Saturday, November 7, 2009

Winter 2009 Gertee Modifications

New entryway has lots of hooks, wood and water storage

Our only winter window faces south

Fred was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween

Sacajawea's soup... will keep it growing all winter
cause my helper Freddie loves it!

Soup - First day

Sautee moose in olive oil, cut into chunks
put into pot with10 cups water
add carton organic chicken stock
add basil, savory, garlic, season salt, pepper,
cayenne pepper, sugar
cup raisens
can mushrooms
can mixed vegetables
keep adding water and spices to taste
Third day
Added leftover baked caribou
fresh cut potatotes
fresh cut carrots
can corn
4 beef boullion cubes
cup barley
10 more cups water
Fourth day (today)
Add more moose
more fresh potatoes
more corn
more barley
fresh onion
more spices
more water
more beef boullion

Took the woodstove from the 20' gertee when it dropped down to 30 below overnight and I couldn't get bedroom gertee warmer than 54 degrees. The bath/shower is back there too and we needed it comfortable for our Freddie. I installed it myself, sure have learned a lot about woodstoves the last few years. Always conscious of the danger I still wish I had better stack pipe and real stoves.. but I keep the stacks clear and surround the stoves with metal and rocks in case sparks fly. Feels fabulous knowing the roof cover is fire treated and the wool in the walls is fireproof too, so if a fire every does break out my gertee won't go up poof like a lot of buildings I've seen. The fire that killed Rocky's friend Leslie in Anchorage swallowed her as she was running toward the exit. Fire is another good reason for having 2 exit doorways in each gertee.

Haven't had any time to write a response to Peter Myers yet, and it's probably good that I get to sit on it for a while before I respond. Isn't it amazing when people admit to holding the same values as Etzioni while claiming to be anti NWO at the same time? But it's SO winter now and I've been busting it out here round the clock. Plus, once I took the stove out of big gertee I had to pretty much abandon the phone line until I get a 100' phone line extension to bring it over. Right now it's all about insulating, organizing, decorating and keeping our growing boy well fed and happy. Even got my fur blanket out and started sewing it again, lining it with raw Chinese silk Edie gave me last summer and one of my most gorgeous dollmaker's strips for the edging.

Daniel got his first caribou with Tim!

Roger dropped off an ELECTRIC staple gun!!

Finally almost finished with the inside roof!

Bedroom gertee walls, recyled from the 20'

My first homemade braided rope out of strips of fabric.
All these years I wished I could afford to buy
good, strong thick heavy rope.. duh!

My rope is 60 feet long, using it to secure the new roofcover

Gertee pods working out wonderfully

Now the 20' gertee's all white

Sundown comes quick now

Another 24x24' recycled billboard cover goes up!
These tarps are still only $63.00!!! plus shipping (70lbs)

No more leaks in big gertee!

Hardly any snow yet... and 10 above today!

Little gertee and the frozen garden


Anonymous said...

Looks good Niki! Thanks for the great pics. I've been thinking of you and your family. Looks like you'll stay warm and eat lots of yummy soup. Are you baking any bread? Will the shower work through the winter?

Love you,

Sean said...


It looks like you are moving from moderate expert to legendary expert. These things are far beyond functional. They're beautiful works of art! What a pleasure to see your progress over the years.

And I wish I could say it suprised me when anti-NWO-ers turn out to be NWO-ers, but I've seen it so much I take it as a given.

You may be the only active researcher that has remained unmolested! LETS HOPE NOT! :D

Much love and a warm hug,


Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Glad you are nicely sorted out for the winter.

Love the moose soup.

First catch your moose!


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Charles W. Krafft said...

I wrote to Peter Meyers months ago to ask him why he never mentions communitarianism, or includes articles that contain the word in his emailings. He wrote me back a defensive two or three sentence diversionary answer essentially saying he wasn't an
anti anti-communitarian. But I think that's what he is.

The big bugaboo with NWO researchers and intellectuals is anti-Semitism. It's like pedophilia and holocaust "denial" neatly wrapped up in one scary package. Peter Meyers is afraid of being excluded from polite society by being branded an
anti-Semite. In order to avoid this he tilts at
fascist and neo-nazi windmills as if there was some real danger presented by these moribund ideologies. I hope you clean his philosophical clock when you are ready. He deserves a NWO wake up call.
Hey, over at Lady Michele Renouf's website they're
discussing the recent cancellation of Diedonne M'bala M'bala's big time London Leicster Square
political comedy gig. They posted a picture of the poster for one of his Paris events which has the word "Communitarianism" in French right there in big bold letters.

He's the new Lenny Bruce! A comedy martyr. Anti-communitarianism is morphing into anti-Semitism as the communitarians tighten their grip around the throat of free speech and free inquiry.

FishTaxi said...

Niki, that looks so cozy, comfy and I can smell Sac's pot all the way up here! Love, Kathy

mudlurk said...

Clearly it's too late in the year now, but have you ever considered a mass heating rocket stove Niki. It's fuel efficient stove that loses less heat from the burn and uses the temp increase to effectively create a cleaner burn. It also routes the chimney laterally, and stores the heat the stove produces. Here's a link.

Anonymous said...

'Isn't it amazing when people admit to holding the same values as Etzioni while claiming to be anti NWO at the same time?'

I have regular contact with a group of folks who are dead against the NWO, but who all believe the things the NWO people do. It is totally weird. They believe Lucifer is god, but haven't clicked about the Luciferian agenda behind the UNO. They just don't see the irony of it. I keep shaking my head over it. They are totally sincere. They can't all be shills. I think they just haven't grasped the reality of the deception they're under.

the tent lady said...

Thanks everyone.. nice to hear from so many of you! Good stuff...