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The Union Jack is Online, by Bobby Garner

The Union Jack is Online
by Bobby Garner
Editing the available pdf versions of The Union Jack to produce an html version was a significant challenge which has been very educational in view of what we already knew about Alice Bailey and the New Age Movement, UN Agenda 21 and Communitarianism, and everything else which defines our world today. The so called "big picture" really is that large. Its a view of the whole world, under the British Empire exercising its global Imperial power through agencies of its own creation as well as those created independently on its behalf. Collectively, they are known as the British Commonwealth of Nations.

The Union Jack exposed all of this and more in 1970, with notes being added in 1985 before the New Age was easily recognizable to most people who were not directly associated with it. Much has changed in those intervening years, including the alleged "death" of Communism, the attendant rise of the New Age Movement, the introduction of sustainable development, Communitarian Law practiced as the "Third Way" and built upon facilitated consensus, just to name a few. In many ways, the Union Jack contains what must have seemed pure speculation to most people in 1970, but in view of what we now know, it reads more like an historical commentary on recent history. As such, it offers a fresh look from a unique perspective which would be very difficult if not impossible to obtain in its absence.

I don't know who wrote it, but I'm going with Helen Peters for now. I assume is was actually published as a book, but I'm uncertain of that either. But regardless of its author or the reason for its existence, it reveals many rather obscure facts, and forms relevant associations which in conjunction with existing resources, fills in and clarifies major portions of the real life drama we call the Big Picture such that it is becoming a giant wall mural for those with the eyes of understanding to see it.

Here are a few quotes:
"Masonry is the spirit of anti-Christ and the spirit of the unity of faith into a world religiopolitical state. While it denies with every breath the union of church and state, it is it's spirit that has harmonized humanity into a collective world spiritual union. Though it takes on every political color imaginable it is of one spirit and one faith — the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God.” — Chapter 7

“British Israel and a Zionist Millennial World Theocracy are one and the same regardless of the name or front that covers the deceit. Millennialism is Judaism (Pharisaism) and it is being used to promote world government under the Throne of Britain.” — Chapter 3

“People who believe in any form of earthly paradise, Heaven on earth, New Age or Millennial Age are supporting British Communism.” — Chapter 3

“The figure of ancient Babylon exists today in the spiritual Babylon of "Christianity." It draws not the sword to dip the blood of martyrs but seeks to cut off their spirit from God for eternity.” — Chapter 6

“In order to work this fakery the British Empire has infiltrated the Church with it's Cabalistic Jews and Masons in order to give the Church the prophetic appearance of the harlot of mystery Babylon so that it can be "prophetically" destroyed.” — Chapter 5

“Americans will be surprised to learn that America is being used as the major incubator of this neo-orthodox Christianity which is not antagonistic to Marxian Communism at all, but is indeed the spirit of it. It is this spiritual Communism in the guise of Christianity that is to emerge as the crowning achievement of world revolution.” — Prologue
That "crowning achievement of world revolution" under the "spiritual... guise of Christianity" now appears to be Communitarianism. However, my discovery of a fourth phase of the dialectic implies a Transcendence to something beyond that which at present appears to be Transtopianism/Transhumanism. Each of those words suggest something quiet unfriendly to humans, and goes far beyond anything even imaginable in 1970, and something not embraced by our current knowledge of Communitarianism. The Union Jack explains how that revolution was operated, who its participants were/are, and why it has proven to be such a roaring success up to the present.

Here is the Union Jack Table of Contents. {fixed link ~ Niki} Read it, tell people about it, and understand the real source of your pain.

Bobby Garner
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P.S. If you notice any errors in my editing and formating, I would appreciate a note.


Stop Common Purpose said...


Union Jack Table of Contents link no worky.


Bobby Garner said...

Niki, the link to the Union Jack Table of Contents doesn't work.

This one is good:
Union Jack Table of Contents.

Thanks for the post.


wendyworn said...

Your link to Union Jack has been hijacked by Google. Big Brother is watching you...

Anonymous said...

Niki, under the link, Union Jack Table of Content, I am directed to GMAIL... ?

Lark said...

Bobby Garner... is possessed of a towering intellect, the tenacity of a fearless truth-seeker, and a humble-but-noble spirit - I would encourage anyone who visits his website to sign up for his private e-alerts.

Like I felt when I first discovered Niki and her work, today I practically consider... both Niki and Bobby... like I would members of my own family.

So, dear reader, do you think I've maybe lost all sense of reality?

Do you think, perhaps - as I often overdo it myself - that I just don't have something more productive to do with my time... than to make such a syrupy... [insert favorite multi-syllabic word here] public pronouncement... about two people... I've never even personally met?

Heck, I'm not even so sure I could spot either one of you people in a crowded Starbucks!

But there you have it - we tend to accept life... any life... as we ourselves... would choose to live it...

... Because it could be made... much worse.

And nowadays ~ virtual reality ~ works out just fine-and dandy for me! ;)

Sean said...

Hey! lots of comments here.... maybe we should post bad links more often!

Bobby Garner said...

Thanks Lark. Yeah, you'd better check in with your mental health clinic. :-)

Comments like that always make me a little nervous, because what I do is not a sign of intellect, its the product of curiosity and a deep desire to find answers to my questions, and of course a commitment to the truth whatever it proves to be.

Continuing with that, The Union Jack was dedicated to Helen P. Lasell and Catherine P. Baldwin. I just received an autographed hardcover copy of "And Men Wept" by Baldwin, And I have ordered "Power Behind the Government Today" by Lasell.

The autographed copy was a total surprise, because I bought what was alleged to be a stock of 1 for $9.95. Its addressed "To a great patriot", but the patriot is not identified. I've just barely crack the cover, but the Preface states that the title was "the outstanding remark after the Republican Convention, Chicago, 1952". It asks "Why did they weep?", because the man the American people wanted to be President was General Douglas Mac Arthur, and he was expected to be nominated on the second ballot. However, the "powers that be" saw to it that there would be no second ballot.

Eisenhower of course won the nomination. He is quoted to say: "Five years ago I was half American, and half British. Today I'm one twelfth American.". Another quote is from the Philadelphia Record, January 11, 1946;

"The war time Premier (Winston Churchill) said he 'thought the problem of a National Jewish Home in Palestine was too big to be handled by one single nation alone.' Favors joint inquiry. 'I am strongly in favor of a joint inquiry by the United States and Great Britain.' adding 'As you probably know I am a Zionist from the beginning.'" p. 85

The book specifically addresses British-Israel in three chapters. I'm going to scan it so I can search and quote it more efficiently.

Lark said...

Wow, so much has been hidden from us - the older I get, the more "in the dark" I feel.

Clearly though, the USA is a slave colony - nothing more, nothing less. And it doesn't feel so good to call myself an American anymore either.

But please do send along whatever you uncover. I'll keep on keepin' on... alerting folks around here at least... to the real alien agenda!

Niki, did you happen to notice that ~just today~ your Alexa ranking just crossed the 1M mark? Yesterday it was 1, 078, 000... or thereabouts... but today your new 'score' is 843, 990 - mighty impressive.;)

As soon as we can get Niki just a little more 'settled-in' and 'financially self-sustainable'... we can go to work on you, Bobby.