Thursday, November 19, 2009

SubieSisters Radio interview today at 8pm EST

It's real winter now.

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Host: SubieSisters -
Episode: EPISODE64 - Niki Raapana returns
The Patriot Dames welcome back Niki Raapana to the show. Last interview we talked about Communitarianism, which was a new concept to Susie but explained perfectly why our laws do not follow the Constitution any longer. This week we will discuss her book 'What is the Hegelian Dialectic?' in more depth and other topics...................................Visit her blog at: AND
Call ID: 20064

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Date: Thu, November 19, 2009
Time: 08:00 PM EST

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Anonymous said...


I just caught the last 20 minutes so I didn't hear the whole show. I was kind of shocked when she said, "They should be going into the homes looking for guns" and you didn't react.

Getting mellow in your old age?


Anonymous said...

Great show Niki, you tilled some new ground!


boojahadeen said...

Created a TalkShoe account with only minutes to spare.
What is the name of the British women you and the host spoke of?
Or the link?

the tent lady said...

Pete, no time warp?

Yeah sister, I almost said the CIA supplies the gang's guns and decided to not go down that path... too tired. Got so cold so fast and I spent 5 hours getting the temp above 50 in here. I got this auful headache that comes after a head freeze. First thing this am I moved my bed into the kitchen by the stove and shut down the back gertee, so at least I only have to keep one fire going tonight. I have to feed it every 2 hours, can't believe I'm using the old Hunter stove again and my new one is in the back! I need to put more insulation all around the floor and walls, kinda stretched my materials too thin making 3 gertees. The bedroom gertee is the warmest but the least functional. Duh. I only needed one good one. If I freeze to death this winter it will be my own fault.

-- wrote that last night then the battery died and I went to bed. Got up at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30 and kept it at 40 above all night.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

-50 and it isn't even December yet.

I really do admire your guts.


sunshine unit said...

glad the show went well and you were too tired to blame the cia for guns. blame canada instead!

it's 20 degrees warmer back here -- a muggyy and oppressive 30 below -- and the toyo is CRAaaNnnKiiiNG. and we started hanging sheepskin over the windows. love you again when you get offline!

Anonymous said...


You are reminding me of the saying,

"More is not always better".

Keep it simple. Stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Please be careful and don't freeze to death.

Anonymous said...

No time warp, it was pleasant listening. It's interesting to watch you grow into an on-air personality. I felt that you were having some fun, too.


angry cheese said...

Well done. The radio show was very informative.
"Communitarianism is rule by permit only."
That's a perfect decription. I will listen to this a few more times.

the tent lady said...

Well I was just wondering if I shouldn't stop doing radio interviews, heh, but I guess I won't. Well, I have to wait to be invited so it's not really up to me. But I'll be sure to pass your comments along to Susie. She is a fun gal Pete, and it's so funny how much I like her because she thinks like a cop! My online personality kind of depends on the interviewer, doesn't it? Can you imagine what I'd be like on Alex Jones? I'd probably yell a lot more. :)

the tent lady said...

Jeff her name is Lady Michele Renouf, the link is on the right hand side under Resistance Europe, I labeled it French Anti Communitarianism.

It's kind of sad in a way that Zionism becomes the focus and it stops there... what will happen when all the anti Zionists have to identify China's role in the NWO?

Lark said...

Vicky Davis (Channeling Reality) and William Roberts (Become Vocal Local on Oracle Broadcasting) told me on the air two weeks ago that they were unable to reach you by email.

Could you have missed their message?