Thursday, December 13, 2007

European leaders sign landmark treaty

What does the emerging global government do when citizen refrendums reject their supremacy of communitarian law clause (the basis for authority in the European Union)? Do they amend the proposed constitution and re-submit a modified proposal to the national voters? Heck no. They just get together and sign a new "treaty" that makes all constitutional contracts obsolete.

If Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans want to know how they are losing their sovereignty to the silently emerging North American Union, they need look no further than the trade/treaty processes used to form the EU. The new form of "global justice" is called communitarian law. Why don't the Americans against the NAU/SPP identify the emerging legal system by name? Why can't the people be told what the new system is called and what it's based upon?

By Tony Barber in Brussels
updated 10 minutes ago

European Union leaders on Thursday signed a treaty designed to strengthen the bloc's institutions and put behind them the worst crisis in the 50-year history of European integration.

The leaders of all 27 EU member-states except Gordon Brown, Britain's prime minister, put their names to the treaty at a ceremony in Lisbon's Jerónimos monastery.

Mr Brown, who was attending a parliamentary hearing in London, flew to Lisbon later and signed the treaty on his own. His absence from the main signing ceremony however prompted charges from the opposition Conservative party that the prime minister's "gutlessness" was turning the event into a "national embarrassment.""

According to Eu , there have been six treaties on the way to regional government:

"The six treaties are:
1. The European Communities Act 1972.
2. The Single European Act, 1986.
3. The Maastricht Treaty, 1992.
4. The Amsterdam Treaty, 1997.
5. The Nice Treaty 2001.
6. The European Union Treaty, 2003.

The final treaty has been named and a date has been set to abolish Britain:

The abolition of Britain by The Reform Treaty in 2008

The sixth {seventh?} and final treaty has now been named: its is the Reform Treaty, due to be signed by the Queen in the Summer of 2008. This is a year before the deadline set by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

Merkel and former French President Giscard d’Estaing are among many European ministers who have confirmed the Treaty is the EU Constitution, almost unchanged. If they are right, it will abolish the British Constitution, and therefore the nations of Britain and England, sweeping away our Westminster Parliament, and giving the EU dictatorship the power to close it.

This sixth treaty is the fastest moving and most secret the EU has drafted; opposition to and recognition of the EU as a police state is growing, and they know speed is vital.

The Countdown to abolition

Tony Blair agreed to it on 23rd June 2007 as his final stab in Britain’s back. On the 23rd July there was an Intergovernmental Conference (IGC), when we should have seen a first draft of the Treaty.

Foreign ministers agreed its terms on 7-8th September at the resort of Viana de Castelo, Portugal. There was a summit in Lisbon on the 18th and 19th October, where they hoped to sign the Treaty, but Gordon Brown now signs on December 13th 2007.

The Queen and Parliament to abolish Britain summer 2008

Parliament begins the ratification in February 2008 and has allocated 29 days to discuss this treaty and its own abolition. They could well vote in March. The Queen plans to give her Royal Assent in June 2008. This means Westminster will pass the treaty, and the Queen will sign it behind our backs, as they have the other five treaties.

No referendum

German Chancellor Merkel chose this sixth Treaty instead of pushing through it’s constitution to avoid referendums in its member nations. She twice visited 10 Downing Street and forced Gordon Brown to cancel both his promised referendum, and his General Election.

Whereas the 465 page EU Constitution would have abolished the five treaties and replaced them with a single document conferring absolute power, the Reform Treaty adds to the existing five treaties, bringing them up to the powers of the EU Constitution. All six treaties with appendices will add up to something like 100,000 complex and unreadable pages.

The EU remains illegal

Each of these six treaties are completely illegal under the British Constitution, our 1689 Bill of Rights, our treason laws, and under our common law. It is unforgivable that the Queen, her Ministers and our Parliament have committed the criminal act of treason by signing these treaties, and broken our laws to abolish our nation.

The EU will always be illegal in Britain; but once the EU has complete power and control here, we can no more get rid of it than we could Germany, had their planned illegal occupation of Britain in 1940 been successful.

You have one year left

Treason is the most serious of all Britain’s crimes. You have just one year left to bring these vile British traitors to justice, and get us out of the EU dictatorship.

Around 45 million British people are against the abolition of our nation, and with the little European voting that has been allowed, it seems clear over 200 million of its victims don’t want the EU. But we will never be given the choice. YOU have to decide to act yourself.

There are ways to stop the EU - see "Your Campaigns" on the left. Then we will need a mass blockade of Westminster to stop our criminal MP's and Queen breaking our constitution and laws for the last time.

Copy of the EU's Timetable at the BBC.

Original 2009 article from German Parliament -.pdf for download
Then check it at the German Parliamen here "

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