Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama's call to communitarian service

My interview with George Butler last night was live from College station, Texas, where Obama and Bush are hosting this forum today. He's a lovely man and for some reason his efforts give me hope. But wow, I still find it hard to believe that Americans don't know what Americorps is or where it originated. It's almost mind blowing to know that patriotic Texas and all the Christians down there support such obvious occultism. The Points of Light Foundation came up in my research very early on, and I had no problem finding the background for this idea is a theosophical vision. I included the link at the ACL on our What the Communitarians Stand For page. How insulting to all the good people of Texas who put their faith and trust in Bush Sr. I'm sure it's extremely confusing for them now that Bush/Obama are leading them into their globalist New Age nightmare. Is everyone that blinded by the word "community?"

Do not confuse the "call to service" with authentic charity that comes from your heart. This call is to serve the STATE as if it is our NEW GOD. I refuse to serve the communitarian God because, as a natural born American, I am free to seek my own path to Heaven. Maybe that commandment about putting "no other Gods before me" is worthy of Christian consideration:

Obama and elder Bush team up on call to service

Associated Press Writer

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- President Barack Obama, who has called on Americans to perform more community service, is joining former President George H.W. Bush in urging citizens to volunteer.

Bush on Friday was to host a forum on volunteering at Texas A&M University, to be attended by Obama, who initiated a "United We Serve" call to service in June that culminated in a national day of service on the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The forum is affiliated with the Points of Light Institute, an organization that honors people and groups who participate in community service. Bush created the Daily Point of Light Award in 1989 to honor volunteers. The forum will be held at the A&M campus at College Station, Texas, where Bush's presidential library is located. It was expected to draw students, faculty and Points of Light award winners. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, a former president of the university, was planning to attend as well.

As a candidate, Obama promised to make a call to public service a cornerstone of his presidency.

On the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday this year, on Jan. 19, the day before Obama's inauguration, the president-elect, Hollywood stars and thousands of other Americans volunteered across the country.

In April, Obama signed into law the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, which tripled the size of the AmeriCorps community service program.

And in late June, when Obama kicked off the call to service program, he and his family worked with other volunteers at Fort McNair in Washington and helped load 15,000 backpacks with books, healthy snacks and toys for children with parents in the armed forces.

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Anonymous said...

I clicked on your link to What Communitarians Stand For and found Aristotle mentioned. When our child was in the govt. school brainwashing program aka gifted class one of the primary books used on the kids was HARRY STOTTLEMEIR by Lippman's Philosophy For Children. Her brainwasher/teacher explained to them that this course in philosophy was based on Aristotle's philosophy. What she WAS using was DIAPRAX as explained by Dean Gotcher in his book. DIAPRAX is:
A DIVERSE group of people
The attitudes and values that the author/s of the book/s wanted the kids to adopt are carefully engineered by the characters and issues in the books and the facilitated discussion in the classroom. My child told me her teacher would pit several children against one child using peer pressure to nudge that one into group consensus. My child knew nothing of this brainwash technique. She only observed it in action. That teacher is now retired on a very generous income and is involved in the Walk To Emmaus, an ecumenical movement from Catholics and Methodists. I would call it part of the One World Religion movement. I found a site on the web aimed at home schooling parents and it also promotes these DIAPRAX programs. They've got everybody covered.