Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Christian's view of Communitarianism

This writer links to me in his article "John McCarthur Exposed", that's how I found it. Looks like he's done some solid Christian research that will appeal to the people my new video style doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I ran across that article about John McArthur a few months ago. After reading it I forwarded it to another site of a Christian. Her father has a Christian radio station. She was not in agreement with the author of the expose. I could not understand why. That is always a big mystery to me. Why people I consider sincere don't see evil where I see it. Similar to the Cumbey situation where one would think she could see through things that are obvious to others but she does not.

angry cheese said...

This article contains a fabulous description of Communitarianism, of what it really is, in plain English.
As does the Stop Common Purpose website. Ordinary people will soon get their heads around this - then there really will be trouble!
This is all down to you and your daughter, it's wonderful. You have started an avalanche of info.

REB said...

Whatever connections we can draw between the church growth movement (CGM) and communitariansim, this highlights a spiritual failure within McArthur's church. There are clear connections between CGM/Purpose Driven and communitarianism to be sure, but the breakdown occurs at the point where Christians accept existentialism and Marxism as philosophies that can be reconciled with the Bible. Christians should not play the "What is truth" game.

The Pilgrim said...

Communitarianism means the synthesis of the 3 sectors of society--government, business and social (the church)--Peter Drucker's (the kabbalist) 3 legged stool. This is why the churches are now partnering with governments (faith-based partnerships) and why the Christians in these churches are basically state welfare workers.

Christians in these churches are brainwashed to serve the state rather than God by their participation in small fellowshipping groups which are actually Marxist dialectic brainwashing sessions. The article on John Macarthur's church can also be read here: and

Bob Johnson

The Pilgrim said...


You need to understand the dialectic process and it's component the controlled opposition. People like Cumbey are merely controlled opposition (I believe) and are playing their role in the dialectic process. They are used to identify dissidents. They speak alot of truths but they never really hit the nail on the head. 99% of those who publics oppose the church growth/purpose driven movement are secretly IN FAVOR OF IT! So when the concerned Christian goes to these websites and ministries for help, they will be identified, misinformed, and given the false impression that someone is fighting their fight. The true opposition is duped into thinking the controlled opposition is real. 99% of those who publicly oppose the NWO are for it.

Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe John (Reformedispy) MacArthur is right and the greatest Greek scholars (Google "Famous Rapture Watchers"), who uniformly said that Rev. 3:10 means PRESERVATION THROUGH, were wrong. But John has a conflict. On the one hand, since he knows that all Christian theology and organized churches before 1830 believed the church would be on earth during the tribulation, he would like to be seen as one who stands with the great Reformers. On the other hand, if John has a warehouse of unsold pretrib rapture material, and if he wants to have "security" for his retirement years and hopes that the big California quake won't louse up his plans, he has a decided conflict of interest. Maybe the Lord will have to help strip off the layers of his seared conscience which have grown for years in order to please his parents and his supporters - who knows? One thing is for sure: pretrib is truly a house of cards and is so fragile that if a person removes just one card from the TOP of the pile, the whole thing can collapse. Which is why pretrib teachers don't dare to even suggest they could be wrong on even one little subpoint! Don't you feel sorry for the straitjacket they are in? While you're mulling all this over, Google "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" for a rare behind-the-scenes look at the same 180-year-old fantasy.

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