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Coming Out - What I would do if I were "running the country"

I've been a recipient on Peter Myer's elist for several years. I found his website Neither Aryan nor Jew to be a solid academic resource for historical references. I also get a lot of the Asian-Pacific and banking/financial perspective from his forwarded mainstream news articles. I found him to be an interesting man who shared similar interests in self sufficency and learning to build cool things. He's never once discussed communitarianism with me, and it's only been introduced to his list a couple times. When it is, it's always ignored.

So this week I sent him the Clinton calls for Communitarianism in Quebec speech and asked him if we could finally open up the topic, since it's so current. He responded how he would free Australians by taking control of their lives by regulating television and shutting down gambling and other things that hurt people. His policy ideas are what he calls Authoritarian. After he responded, I told him his response sounded very communist and he assured me he is a Socialist.

He explained his understanding of communitarianism without ever saying the word, not once:
"Tony Blair is quoted as an exemplar of the "Third Way" path. Let's suppose this refers to a synthesis between Capitalism and Communism, in which case it combines the WORST features of each (Laissez-Faire from Capitalism, and Hate Laws ie Totalitarianism from Communism).

"If we are to have a synthesis between the two, why not, instead, combine the BEST part of each: Free Speech from Capitalism with Full Employment (a managed economy) from Communism. East European Communism had some private ownership - a mixed economy to a degree - unlike the USSR. Australia of the 1950s & 60s was a much better example of a mixed economy."
Key words: "if we are to have a synthesis." Peter Myers advocates for friendlier communitarianism as if it is inevitable. He obviously believes in the Hegelian theory of forced social evolution and only differs on the exact tactics a national system for the global common good should use on the citizenry. He's what Etzioni would call a "soft communitarian" as opposed to the more sadistic change agents who advocate for violent change. For perspective, he posted a nice article by Etzioni published in a London paper in 1995 after my response.

Peter told me what he would do if he were running his county, and when I ignored that except to ask if there would be limitations on his power, (in almost the same way he ignored my Jesuit quote about the Hegelian communitarian synthesis), his next response insisted I tell him where I stand:
"What ARE your policies on those and other matters? You can't just say, "I'd leave that to Congress" - you've got to say where you stand - how you'd run things if you were in a position of power. It's time to Come Out."
I never said I'd leave anything to Congress, I never even mentioned the Congress. He's arguing against me for something I never said. Pretty slick moves there Peter. I'm impressed. I also never heard the term American Exceptionalism until he said my philosophy sounds like it. When I looked it up I was amazed at how much foreigners who write about Americans don't know about Americans. Foreigners don't get to use American communitarian policies and wars to describe American sentiments to me. Socialist and Hollywood views based in dialectical social evolution theory are not valid assumptions and have previously been rendered moot in the ACL manifesto. The current debate is over communitarianism being an illegal action plan for changing America and not which inevitable communitarian system is a "better" synthesis.

My problem is I know debating social issues like gambling and health care is a Marxist dialectical trap. I saw exactly where he wanted me to take our discussion; right back to Nowhere. I was supposed to change the topic from my ACL thesis and ongoing research, ignore what Clinton said and forget my documented charges against seditious communitarianism. What's more important to Socialists is my personal beliefs about what people should have to do. Not only is it irrelevant, but I don't have those. I really don't care if Americans go bowling alone or in groups. So I sat down to write a response, planning to call him out on avoiding the topic, and instead I wrote this:

Response to peter 10-28-09

Dear Peter,

At first I was going to explain to you that as an American I don't have any policies or plans for what I'd do if I was running my country. I have no desire to take on that job and most average Americans like me don't think in your sociological terms. But then I thought about it and wondered what I would do if I were somehow thrown into a position where Americans would ask me to lead them. This will never happen, but okay, I'll bite. Here's what I would do if I were running my country after my countrymen elected me:

What I would do if I were "running the country"

I would ask the duly elected representatives in our state legislatures to examine my charges against the communitarians during open, public hearings. I would ask them to vote for or against communitarianism. If 3/4 of our state legislatures vote against me and instead agree to ammend the US Constitution in favor of communitarianism, I would retire from public life, and immigrate.

If I'm still in "power" after the states decide to keep me as their temporary "emergency" leader, and nobody's assassinated me yet,

The first act of my public office would be to acknowledge the declaration of WAR against the United States by international communitarians.

