Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAARP Technology, Etzioni, and Ron Paul

Somebody arrived at the ACL after doing a keyword search for: "HAARP Etzioni." Sometimes I can't resist going to see what our visitor's search returns were, and these two words together really grabbed my interest. Following search terms is also one way I keep up on what's being published in my "field." For instance, following "HAARP Etzioni" led me to this academic paper:

Technology, Power, Polictics, Outer Space, and Ethics: Notes Toward a New Paradigm, by Richard W. Chadwick

Richard Chadwick, professor? of Political Science, University of Hawaii presented this as a draft for an ISA panel. This is a great introduction to the communitarian ideology of merging and blending of everything into a new Paradigm that's the neo-science of global politics. Chadwick explains the ultimate challenge now, to us ("as a species"), is whether or not we can transcend our current identities so that we can "see collectively."

Many American university professors and politicians speak frankly of their support for Etzioni's ideas in their published academic presentations. If our Anti-communitarian thesis exposes Etzioni's ideas as unoriginal and treasonous, then what are we to make of authors who promote his ideology throughout their calls for a "new theory?" Chadwick explains his position as an international communitarian at the bottom of page 18. As a fan of Dr. Etzioni, I wonder if he is familiar with the new term: neo-communitarian?

RE: Requests to show our support for the Ron Paul "rEVOLUTION" -
I've included a link to Ron Paul from the ACL Links page since we built the site. Even though my Democratic adviser/friend Nancy Rising advised me against him, I always liked him. I liked his speeches and I learned important aspects of American political thought from him.

As the co-founder of the Anti-Communitarian League, I cannot endorse any candidate who does not openly discuss communitarian political issues, by name. I've heard many excuses for why Dr. Paul does not use the term when he's discussing his platform, but none of them satisfy my need to know his bottom line on the theory of communitarianism. His article on the Third Way made me very happy when I found it several years ago... because he was one of the only people in the Congress who I found to know what the 3rd Way was designed to accomplish.

Hillary Clinton used the term communitarian to describe a political ideology in an interview last month (somewhere in my blog archives). That was the perfect opportunity for Paul to ask, in the press (or the press could ask it if it were really free), "What is a communitarian? What did Ms. Clinton mean when she used that term to describe how she views Iowan political society?"

If anyone can show me a direct citation of Ron Paul using the actual term "communitarian" to identify which unconstitutional programs and treaties he will disentanle us from, or anything about whether he will fire the eleven identified advisers named as "Communitarian thinkers" in the White House, I will put Ron Paul banners (and the quotes) ALL over my websites. Why can't the Paul campaign answer my questions? Does Ron Paul have an opinion on communitarian law? I'm almost positive he knows what the term means, but maybe he doesn't, I really don't know.

I know many Americans blow communitarianism off as tin-foil hat theory. Maybe after 14 years in Congress Rep. Ron Paul never even met Dr. Etzioni and never sat on any comittees with any of the hundreds of U.S. Congressmen and women who have signed or endorsed the Third Way/communitarian platforms. Maybe nobody told him the U.N. Earth Charter, according to a Harvard Law professor, is a communitarian document. Maybe he never heard from a Berkely law professor that the Kelo decision was a "benign communitarin decision." Maybe he doesn't know WTO ruling are ALL based in EU Communitarian/Community Law. And maybe I don't want to endorse anybody for president who doesn't know and speak about these things.

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