it doesn't concern me much. What does concern me is there are already so many groups promoting it using Etzioni's propaganda. The Anti-NWO groups that have the biggest memberships use information from disinformation agents, so, as much as I "support" their titles I cannot support their foundations. We don't need to cite Alex Jones, Jim Marrs or the Protocols to define our anti NWO position, and when we do we play right into their chess move and basically negate all our legal grounds for opposition.

Communitarianism is a religious based GLOBAL LEGAL system, and to categorize it as a benevolant and kind social political theory is the biggest lie of all time. People DIE under insane communitarian laws. People lose their homes, their farms, their vehicles, their right to work, to play and to study. Communitarian democracy is what the British-US-Israeli leadership is exporting to the Middle East. Environmental Communitarian Law is already enforced in almost 200 "nations" around the globe.

In spite of the frigid dip in temperatures here (it's been very cold in my gertee when the fire goes out after I'm asleep), I'm keeping my spirits lifted and raising my voice to the sky. I've got a lot (too many?) of projects going all at once and then I stopped in the middle of everything and made a whole new miniature scene for my older sister's upcoming birthday. I can't believe how powerful the inspiration is when I design one for a specific somebody I love. Then gluing it all down because it has to be shipped was an amazing transformation too.

So, while the gertee book is still a number one priority, and the Camp Redington website showed me how badly I need to revise and update the ACL's gertee page, right now I'm writing a new ACL article called, "Communitarian Law: Rule by Insanity." I'm trying to keep it simple, and that drives me insane. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, please keep it simple. Our dumbed down population requires that it be. You can't get them to read anything that isn't written on a fifth-grade level.

Bobby Garner said...

And you can't explain much at a fifth grade level.

Niki, you have always wondered where anti-Communitarianism fit into the dialectic. I'm not a joiner so I don't go to facebook, but judging from what you've quoted here, I think you may have the answer. It wasn't included before because you were way too far ahead of the game, but with the Obama administration, the timing is now right. They will marginalize it and/or redefine it (as Henry Makow would) or sweep it into another bin such as Oklahoma Communitarian believes it is only "an opportuinity to learn more from one another, and discuss politics and policy." This is the standard function of Public Journalism which is very much wanted by the way.

We are all participants in the dialectic until we introduce absolutes such as ideas of right and wrong, or true and false for example.

But then we don't have an audience. So now we have to ask, What is the point?

'Communitarianism/Christian Democracy' believes "These two movements differ in the means by which they arrive at very similar ends.".

'Christian Anarchists' espouses the British-Israel line.

'Concept of a Communitarian' believes we should "all be that individual who makes up that community in society that shapes our world".

'I think I may be a communitarian' believes in 7 concepts, number 1 is "Unity of all people", 2 is "Self-Determination and actualization by defining oneself, naming oneself, create and speaking for oneself and appreciating whom god has made you."

This person has obviously reach godhood, a state of ignorance so deep that there is no such thing as a contradiction.

Now, on what grounds can an anti-Communitarian oppose that?

the tent lady said...

I was reading Gone With the Wind and Atlas Shrugged in the 5th grade. Can I go by my reading level at that age? This is why I always hoped more peoplw would study our theory of anti communitarianism and write the texts for the lower grades. Part of the problem is it comes from me, a nobody, which means I have to verify and quote the comms at length just to prove they really exist. There's still no official proclamation from the Obama WH. and until it makes CNN news, it isn't considered "real."

And yes Bobby, as you know I have always wondered where I fit in the dialectic. These groups are almost funny seen through your eyes, but I don't have to debate them, do I? I'd rather refuse to oppose the "fluff" and not the substance. The comms can make it sound as lovely as they want. All I'm ever going to write about communitarianism ever again will be about the law. It's the only truth we can pin down, and it's the only part we can identify as real. All the rest of their crap is to hide the law.

Anonymous said...

Dean Gotcher wrote about that Dialectic/Dialogue years ago in his book DIAPRAX. He explained that you should never dialogue. You should only deal in facts, state the facts, IT IS WRITTEN.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Niki! I can't wait to get my miniture. Thank you so much.

Edith said...

Yes this is true anonymous.

As soon as anyone enters dialogue you've entered the dialectic. Facts are not dealt with within the dialectic. Anyone who presents facts or truths that have been proven over time (facts) are marginalized and ridiculed into submission.