I would declare null and void all US policy that places communitarian law over US constitutional law. If the communitarians resist our restoring the legitimate legal order, the ensuing bloodbath would be horrendous, and is to be avoided as much as possible, I agree, but actually fighting in this war is of vital importance and necessary for the future general welfare of our nation. Indeed, if we do not fight now, we will forever lose our children's rights to life, liberty and property.

I would void ALL international trade and security agreements that place communitarian law over US constitutional Law and restore the legitimate rule of law to the American people.

I'd put out arrest warrants upon every Americans suspected of implementing communitarianism in these United States to be tried in new American courts adhering to ONLY Constitutional law.

If I was granted the kinds of powers Peter Myers seems to think a president (or King) should have, I might go even further with my plans for restoring legitimacy here. Given the green light by my countrymen to pursue the communitarians until they are purged from our shores,

I would void any law enforcement authority bestowed upon government agencies or departments that adopted communitarian visions for achieving sustainable development.

I would restore separation of powers, as per constitutional requirements, right after the states replace every seditious congressional representative who clings to communitarian rule of law

I would forbid the continuance of American military/CIA covert operations in foreign nations.

I would withdraw US membership from the communitarian United Nations. I would revoke US support for the communitarian Earth Charter.

I would void every communitarian UN Local Agenda 21 Plan active in the United States.

I would dismantle the communitarian banking cartel starting with abolishing the Internal Revenue Service.

I'd freeze the federal budget and cancel every financial agreement tied to Wall Street.

I would ask the states for the money to hire 100 small town accountants (two from each state) to balance our federal budget, release the report to the public and ask them to suggest innovative, legal ways to quit using the communitarian's Federal Reserve Notes as our currency.

Yes, I would crash American participation in the world "free" market and bring the whole British Rothschild financial scam to a screeching halt. The pain and misery it would cause would be nothing compared to the death and destruction we will experience if we do nothing to stop them.

I would replace the Feds money with new American currency backed by gold, silver, copper, US oil and gas reserves, or any other tangible commodity available in the USA. I'd make every assurance that we as a nation will uphold our nation's legitimate debts to every nation and private contractor that can extablish evidence theirs was not a communitarian agreement with the now banished American communitarian traitors.

I would redesign the communitarians' 1992 Rebuilding America plan using the textbooks describing the American System of Political Economy as guides. I would outlaw any programs based in dialectical materialism or dialectical idealism. We would proceeed by way of observation and not by the communitarian way of illusion.

I would call out the state militias and deputize every law abiding citizen in the country who swears to uphold the constitution of their states. I would assign professional soldiers and private mercenaries to assist in building the militias into a well organized units prepared to protect American borders and homes from communitarian terrorists, both foreign and domestic.

I would end the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and pull our troops out of every other foreign conflict that involves ANY collaboration with communitarians from Israel or Great Britian.

I would cease the War on Terror, both domestically and overseas. I would command our Armed Forces personell in combat zones to make plans to return home in 90 days. I would ask them to search their hearts for what's right and just, and to remember what they swore to defend and uphold. I would plead to them to do their part in healing the terrible rift the communitarians have caused using our country's strength and bravery. I would ask our soldiers to become our emmisaries of real peace by buying all their goods from local merchants wherever they're stationed, to help establish a firm, friendly trading foundation for their children's future, while under command to shoot anyone who continues to take up arms against them.

I would issue the final above directive to every American who, under their constitutions, is required to participate in their own defense. I would also run this drastic idea past every loyal American military professional under my command. I would need moral men capable of taking on the challenge of making my last ditch effort plan work.

I would quit NATO. I would not allow our nation to depend on NATO for assistance in any disaster. No foreign troops would be allowed on American soil, every country with troops staioned in the US would have 30 days to pull every last one out. The only Rapid Defense we need right now is aganst the communitarians.

I would make sure FEMA is fired for their role in Katrina. Using the same power, I would delete The Department of Homeland Security and DARPA from legitimate government operations. We need professional Americans to take back the reigns of American government. All legitimate law enfocrcement programs at the local and state levels would be returned to lawfully elected local law enforcement personel. The FBI would be encouraged to mend their ways. I'd open a new investigation into 9/11, Waco, and Oklahoma under the judicial direction of rank and file professional and volunteer American firefighters and demolition experts.

I would cancel all government no-bid contracts and sever all financial ties to the state of Israel. Americans caught sending money to Israel would be deported to Russia.

I would impose ridiculously high National Tariffs on all foreign imports; Chinese, and all other communist made goods would be stamped MADE by SLAVE LABOR.

