Monday, December 31, 2007

Put up a sign against the Plan!

Think this sign will get people's attention?

No NAIS yard signs in Arkansas.
A great way to "talk" to all your neighbors!!!

"We have been brought together in our common struggle against the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) in our effort to hold onto our Constitutional freedoms and rights to private property (our animals) and to protect our lifestyles of traditional farming and animal ownership. Even if you do not own animals, this WILL affect you. This fight is everyone's fight."

We got the above link from Gisela, an ACL affiliate and active Alaskan against the NAIS, whose website, says:

"Do not sign up "Voluntary" with a capital "V"

While NAIS is currently limited to livestock animals, it lays a disturbing precedent. If the government can force everyone to identify and track every horse, chicken, or cow, why not cats and dogs? Read Dogs going NAIS. State by state they are trying to implement some very Horrendous dog and cat laws. There is no time to continue on ignoring FACTS. Get involved.. Dogs going NAIS

Read the Official USDA Documents on the National Animal Identification System: Then Read the Rules and Regulations you will have to live with Under the Animal Health Protection Act when you sign up "Voluntarily" with a capital V! No Mis-information, No Half Truths, No Mis Understanding, Just facts taken from the USDA "Plans" Under The Animal Health Protection Act, One slip up on your part can net you 1 year in Jail with a $50,000.00 up $500,000.00 fine!"

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