Saturday, November 28, 2009

Israeli Terrorism Against America?? INCONCEIVABLE.

We just rented The Princess Bride for Freddie last month, so everytime I read the word "inconceivable" I clearly heard the voice of the character in the movie. which made this especially entertaining in a very strange way. Anyway, I like Mark Glenn, I referenced some of his work at the ACL a long time ago, even though I saw the leftist ties to the international peace set in his earlier work too. This article has punch. Thanks Susie! The comments look to be interesting too, a little bit of Constance Cumby's crowd, a little bit of religion and a whole lot of anti Israeli, plus a long response to Gilad Atzmon's defense of some guy named Larry who uriniated on a holy relic or something? Didn't have time to read the whole thing.. have to get back to work on the book. The worst part about having internet again is I have lots of online distractions, and all of them are worth my time too. But reading doesn't pay the bills, there does come a point when words need to appear on the page, and I can't live off melted snow forever. :)


mark glenn said...


thank you for the kind words in your post, but me associating with leftists? INCONCEIVABLE. I am as much a 'righty' as a person can get.

I understand your plight with the melted snow. I live in north idaho which in many ways is the southside of alaska.


the tent lady said...

Hi Mark! Thanks for stopping in! "As you wish." I stand corrected and am mighty glad to hear you don't support UN Resoulution/Sanction powers against Israel, or any of the UN Humanitarian Assistance ideology. Of course I don't know that either.. political "right" is another one of those terms that have lost all meaning to me. I added that disclaimer because I am under attack by the "rightys" for my attempts to make money. I didn't want to hear a bunch of bs about how I support the anti-war left. So, I'm not gonna make disclaimers anymore, I'm gonna like whatever I want and whoever I want, and forget about the people who make unbelievable demands on my life because of my work. Do you get that too, or is it because I'm a woman? (and blond to boot!)

I absolutely loved this article Mark, and see your abilty as a shining example of creativity in this world of boring reports and ugliness. I mean that sincerely.

We have so many blood ties to Idaho and it's such a gorgeous place, I hope to have a great time there when we visit next summer. Brutal winters also seem to give way to spectacular summers, or maybe it just appears that way because our winters are so harsh.