I would remove all federal taxes from American made goods and eliminate bureaus and agencies that survive by extortion.

I would politely suggest Americans buy up all the goods they can from large scale, foreign made manufacturers because everything will be legal barter after the Fed collapses and the Tariffs are imposed. I would suggest Americans think of things they can learn to produce for themselves and their neighbors once the foreign goods left on American shelves or in the hands of local scalpers are insanely expensive. Our people will have to become self producing and completely self-sustaining before our nation is healthy and strong enough to re-enter the global market. We must recreate what our enemy Lenin complained was a solid equilibrium between agriculture and industry before we can begin importing foreign made goods again. Only after we are no longer weak and dependent (like only a British colony can be) can we allow foreign competition into US local markets.

I would revise the communitarian's call to "national and local service and volunteerism "and ask our people to volunteer 2 years or 4000 hours to helping their neighborhoods repair the damage communitarianism has wreacked on American towns, farms, forests, cities, rivers, and people from all races, religions and classes. It will require all of America to dismantle local Agenda 21 at the local levels. American hands-on collaboration with foreigners dismantling LA-21 and establishing a protected economy in their home countries would be encouraged and rewarded.

I would shut down, banish the members and confiscate the properties of all academic institutions, think tanks, civil society organizations, churches, law firms and NGOs registered to do buisness in the USA connected to the UN who introduced seditious communitarian programs into the USA, to be divided equally between every American state citizen who files for a piece of it.

I would dismantle the communitarian program called Community Oriented Policing and all it's branches, Fusion Centers, Mapping, Interdepartmental Information Gathering et. al.

I would empty the prisons of all victimless criminals, starting with marijuana possession, DUIs, and all communitarian driving regulations. I would restore 2nd Amendment rights to American men charged and convicted under the communitarian's Domestic Violence Act of 1995.

I would give orders for law abiding, armed Americans to detain for questioning any police officer who arrests law abiding Americans for communitarian crimes. I would ask the counties, boroughs and parishes to form republican citizen's courts operating under state constitutional laws to try, convict and sentence, if found guilty, any federal or state prosecutor in the country who continues to prosecute Americans for committing communitarian crimes.

I would recall all grants to communitarian environmental and earth stewardship agencies and cancel all communitarian based Conservation Land Ownership contracts.

I would open up all communitarian controlled lands to US state citizens for economic redevelopment, starting with National Parks designated as UN Heritage Sites. I would open all public lands to rebuilding new towns, organic farms, using the fresh water supply, homesteading, logging operations, hunting, fishing, mining and other natural resource extractions. I would put back the management of these lands and operations under elected state and local officials.

I would command the FBI to "bring in" Dr. Amitai Etzioni on charges of treason and sedition.

I would command the FBI to expand their investigation of "Mega," (the high ranking Israeli spy the FBI suspects of being in the White House), to include Dr.Amitai Etzioni.

I would tell all known associates and followers of Etzioni's to leave this country immediately or face criminal charges for conspiracy to overthrow the lawful government of the United States. This would eliminate the Clintons, the Bushes and Obama from the American political scene, which would put a big crimp in the Rothschilds' communitarian control in the US.

I would dismantle the entire communitarian system in the US, starting with public education and all the other communitarian programs used to dumb my country down.

Then I would think that's probably enough for my first week on the job. My next week's activities would be determined by American reaction to the first.

He posted my above email to his list with his reponse tonight:

Comment (Peter M.):

That's more like it. This is the first time I've seen you say what should be done.

Before your email arrived, I was thinking of some "test cases" to put to you. One concerned MacDonalds and other "junk food" purveyors. They are causing obesity and diabetes type II. They are reaching into homes via ads on TV, enticing children to eat their junk instead of home-cooked meals. They are supplying toys to children, with the junk food, to get them to pressure their parents to keep coming back.

Before thse Fast Food chains became entrenched, people either ate at home, or ate at Cafes which were separate small businesses rather than Franchises of a big chain. Those Cafes were all different; they served more wholesome food, without the hype and the pressure of TV ads, and without roadside signs producing salivating Pavlovian reactions in those conditioned to eat this food.

Suppose that you took action against MacDonalds and the like, they would say that you were infringing their "individual rights" (and those of their customers). Their right to undermine your children; to reach into your house and appeal to your children over your head; to spread health problems like obesity and diabetes, leaving the public purse to foot the bill.

