Sunday, November 22, 2009

Obama trumpets Asia trip as boost to US economy

"Repeating a theme he used abroad, Obama told the U.S. audience that the discussions directly affect U.S. national security."

Here's another one from Consuelo, and it's even more interesting now that angrycheese has identified the role Communitarian authority Henry Tam from Singapore plays in the emerging global synthesis. It's also relevant to what my sister Susan was telling me yesterday what she's observing in Boise, Idaho where she lives. She told me the layoffs keep coming and people are scared. We talked about how many have already or will resort to underhandedness on the job to keep their positions. She guesses Boise's unemployment has reached 20% because she includes all the people not officially on unemployment. She works for a major corporation that a year ago supported over 200,000 people; now that number has swiftly decreased, with something like 130,000 jobs left (I forget the exact numbers).

It was the communist leaders who lamented on the equilibrium between industry and agriculture that kept America so strong. Lenin insisted American manufacturing had to suffer severe blows before global communism could become a reality. And so it has. Modern Americans are to depend on communist China to bring back American jobs.... how's that for a communitarian synthesis between communism and capitalism?

The Chinese government is the United States' biggest foreign creditor with $800 billion of federal U.S. debt, which gives it extraordinary power in the relationship. And Beijing feels the global recession, sparked by U.S. financial industry excesses, vindicates its authoritarian leadership.

Obama told Americans that there can be no solutions to climate change or energy without the cooperation of Asian and Pacific nations. Repeating a theme he used abroad, Obama told the U.S. audience that the discussions directly affect U.S. national security.
Obama's NOT lying when he says his trips directly affect American security. What he doesn't say is his trade plans with China, Russia, Israel, South America and the widely accepted "model" Communitarian EU will help the Communitarian globalists to eliminate our national sovereignty, which most definitely affects our national security. Obama's not saying he's going to help restore America's manufacturing and agricultural base, nor does he promise to restore small businesses to their proper place in a free society. He calls for greater cooperation with communists... says if we buy more slave made goods our economy can recover.

Years ago Nordica opined that the real NWO leaders were Chinese women playing ma jong (sp?). We both agreed that it makes perfect sense that the power behind communitarianism would be content to remain unseen. We decided anyone we could identify was not at the top, because the real top is content to let the negative attention fall on their most obvious agents (like the Rothschilds, Bilderbergs, Rockefellers etc) and all their most visable authoritarian programs.

Added a video of Henry Tam cheese sent me, can't watch it on my dialup, but it's a perfect example of the Communitarians ability to LIE. This video, titled

Innovations in Participation: Citizen Engagement in Deliberative Democracy

allows no citizen comments, no citizen ratings, and no citizen video responses. That's Deliberative Democracy in a nutshell. Community Empowerment does not actually mean empowering the indviduals who reside and do business in the community. It empowers the Community Developers, who are Harvardly endowed with great unreported powers over individuals.
Democratic governance depends on citizen participation to mitigate corruption, harness public energy, and remain responsive to community needs. Citizen activism can be a productive check on the expansion of special interests as the public determines where its government's priorities should lie. Both in developing and developed countries, innovators continue to explore a range of strategies engaging communities to deliver social services, defuse conflict, improve public sector accountability, and raise public opinion about quality of governance. This panel examined several such innovations to consider new ways to engage citizens in building fair and effective government.
* Professor Archon Fung, Harvard Kennedy School
* Mr. Richard Dobson, Founder of Asiye Etafuleni, South Africa
* Mr. Robert Miller, Director of the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program, USA
* Dr. Henry Tam, Deputy Director of Community Empowerment Delivery, UK

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