Monday, December 3, 2007

GerTee holds up to 20 below!

It was probably 24-25 below last night. The above photo was taken at noon. It's a gorgeous, sunny day. In these temps, everything sparkles.

What an exciting time it's been lately. Lots of things happening that are kind of like rewards for our years of efforts and sacrifices. It's a bit unsettling since I'm more used to being dissapointed, and I'm almost grateful the temps dropped down to where my biggest priorities are sewing gear, feeding the fire, keeping my home at 60 above, and hauling wood and water. We sleep in shifts now, the fire has to be stoked every four hours. (Last winter I noted how much feeding the fire every four hours felt like having a newborn baby in the house... this winter I have one!)

I'm SO happy in my new hammock (donated by two great guys), and learning to sleep in a down sleeping bag inside a slippery rayon hammock is pretty funny. I'm making a down sleeping bag for Freddie out of a HUGE pair of snowpants I bought at a garage sale this summer. He easily fits in one leg. Some people are too awesome. Our most humble thanks to our generous supporters in Montana, California, and Washington! It's great to know our work is working for some people, and it's really great to know we've got so many new friends all over the country, and beyond. We've actually got the money to either move back to the city and dive in the fray or stay here and buy ten ISBNs, write more books and become a "real" publisher. Now we can send 2020 to a "real" NY printer and it will become available in stores. We're staying.

So, for all the curious readers, what does 20 below look like?

GerTee in 20 below F, noon, December 3, 2007.

A black gas grill in 20 below.

Our "signature" Alaskan windsock in 20 below.

Here's what wood looks like in 20 below.

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