You may recall that George W. Bush signed a bill granting these Fast Food chains immunity from prosecution over the harm they've caused to individuals.

In your committment to the US Constitution, you spoke of the defence of individual rights. But what of cases where there's a conflict of rights - MacDonalds' "rights" vs the right of (dare I say it) Society?

You may recall that Margaret Thatcher said, "There is no such thing as Society". But I'm arguing that there's a Public Interest issue here: that MacDonalds are undermining the good of Society - the Common Good - and using the concept of "individual rights" in their defence.

The Communitarians you'd bring into line might also appeal to their "rights", and say they were protecting other "rights", namely the rights of Women, Gays, Children, threatened species etc.: a litany of "minorities". So, each side would appeal to "rights".

That's why I wanted you to go beyond abstract terms, to "Come Out". And you have, as a would-be Joan of Arc.


Rough Sawn said...

That's the best thing you've written in about 100 years.

the tent lady said...

Thanks, I sure feel like it's been that long. :)

Would-be defined at Desiring, attempting, or professing to be

Anonymous said...


Isn't it interesting that he couldn't understand what you were saying until you put your argument into authoritarian terms. It appears to me that authoritarian and communitarian are the same thing in his mind. His idea that individuals can't produce their own freedom from their right to "freedom to..." rather than the "freedom from..."!

Of course, "freedom from..." requires god-like dictators to run our lives.

Thanks Niki. I never got just how sick are these people. They might do better on a different planet.


Keoni Galt said...

Three cheers for Niki. Now THAT would be a Presidential Campaign Platform that I'd support and actually vote for...

OldDog said...

It's been a hell of a long time since I was speechless, but the above article did it to me. I have know for years now you were so far advanced in communitarian knowledge, and what it is doing to freedom from tyrannical governance, that I would never catch up with you, but now, I have never even considered I would feel so humbled. Would that God gives us one more person like you, and I will feel safe.
As it stands, I intend to die fighting the bastards. You have nothing to prove to this jerk, so tell him to go piss up a rope.

Patrick said...

Play Rangers: molding the future Communitarians

Council bans parents from play areas

Parents have been banned from supervising their children in public playgrounds, because they have not undergone criminal record checks.

Justa Numerican said...

Suggestions for Week Two:

Declare the British Queen... and the Vatican Pope... persona non grata... but with thanks for their service... to no-one... and for nothing special in particular.

Declare all communitarian lawyers and attorneys-at-law with illegal allegiances or associations to the Lawyers Guild in London... or the UN in New York... out of business - effective immediately, by simply nullifying their authority.

Ask for the immediate resignations of each member of the U.S. Supreme Court - tell them to go home and get a real job.

Declare non-profit tax status for any and all foreigner-affiliated charities, churches, foundations, land trusts... and public-private partnerships... null and void.

This is to include all the foreign entities... of state, religion, or any other organization... deriving benefit or subsidy... from current usurpation of Constitutional law and/or the many treasonous free trade agreements/treaties.

Re-affirm the U.S.A. corporation's bankruptcy - then make the public pronouncement that reorganization
will take place when lawful money and credit is implemented per the Coinage Act of 1792.

Declare ALL international treaties and previous Executive Orders null and void - effective immediately.

Declare all barter and trade free from taxation at the federal level.

Outlaw all GMO food research and production - effective immediately.

Withdraw the FCC licenses from all US corporations with more than 200 employees... OR multiple locations.

Begin RICO investigations of ALL intelligence and security agency personnel who derive any income or benefit from ANY aspect of the US government... or from the American people.

Ask for the resignations of every member officer of the US military unwilling to reaffirm their oaths to the U.S. Constitution, under the authority of our new President and Commander-In-Chief.

Announce the dismantling of the US Department of Education.

More corrections to come...

katko said...

First of all, I didn't know you've been writing for a hundred years. You look pretty good for a broad that ancient. It must be all the fish and fresh air.
Second of all, you're not running for office, so the list is not necessary to validate your research. I guess people just want answers all the time.
A lot of these arguments are bases on the rights that everyone seems to think we have.
We have privileges, not rights-and privileges need to be fought for to be maintained.
No god or constitutional scribbling can ever guarantee anything.
Only we can, as individuals and groups,by resistance.
Of course, if Americans were not so self absorbed, none of this crap would have gone this far.

Patrick said...

Ten Years Ago: "Manufacturing Dissent" in Seattle

Seattle and Beyond: Disarming the New World Order