Saturday, November 28, 2009

About the ACL

The Anti Communitarian League is not a church. Our views are political, not religious. Our opposition is not based in the Bible and we do not quote from it as a basis for our argument. Our supporters come from all backgrounds, many different religions, and across the globe. We publish our strong and sometimes angry opinions, the opinions of others, and we often republish research documents and share exit links related to our ACL studies. We are not starting a political party and we will not show support for any established US political party either. We do on occassion support individual candidates who run as independents. (I am considering supporting the French Anti Zionist Party but I can't read any French.)

The ACL does not seek members. This is the only way to keep infiltrators out.
We don't publish a newsletter.
We don't require a login nor charge visitors access fees to the ACL website.
We don't hold seminars.
Since the Sisley and Dawson fiascos, we don't provide court research documents.

We reserve the right to sell our books to anyone and in any way we choose.
We will no longer tolerate 'petit bourgeois' commentary on our lifestyle or choices.

I spent ten years trying to reach out to middle class America with my anticommunitarian works. In the course of the decade, I lost my home, my livlihood and most of my teeth. I find it "inconceiveable" that I am to be compelled to continue in my decline by Americans who plan to dictate my life from the comfort of their modern homes, receiving US government pensions.

As for my upcoming gertee book tour, as was reported by that article I linked to the other day, perhaps 50% of the American homeless population are Vietnam and other US wartime vets. I wonder how many of them are homeless because they rejected communitarianism.

Does anyone know if there's still a Vet camping year round by the DC Vietnam Memorial as part of the demand that the US government acknowledge the MIAs? I'd like to bring them a gift.


Anonymous said...

I was very fortunate to have found your website back in 2002 or 2003 - can't remember now. It helped me understand what I was facing and coming up against in my "government" job. I was FIRED for being a anti-communitarian. I don't receive any pensions. I don't want anything from the government anyway...:o)

With that said - This new article seems to stem from a conversation on facebook about your new Gertee Book. I am not against your book, or your coming out of poverty. I applaud your lifestyle and living off the grid. If I had the means I would be living the same but in a more temperate location. Alaska is a bit harsh for this lifestyle. That kind of lifestyle speaks out against communitarianism.

I find it very hard to believe you are going on this tour of America with your new book and leaving your core message behind in Alaska. I am just shocked by it.

All of this points to your motive. Even in this blog post it is clear you only want to make some money and claim your critics live plush while you suffer. That is far from the truth. There is nothing wrong with making money Niki. It's just the way you are going about it that raises questions about your anti-communitarian stand.

I won't apologize for asking you questions or stating my fears concerning your motives.

Bobby Garner said...

Niki, it is very probable that all of the friends who have helped support you and your anti-communitarian position throughout your ACL experience are among the 'petit bourgeois' "the section of the middle class with the lowest social status". "the term was used by Karl Marx and Marxist theorists..."

Now it appears that you are willing to cast of those supporters in favor of a new set of friends you are inviting on facebook. "Writiers, carpenters, good time girls, musicians, poets, photograpers, videographers.. all are welcome and needed. I want to work hard all day, do building seminars, make money for food and beer, and party with the locals at night."

You should have no trouble connecting with all of those types among the homeless, Vet's and other social misfits of the counterculture.

I don't know what you are thinking, but the message is clear that you are abandoning the support base for your long years of ACL work. I wish you well, but I cannot support this new venture on those terms.

sunshine unit said...

Damn, you guys have gotten aggressive. Based on what's been happening on my mom's internets lately, neither of you know what the core message is, and you never will. The core message is whatever the hell we want it to be, because it's our club!

Just because we appear to think and study on the same terms, and belong to similar social circles, doesn't mean that we do. Kinda like how plants that are edible or have medicinal properties often come along with a poisonous lookalike or two.

the tent lady said...

You two remind me of AA. :) I am supposed to follow your rules for my life or else I don't get to be part of the "group" anymore. Heh!

So Bobby, I understand you have to show support for your new wife but wherever did you get the idea that I am casting off my supporters for a "new set of friends?" Half my friends on fb are people I've known REAL LIFE all my life, and the other half are ACL supporters! There are also probably 10 people who are not my friends at all.

My financial support, what little there is, has sporadically come from rich Americans (which is the ONLY reason 2020 exists), poor Americans (who embarass me with their generosity), educated Americans (who send books and DVDS), musicians, Christians (from every sect), Jews (who hosted the ACL website for free for years), recovered Greens (who send ammo), and Vets, who send love. Canadians are by far my biggest supporters, one of them was out of work for a year and as soon as he started working again he sent us a check. But sorry, you're way off on your guessing, the American middle class, typicially, sends me boring advice, tells me I need to do more to help them, or harasses me for living in a tent, because it makes me look like a social misfit :)

Bobby the list you cited from my wall is not a list of down and out counterculture people. Good grief, it's artists and builders and people who know how to have fun. You have NO idea how boring our work is to most people, and you expect me to go out there and bore people to death with my "message." I know you love to browbeat people with your opinion, but have you ever noticed how many people can't stand that approach?

What "message" would you have me preach to the unwashed masses? And my quote of the petit bourgouis came from the article I posted on homlessness, where the author explained that middle Americans think the homeless are "shit".

And Edith, you can never apologise for attacking me on my fb and accusing me of being a hypocrite because I'm not following your orders. That's just who you are.

I don't live off the grid, so you see, you don't even know the most basic facts about my life. You "applaud" your false idea of me and now that the REAL me shows up you insist I become what you NEED. You don't know anything about my life in Alaska, or what it speaks of. I am just another homeless person up here, and in 4 years of camping at Tim's the only local people who've helped me are the social misfits and outlaws I call friends. The huge KL "Christian" community has never once shown me any kind of charity or kindness. My ACL books are at the Merc, so it's not as if the locals haven't had the opportunity to study and find out what I write about. They don't care, and I can't make them.

Your fears concerning my motives are based in your fundamentalist belief that this is a war between God and Satan. Under your Biblical rules for my life, I have to brand the ACL logo on my forehead before I am allowed to leave Alaska!

I know all about your belief that the NWO will persecute Christians and how many Christians believe that as God's "chosen people" they have to bear witness for Christ or they'll burn in Hell foerever. But isn't it funny that these same Christians will pass judgement on a million homeless Americans and call THEM all social misfits and unworthy of the ACL "message." Maybe the people in the streets are the true sons and daughters of Christ, because they HAVE shed the bounds to this communitarianized country. Maybe the "church" is really the parks and abandoned lots where the homeless congregate. And maybe your fear and contempt of the homeless reflect your true values.

Maybe your "church" doesn't allow drinking, smoking, music, dancing and sharing laughs with people (which is the BEST way to connect to REAL America), but I don't belong to your church. I thank God for that.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee heee! As a social misfit, I can't wait to finally meet you in the flesh! Maybe we can figure out how us'ns of the lower caste can do what all of those better than us have failed to do. I'd rather eat dirt as a free man that fit in a slot in some proper society! Bless the grizzlies of all species!


Angry Cheese said...

I think your planned Gertee promotion tour sounds great. It will do you good to have a break from the hardships of the Alaskan winter for a few weeks. It won't be forever, you can get some sun on your body and return invigorated and energised.
The beauty of the Internet is that it is portable, you don't have to stay in one place. With passwords etc, you'll be able to blog on the road, from time to time. It will also give you a chance to assess how Communitarianism is being introduced in some of the different places you visit. These homes were designed for nomads.