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Reforming individuals into collectivists

"As a change agent— you learn new ways to transform large systems." Jim Rough, Dynamic Facilitation Skills Seminar

Before the US, Canada and Mexico can be successfully merged into one big happy North American Union, all former national citizens have to change their minds about what personal liberty and freedom means. The North American Community is a part of a global communitarian government system. Under the emerging system, individual liberty is simply not sustainable.

Now of course elected officials are denying there is any plan to integrate nations into regional trading blocks. Indeed, our very own President Bush calls what people speculate that goes on in their closed NAU meetings an amusing conspiracy:

Why do they have to lie about the plan to individuals living in countries where individual rights are the RULE of LAW? The Community comes first in a communitarian system. Regional trade union members are required to put the "needs" of the community BEFORE the LEGAL RIGHTS of the individuals living in the community. The U.S. Bill of Rights, for example, is an identified barrier to achieving the ultimate communitarian vision.

Now, it doesn't appear that the Mexicans have a problem with helping to incorporate the global vision, as their government has never been one that routinely swears to "protect and defend" their people's Constitution. But in the US and Canada, where the citizens aren't migrating in droves to escape poverty, unemployment and systematic corruption, the citizens see things a little bit differently than an illegal immigrant escaping north.

So, Americans and Canadians must be taught to think and feel differently about any leftover laws that protect their individuals. Some laws remain on the books. Too many citizens expect them to stand firm against covert changes. That's where trained change agents take over.

Change agents/facilitators teach people how to control and manipulate small groups. The goal is to find and reward weak minded, greedy individuals who will go along with the global change agenda, and to minimize the participation of strong minded individuals who refuse to change. explains the meaning of the word "agent" when it's associated with "change:"

" In the 1960s, Louis Althusser gave a different slant to the meaning of “agency.” For Althusser, human beings were “agents” of change in just the same way that they are carriers of a disease, i.e., he negated the subjective aspect of agency, leaving change purely as a result of structure, with no place for indivudals."

It's important to note that for change agents, participating weak minded individuals don't necessarily need to know community law overrules all national, state and local laws that protect individuals. The less the participants know about UN Local Agenda 21 agreements or the principles for sustainable development the less trouble they're apt to cause. All they need to know is that the types of people who cling to "outdated" national constitutions are backwards, immoral, and pose a clear threat to the health and safety of the community.

For those unfamiliar with the term "change agent," here's a good introduction by Will Banyan:

Training for friendly facilitators of Marxist change is offered by universities worldwide: "Australian universities are currently being "enterprised" by a powerful logic of managed performance, executive centralisation and a new code of corporate governance (Marginson & Considine, 2000). These changes appear as part of a systematic restructure taking place in a number of advanced systems, yet the Australian version is recognised as especially vigorous (Slaughter and Leslie, 1997; Clark, 1998; Meek and Wood, 1997). " Posted by the Australian Fabians:

The REAL battles for the heart and soul of our people are taking place right down the street. Anyone who wants to "stop" the North American Union could make a huge impact by attending local meetings designed to "facilitate change." These little meetings and councils are where the root Fabian changes are being taught to us, our children, and our government bureaucrats. 50, 000 people can take to the streets to march in "protest" against the WTO, the NAU or the SPP, and all they'll ever achieve are Marxist goals for change (chaos, conflict, violence, etc.) But if 50 individuals who know the real score show up at a local visioning or council, they can stop the local integration meeting dead in its tracks.


Well, first of all, the local turnouts are usually very low at the planning meetings, so it's a distinct advantage if free thinking individuals outnumber the communitarians. 5 to 1 may even be sufficient. (In Seattle in 1999, only 35 people endorsed the final Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan; the rest of my 5000 neighbors didn't have the first clue anyone was writing their "vision for the future." My continued presence and requests for their planning documents caused the City to stop some of the restrictive actions against property owners.. imagine if there'd been 10 of me.)

Secondly, just because the leading facilitators are highly trained and skilled manipulators, they suggest numerous innovative system changes that cleverly violates constitutional law. If only one person in your group can read the plan and the agenda beforehand, they can explain the highlights of the meeting's goals to the rest. If you have ONE person in your group who knows how to make a motion to change the meeting's agenda, and you have ONE person who seconds the motion, then you can all force an immediate vote to change the meeting's agenda. (I saw this happen live in Seattle at a Revised Noise Council meeting. Rick and Susan Hangartner, who learned about the plans in Portland during the transformations there, were fully prepared to alter the facilitated agenda, and did it with the support of the Seattle Musicans' Union.)

Jim Rough of Dynamic Facilitation Skills Seminar ... since 1990:

Jim Rough gives a nice overview of the meetings I experienced firsthand in Seattle in 1999. The leaders always have a bunch of large paper at the front of the room where they nod and smile and write down all the local's "comments." SPD COPS Officer Hope Baur admitted in the above Noise meeting that Seattle police had been told NOT to enforce the existing Noise Law for five years prior. Then, gee, when the nice facilitators arrived in Seattle neighborhood meetings and asked the locals to identify their biggest "problems," guess what most people complained about.

Once we understand these meetings are pre-planned years in advance, then we have the option of asking to see a LOT of planning documents produced by government agencies, stakeholders, participating private businesses, world-class trainers and all other affiliated global change organizations. Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the US, our citizens can request to review and copy ANY government program using FEDERAL FUNDING. Many of these Rebuilding Community programs (#2 goal in the War on Terror) come under Homeland Security now, so they'll be hard pressed to claim local status anymore. Many states also have a state public documents act... this can be used when State of City public officials try to avoid your request by claiming they do not come under the 1974 FOIA.

So far I haven't met ONE person who lives in Anchorage, AK who's read Anchorage 2020. This is where the REAL CHANGES to the entire U.S. constitutional system are written down. Since 2005, I've asked thousands of Alaskans if they've seen or read anything about Anchorage 2020, and all I get back from them are blank stares. Here's how phony communitarians are: according to the Municipality,

"the citizen involvement process that led to adoption of the Anchorage 2020 plan received the 2001 Public Education Award from the American Planning Association."

Arthur Hu in Washington State calls Educational Reform "Educational Deform:"

The Canadian Encylopedia gives a nice overview of the meaning of Social Class and the synthesis that "may eventually emerge":

Many thanks to Paul Barnes at for bringing me back to this topic. And, thanks to Jim Rough for accusing Paul of not knowing enough about change agents to "trash" them. His post on blog led me to do further investigation into his company activities, and in the process of studying his "new" Wisdom Councils in Pt. Townsend, WA, I not only got back on a very important aspect of ACL studies, but I also located my friend Betsy H. She's teaching math and english in a Pt. Townsend Middle School.

For Christian readers, here's a nice "expose" of planned changes by Tony Campolo in Australia.

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