Sunday, December 9, 2007

Iran stops selling oil in U.S. dollars-Reuters-UK

I get a lot of unsolicited email forwards from people who find our work and think they have permission to fill my inbox with whatever they decide I need to see. I've gotten into the habit of sending most all of it to my spambox. But sometimes I open ones from Anon, who sent this:

Iran stops selling oil in U.S. dollars -report
Reuters-Sat Dec 8, 2007 10:10am GMT

"For nearly two years, OPEC's second biggest producer has been reducing its exposure to the dollar, saying the weak U.S. currency is eroding its purchasing power.

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who often rails against the West, has called the U.S. currency a "worthless piece of paper.""

So many things we all need to consider now, and decisions that have to be made quickly.

According to MSNBC, it's not a done deal..

"A day earlier, Saudi Arabia opposed a move by Iran on Friday to have OPEC include concerns over the falling dollar included in the summit’s closing statement after the weekend meeting. Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister even warned that even talking publicly about the currency’s decline could further hurt its value.

"But by Sunday, it appeared that Saudi Arabia had compromised. Though the final declaration delivered Sunday did not specifically mention concern over the weak dollar, the organization directed its finance ministers to study the issue.

"OPEC will “study ways and means of enhancing financial cooperation among OPEC ... including proposals by some of the heads of state and governments in their statements to the summit,” OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem el-Badri said, reading the statement."

We are in the final stage of the coup against the American system, and the international bankers who run the private banking cartel called the "federal" reserve have planned our economic collapse for over a century. What will we do when the curtain drops and we see the grand finale in all its horrible manifestations? Will we put our faith in the same people who brought us to our knees?

There IS a reason why the federal government and many states have passed laws granting them the power to confiscate all people, property, and supplies during a "national emergency."

I can't help thinking about Congressman McFadden's "tirade" against the fed where he accused them of "causing the Great Depression." The official response was that yes, the fed DID cause the Great Depression in 1929, but they didn't mean to do it, so McFadden was wrong in accusing them. He wasn't wrong in accusing them of DOING it, but in doing it WILLFULLY. When the Rothschild's Bank of England took Germany off the gold standard, the mark became "worthless" as a currency and unemployment skyrocketed to 5 million within six months. Then along came Herr Hitler (funded by the Rothschilds?), who rose to power by rebuilding a national bank and the German economy. This is why many people still see Hitler as a good guy. History shows us that any well-financed murderer who comes along and "restores" the system can be viewed as a "hero." Will Americans keep falling for the same line of b.s. as the German people did?

Hmm. Isn't Hillary Clinton funded by the Rothschild's Bank of England? How well does she know Lynn Forrester de Rothschild (the American who helped turn the Democratic Party into a Third Way communitarian party in 1990, and then married the president of the Bank)?

How long before our people are told the seriousness of our situation? Are we like children who are never included in the grown-up's plans and discussions? Yeah, when the time comes for us to move out of the way of global social progress, all we will be told is what to do and where to go.

And don't go thinking you can run to the forest or the mountains when they start rounding people up in the urban centers... our enemies began locking up our forests a hundred years ago. Nearly all the American wilderness is under the "protection" of the internationalists. The good news is, the greenies in the forests don't carry firearms ('cause the bears are their friends). The bad news is, all our U.S. forest rangers are sniper trained by the Israelis.

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