Wednesday, December 12, 2007

GERTEEVILLE model prototype, Anchorage 2005

Nordica's recovering some of the old pictures off the crashed laptop. This is a model GERTEE project I started while I was still living in Anchorage. I used clay to mold a roof-ring and bought sticks from the craft store. I tied the khana (walls) together with string (which also works for full-scale models) and used pipe cleaners for the tension cord. I made the door with sticks and Gorilla Glue. It's kind of a trip to look at this little GERTEE now that we're finally living in one.

GERTEE frame and building supplies.

Taking a break from research and writing.

GERTEEVILLE's first residents.

Let's have a POW WOW!

From Lisa Long's emails, here's something I can't even imagine happening where we live:

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