Monday, December 24, 2007

China-Vietnam trade corridor to displace 25,000

Merry Christmas to all our friends and supporters! We hope all of you have a place to call home. God bless the people trying to save their nations from global communitarian integration.

What do Trade and Wildlife Corridors have in common? They're both innovative ways to take private and public property, and to control all land and resources along the route.

According to Dr. Amitai Etzioni, the world needs a new level of governance. That's because the world has become so complex only bankers, investors and economists can understand it. Highly skilled international traders should not have to abide by archaic national constitutions in these changing times. Every nation in the world must be rebuilt into a communitarian union.

Enlightened communitarian thinkers agree that existing governments can't handle the confusing burden of international trade and communitarian environmental law. Etzioni said the "world needs a new global architecture" to make things easier. He advised the creation of "community" governance, a new system that builds new bureaucratic structures at every "community" level.

At the top is the "global community."
International Court of Justice, Hague, Netherlands & International Criminal Court, Rome, Italy, United Nations, Local Agenda 21, The Earth Charter, etc.

Below that is the "regional community."
European Court of Justice, European Community Court of Environmental Law, World Trade Organization (WTO, currently used in pre-integrated nations, will be abolished after the creation of a regional parliment), CAFTA, European Union, Afrcian Union, Middle Eastern Union, Asian Union, North American Union, etc.

At the bottom are all the "local communities."
Citizen Councils, Presidents Council for Sustainable Development, Community Policing, Faith-Based Initiatives, Urban Revitalization, Homeland Security, Communities of Character, Rebuilding Community, Community Economic Development, Smart Growth, Save the "whatever," Neighborhood Watch/Planning, 2020 Visions, Stakeholder groups (that reach consensus), 1000 "Friends" of globalism, etc.

In community trade agreements all signing members must agree to the supremacy of communitarian law. Only self-appointed representatives are part of the decision-making process. If a member nation's voters bring an initiative to reject the agreement, the new justice system allows for a new, quieter agreement that simply negates whatever the voters said. The European Union is the "model" form of regional trade governance. It's copied by all.

It's not really that hard to see the same language and explanations used in every nation: "For more than 13 years NASCO and its members have stood at the forefront of driving public and private sectors to unite to address strategically critical national and international trade, transportation, security and environmental issues."

In the U.S.A., The Trans Texas Corridor project is another one of the communitarian corridor projects underway across the globe.

Alaska's Adventure Corridor is another communitarian highway project. (See Valdez, Alaska's use of the new term:

From Peter Meyer's elist:

For China and Vietnam, a Highway Link Means Speedy Growth


Published: December 14, 2007

"Plans for a four-lane highway from Hanoi to Kunming cleared the last hurdle on Friday when the board of the Asian Development Bank gave the green light to a loan that will underwrite the Vietnamese side of the project.

"By 2012, when the highway is supposed to be completed, a journey that now takes three days by truck could take just nine hours. Goods made in China's Yunnan Province would have quick access to the Vietnamese seaport of Haiphong, and Vietnamese exporters should be able to reach untapped markets in China."

How does the Proposed National Animal Identification system (NAIS) tie into these corridors? The communitarians are doing an inventory of their new "assets." According to communitarians at Northwestern University, we're all unidentified assets that must be harvested for the rebuilt community.

As Darren Weeks explained, there's a lot more going on behind these programs than officials will ever explain. Indeed, ALL government agencies devote space to dispelling the "myths," because of course the idea of a world government is ridiculous, the very idea of it being installed right under our noses is nothing but a wacko conspiracy theory...right?

"George Hunt wrote: “Title to the lands will go to the World Wilderness Land Inventory Trust. This Trust will float into the World Conservation Bank by the unanimous decree of the world’s people, saying, God bless you for saving our reindeer. Those people at the congress were ignorant. They don’t suspect anything. They’re very naïve. Not stupid, ignorant. I’m talking about the 90% that were not the world banking heavyweights.”"

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