Sunday, February 1, 2009

Camp Redington - winter camping in Alaska!

Camp Redington

Winter camping in Alaska!

Following rabbit tracks

down the rabbit hole

new outhouse by tent spaces

Snowmachine trails throughout the camp

8x10 rental cabin with trails outside door

The changing face of Gerteeville


mudlurk said...

Hi Niki, Looks like London today. We had 4" of snow last night. It brought the whole city to a standstill. When I was growing up we had snow most years and I can never recall either of my parents taking the day off. 6 million didn't make it in to work today. That's a fifth of the work force. I f***ing despair. I volunteered to come in and do a night shift to cover. This is a country in freefall. But hey we've got Common Purpose.

Speaking of which, I just came across this website. Apparently South America now has it's version of the EU. The UN is spinning it's web and tightening it's grip by the day. Here's the link:

the tent lady said...

I bet it's lovely, but it is sad to see entire cultures turn into wimps. The angrycheese explained a little about the English education system and now I'm curious if the British TV news made a big deal out of it and helped all those folks decide to stay home. I know many Americans who do anything "they" say if it's on TV.

I've been following some of the meetings and seminars that developed out of CAFTA and that of course led to the OAS and the Andean Parliment. I read portions of Plan Columbia in 2000 when a friend from Bogota was applying for grants in Seattle (for this huge garbage-recyling project she did in NYC). She was blown away by what was in it, never even knew there was a plan, and her husband worked for AID.

It's only a matter of time before people all over the world start putting all these plans together and saying wala! there's ONE main plan and it's ALL based in a theory called communitarianism.

And in every doc I've seen, and I've seen 1000s now (many posted at the EU is ALWAYS cited as the "model."

the tent lady said...

and I always spell Colombia like the univeristy. this is why Nord used to edit everything I wrote. She's gone now.. and it shows. :)

And since I'm here again, I have to say I spent many years fascinated with British history and read volumes about the Tudors. Elizabeth I is listed as one of our inspirations on the ACL links page. I always just assumed I would get to visit there one day, and now I don't think that will happen. So I'm really glad to have this opportunity to visit London through you and John and cheese in this bizarre virtual setting, and in the same way I feel like you're visiting me here in Alaska.

There really is a global war between the common people and the communitarians. And the common people still trust and follow their enemies. Most people never read what they say about people in their upper academic crap. It was my friend from Bogota who told me that the elite there call their poor and homeless people who live underground, "Throwaways."

I'm thinking about writing a Global Endangered Humans Act, unless it's already been written. :)

mudlurk said...

Well Niki, you'd be welcome to stay at my place in London should you get the chance to come across. It's not the neatest flat in town, but I'm sure you'd cope ;-) I'd feel privileged to have you as a guest. Although history is not my strong point, I'm sure I could work out some sort of Tudor themed tour.

I was saying to a friend today that it's the strangest thing, once you start piecing this puzzle together, new pieces start cropping up ever more frequently. Just last night I found an article written for the Cato Institue in 1985 by Doug Bandow:

"Those inclined to be charitable nevertheless argue that the UN is, at worst, harmless, providing a "forum to let off steam."[5] However, political debate on the world stage is not without effect, especially when more is involved than just idle chitchat. Indeed, by serving as a forum for vigorous and persistent attacks on the values of political and economic freedom that underly our system, the UN has become "a center of agitation against the democratic order."[6] For this reason the UN deserves a searching and critical evaluation by America's foreign policy establishment.

The result of such a review is disturbing. Under the control of the numerous Third World nations, the UN has been actively promoting a comprehensive and totalitarian system of global management. Attacked by UN ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick as a philosophy of "global socialism,"[7] it is that and much more. The overriding UN ideology is one of international control of natural, financial, and informational resources, as well as the global regulation of economic and even cultural activities"

The article can be found here:

If they were like that then, how on earth did they this far?

Bobby Garner said...

Niki, beware of extradition if you land on British soil.

"Australian academic Dr. Fredrick Töben had been held in London’s Wandsworth Prison since his arrest at Heathrow Airport on 1st October. Though not accused of any offence against English law, he was detained under a European Arrest Warrant issued by the German authorities, who sought to put him on trial in Mannheim District Court for the “crime” of publishing historical source critical opinions on the internet." - "total victory" in Töben case

Have you been "publishing historical source critical opinions on the internet"?

The Angry Cheese. said...

Really pretty, it looks like Narnia.

the tent lady said...

Thanks for the invite mud, and I too have been amazed at the many, many academics who identified the flaws in the theory, orgs such as Cato and von Mises, who I fully expected to pursue these issues and yet did not. I still don't understand why they never forced it all into the open, public arena.

And yeah Bobby, I don't feel confident travelling to the states anymore, let alone outside the country. But I think Toben was released and returned to Au after the British court refused to honor Germany's warrant. I wonder if Dr. Toben is reconsidering traveling in the EU now.

Narnia, I think I bought all those books for my daughter.. is that the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe series where the little girl travels with a lion to the north pole?

Early in my research I emailed the Winston Churchill archives to see if he kept a journal while he was fighting Chamberlain over Hitler. A very nice librarian responded that no, he did not, but they do have all his letters from that time, which, if I ever visited, she would allow me to read them.