Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alaska State begins Premise ID registration

Thanks to Gisela we have a copy of the letter dated November 29, 2007 from the State of Alaska Division of Environmental Health to Alaskan livestock owners. AK sent out requests for registering Alaskan livestock owners in the National Premise Information Repository. This the first step in the USDA's National Animal Identification System (NAIS) initiative. At this time the information is voluntary, but "future trade" and the government's "ability to respond to and manage disease outbreaks depends on this program." For more information on NAIS go to

Does the government's abilty to respond and manage human disease outbreaks require a similar database of humans? Yes, it does. Many prgrams have been introduced that fulfill the need for "more data." (See ACL:COMPASS) Does the Real ID for humans serve the same purpose as NAIS? Heck yeah, and it's not voluntary at all. We're all livestock in this country.


Darren Weeks said...

About as "voluntary" as the income tax. There are a lot of nasty little tactics that are being used to sign up people's property -- even without their knowledge! Derry Brownfield has written an excellent article about this called "Our Land: Collateral for the National Debt".
Derry shows how you may be transferring your deed to "them" when you sign up for NAIS.

The Tent Lady said...

Thanks Darren. I'll check this article out. Apparently local farmers just went to some kind of agricultural seminar. After the feds at the seminar had asked them details about their farms, they handed them the NAIS forms and said the farmers may as well fill them out since the feds "already" knew who they were, where their farms were, and what they raised. I have to find the farmers and get their story firsthand (this info came from a clerk ar the local store), but I was wondering when this would hit our area, and wasn't suprised to learn it already has. And I had NO idea how the database was connected to title trasfers on land.. wow. Bet that information will help folks decide if they want to "volunteer" a personal inventory to the reinvented govt.

According to my source, our locals didn't fill out anything, they just stuck the papers in their pockets and promised to look them over. Some of these same businessmen literally stopped the Scenic Byway designation out here a few years ago. They are ON to the Plan for their future, and have been opposing it for a long time. There are still Americans who know who their legal system is for.

Darren Weeks said...

This is the link for the article I mentioned.

Our Land Collateral for the National Debt by Derry Brownfield

I think if those farmers realize that they may be putting an encumbrance upon their deeds, they might think twice about signing up for the NAIS.