Saturday, November 14, 2009

Over a foot of snow dumps on Kenny Lake

Me with Wyatt, Tim's grandson (and my first friend in KL)
He got his first caribou with Tim last weekend!

Yes, Susan! Bread made in my new Granny's Oven.

20 foot gertee carrying the whole load so far

Cleared snow off the 16 foot roofs twice already

Got a phone line hooked up in little gertee finally, so I can get back to work now on some of my online projects. Got a good jumpstart on the Gertee book and found the tone I want it to have. I also wrote a first draft response to Myers about Society Rights.

Need to spend some time researching the term Society Rights. I'd like to know how many legal documents use it in the same way so many constitutions use the term Individual Rights. Has there ever been a constitution that arose naturally from any society that was based upon protecting society rights?

Lining and edging the fur blanket by hand
I'm asking Santa for a Singer sewing machine.

Nothing like piles of clean fresh snow!

Osa's 3 years old now... and still retarded.

She says she can't wait to go mushing!

Huge ice buildup on roof and walls

Shoveled snow around outside walls for insulation


sunshine unit said...

yay, shoveling for hours...for days...we're gonna have 12 feet of snow by christmas for sure.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

I suppose this massive snowfall is caused by global warming.


the tent lady said...

hehe.. it's still coming down..just like the ice age did.. overnight.

Anonymous said...

Wow! And I got excited about waking up to a very light blanket of snow here in Boise yesterday. I've had the heat going ever since. I'm glad you've got bread to eat with your soup. Yum!