Saturday, February 28, 2009

Political Ponerology

Is the study of evil a worthwhile scientific endeavor? Are a percentage of the population sucessful pathologicals (meaning not in jail) who are incapable of genuine human feelings? Most importantly, are these sick, evil people the ones who rise to powerful positions in government and business?

My profoundest thanks go out to our friend Darren in BC for his box of really useful supplies and books! I am so ready to have my eyes opened to the scientific study of evil. I didn't even know it existed.


Sean said...

Glad to hear the packages keep rolling in!

I remember reading briefly about ponerology, but I'm not sure it is somthing I want to spend time on.... depending on what you post/find maybe I'll change my mind!

I definitely think part of "the plan" is to advance the most impressionable, possibly sociopathic individuals to the highest positions in all institutions i.e. government, education, religion etc. Usually they have dirt on all of them too. If you-all have never heard of Kay Griggs, you should look up her story about her husband. If I can, next time I send somthing your way I'll try to toss in a bunch of videos and mp3s for watching and listening... like the kawaja stuff, and kay griggs and so on....

Markoff said...

Niki, if you get past this and it still intrigues you, I can send you further info, PDFs, research, links, etc.

The mind is a terrible thing to taste!

Bobby Garner said...

Beware that the opening of the eyes doesn't prove to be a closing. The claim that "Evil requires a truly modern and scientific approach to lay bare its secrets." is certainly not true. Evil passes un-noticed, not because its complicated, but because it produces complaisance, complicity and ignorance. Another fallacy is the statement: "Morality and humanism cannot long withstand the predations of this evil." It has been withstood successfully by some for more than 6,ooo years. Besides, who wants to save "humanism"?

All we need to oppose evil is basic knowledge of The Language of Deception, and the moral integrity to resist temptation.

the tent lady said...

Yes Sean and Mark, send me all of it.

Bobby, I'm mostly interested in their theory of how certain members of the population are affected by the "disease." The author's use of flag words is too bad, but still, I think it's worthy of my perusal. As an armchair philosopher and political scientist, it interests me to see how these scientists in Nazi and Stanlinist occupied territory studied the evil they lived with without using a purely religious interpretation for the fact that it exists. Plus, I know several people who are convinced the evil people have some sort of different DNA strain that makes them incapable of human feelings. I'm curious to see if this ponerology theory contributes to that argument.:)

Lark said...

If you've ever known a person who actually enjoyed killing - like of cats or frogs, for instance - and then felt not a speck of remorse about it afterward, then you knew at least one, once before.

According to accounts I've read previously, George W. Bush is one. A political ponerologist is also considered one if given to a certain sense of superiority or of 'divine right' to rule over inferior 'others'.

They think of themselves as better than most folks; and often do they have little patience to even listen to those who are not their equal, not 'of their class' or peerage.

Oftentimes too, they were the popular super-jocks, the hipsters, and the cheerleader-types back in school. They grew up and then ran for political office, or learned to 'work the system' with their social and financial power. They learned that having a conscious is for losers and suckers; and little else matters to them except for ever climbing that always-beckoning 'ladder of success'.

Of course, those denied their 'rightful place' among this group can grow resentful and angry - so they too, craving admission, learn that 'hatefulness' and steadily [or rapidly] rising to the top is the only way to gain acceptance to this elite group they had always been conditioned to believe was 'vital' to their emotional well-being.

In all cases, their greatest fear is to lose status... and when it is ever threatened... they become prone to irrational behavior and violence.

One of their most common traits is to 'talk over you'... to pay you little or no heed or mind... or to be completely dismissive of your very presence near them in a room. Their snobbish and arrogant ways direct them to think only selfish attention to themselves really matters.

When you're talking to one you get the eerie sense they're not really listening. In business, they're always sizing you up to determine how they're going to either 'use' you or somehow 'get over on you'.