Tuesday, October 13, 2009

feds seek to curb American fishing rights?

I'll be on the Secret Truth again tomorrow with George and Charlotte live from the Ramada Inn in College Station, Texas. Live on Location TV

Here's a sad update from Consuelo on how far gone America is and how far under international law we've sunk. Time to Reclaim OUR National Parks, don't ya think? And I haven't forgotten that Green Beret instructor from Fort Richardson who told me there is NO UN controlled land in the USA. Wonder if he ever looked it up. UNESCO is the United Nations, and internationally protected means just that.

Kluane/Wrangell St. Elias/Glacier Bay/Tatshenshini-Alsek

(60.00 N 141.00 W) -- satellite image

UNESCO designated the following parks in the Yukon as a World Heritage Site. It is the largest internationally protected area in the world.

  • Kluane National Park, Yukon, Canada
  • Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Reserve
  • Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, USA (added 1992)
  • Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness Park, British Colombia (added 1994)

The Tatshenshini-Alsek river system contributes 95% of the chinook salmon, 90% of the sockeye salmon and 75% of the coho salmon for the multi-million dollar commercial fishing industry in the Dry Bay area of the Gulf of Alaska. This river system is one of only three major salmon-bearing rivers on the northern Pacific coast, with an important sustenance fishery for the people of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations being found at Klukshu.

Feds to 60 million anglers - We don't need you

I've also agreed to do an interview on The Power Hour on Oct 21st at 6am Alaska time. I realize some of my supporters are very wary of these folks (and I know one for sure who would prefer I kept my distance), but the gal who callled me is very enthusiastic about gertees. I'll go on any shows right now that will put the word out there about our recycled portable tent homes. As the whole housing crisis reaches into every city, town and rural area in America, more people may be interested in finding out how to make themselves a home. I wish the new book were finished.

I'll be back on the Patriot Dames on nov 19 too.

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This doesn't sound good, I read some of the comments for Alaska and people are asking for executive orders for Government protection on water and land
use. I haven't really studied this but it is not good if you enjoy the great outdoors, like fishing ATV etc. and yes it includes the Great Lakes. It looks like Shimano is a bit worried over this also, they are a manufacture
of sporting goods, like fishing supplies. this initiative is for all water surrounding the USA including the Great Lakes.

They had the first meeting here in Anchorage Ak in Aug of all places. This is the first I have heard of this and I saw it posted here
http://www.libertypost.org/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=275340 and then went to this site.

Comment 214 is great!

It appears many more comments are needed.........MANY MORE