Sunday, May 31, 2009

Niki's Mini Mall

Monday, June 1
Made 4 more crates last night, adding them to this post since it's all the same topic, heh. I'm sure there are people who are confused by my sharing pictures of every project I attempt. But these projects are how I survive and it's good to get feedback and "test" the market on people who don't come here to shop. I absolutely appreciate all the gertee feedback so far, and if I can get that up and going this summer I will. The minis are a more immediate possibility for a small income over the summer and I'm so thrilled to have a store to put them in I've been working day and day (the sun barely sets here now).

I've been contacted by another Ph.D., this one's a community builder who's concerned that their organization may become co-opted by the communitarians. He's asked me to help him understand their language so that he can avoid their traps. I've barely had time to write lately but I agreed to correspond with him because he asked very nicely and I believe he''s sincere. I haven't heard back from Professor Wong, I suppose I should have held off blasting his entire premise for his theory until he got to know me a little better. All these Ph.D.'s and university regulars do make me think that I should get an honorary degree out of all this some day, or that someday I might be invited to teach an anticommunitarian seminar somewhere for real pay. :) Until then, I'll just keep making minis and gertees and do the best I can with what I have.

Teas from TJunction in a whole new style

This is out of recycled drainboard, holds 8 jars
I'll make these for all the large sets

This one has a perfect bottom
(which was a total waste of time since you can't see it!)

I still love my little bears

Should I brew home beer and fill the jars with it?

original post follows

Handmade Alaskan Gifts

New room scene under construction

Cheap souvenier pictures (not made in China)

My first crate model

Second crate model made with a saw
Olive oil, sea salt, Balsamic, Sesame oil, herbs

Made a 2x2' model "mini store" for the Merc this summer. In addition to my hutch and room boxes, the store features 2ml bottles with corks filled with Alaskan wildcrafted balms, lotions, tinctures, and oils prepared by Catherine Fletcher-Gilbert of TJunction. We're also filling some bottles with our own locally picked rose hips, dill weed, parsley, yarrow and savory in olive oil. The Alaskan Red Salmon Spice Racks have dried garlic, onion, dill and seasoning salt.

Mall display for TJunction

Store display for Red Salmon Seasonings

Made a display shelf for individual bottles


sunshine unit said...


we're gonna need some more shelves to keep minis...

Bobby Garner said...

This PhD community builder seems typical of all social busybodies. What does it take to get the title of PhD added to your name? Above average learning capacity and personal drive may head the list. These people don't need to have much explained to them. In my experience it isn't really possible anyway.

They have demonstrated themselves to be team players in the system. They know how to score points and they know who's running the scoreboard.

They are the arbiters of truth, and if they ask for your input, its almost certain that they see you as an outsider, and they need to understand how to defend against the threat you impose.

It's a manifestation of their training, but claiming expertise in community building while expressing concern about its parent, Communitarianism, is also a sign of complete deception and complicity in the conspiracy.

Complicity means only that one is involved. It does not mean that one is full aware of what he is complicit in. In fact he can be expected to deny everything, and rightly so due to the compartmentalized nature of the beast. This is the proof that deception produces ignorance, and that kind of ignorance does not stem from a lack of education. It comes from a narrow perspective of a world view (his specialty) which was carefully nurtured by his parents, his trainers in the public school system and the universities.

I correspond with the head of a feminist organization who espouses much of the rabid New Age philosophy, and claims to be a Christian, yet she denies any affiliation with or sympathy for the New Age movement. In fact she claims to oppose it.

Most New Agers have actually never heard of Alice Bailey, and if introduced, can easily distance themselves from her. This is the essence of plausible deniability, and the denial justifies their continued ignorance. They were taught the Alice Bailey doctrines, but in different words, and in a different context, such that they comprehend no connection, but more importantly, no need to investigate the matter any further.

Ignorance is bliss, and that's why the vast majority see no real overarching problem, but can only perceive as problems, those things (issues) which affect them personally.

Anonymous said...

Bobby: well put. As I wrote earlier...the government school teacher who was facilitating my child and all the others using the values changing material (Philosophy For Children and Jr. Great Books) claimed to be a Christian and now is heavily involved in Walk To Emmaus. She had children lying down imagining a light traveling around their bodies but she would deny being NA.

the tent lady said...

Mary Rizzo over at Palestine Think Tank has asked me to join in on a article forum there to explain communitarianism to the readers, most of whom appear to be anti-war leftists, a group which, in my opinion has what you call "plausible deniability" Bobby. I told Mary how painful it is for people from the right and the left BOTH to accept their own roles as contributors to the communitarian synthesis, and for that reason I don't "promote" the knowledge of the dialectic anymore. I'd bet it's just as hard for a Ph.D. to accept the foundation for their "own" generous and kind spirited program is part of the lie as it was for my dad, Sargeant Major U.S. Army retired, to accept that the U.S. Army has been used to spread violent communitarian values around the world. Hegel's big Idea promotes war as the best way to achieve World Spirit, and the fact that all the left's ideology is so openly based in the Hegelian dialetic is just crazy. My antiwar friends are just as dogmatic in their core war beliefs as the prowar Zionist christian right, and both sides swear they "fight" for peace.

As all my ACL work comes from an emotional response to wickedness, I won't let myself care about the outcome of these "lessons," and maybe that will be my ticket to staying happy and calm in the face of our crumbling system.

The good news for Christians is it's obviously possible to accept the truth about the metaphysics and sorcery while holding onto the truth of Christ's words. But, as we all know here, the comms use their own dictionaries, and it's the most powerful tool they have.

Their question about which pages at the ACL explain the language changes is a legitimate question, and gets me to thinking about how to set-up a tutorial at the ACL now. They didn't ask me write anything new (and that's a first!), just want to be able to find where I already published it.

I can see it's definitely time to update Big Mother's Double-tongued Dictionary. Hey, maybe I should just recommend they buy 2020.. it's in the back as well as online for free. :) I often forget I'm a book seller too.

Bobby Garner said...

The New Age believer I mentioned who claims to be a Christian does not hold onto the truth of Jesus' teachings. Here is one of her ideas of God:

"Differences as a matter of language (word...vibration) are resolute if we can harmonize. We can harmonize the more we get resonant with an essential value. The most common denominator would be the idea of an eternal, boundary less existence. You could call this birthless, deathless eternal continum...GOD."

This is why you needed to write the Big Mother's Double-tongued Dictionary. Differences in words don't matter if you harmonize, "resonant with an essential value... the idea of an eternal, boundary less existence".

If that means anything it completely escapes me.