Monday, October 26, 2009

World press plays down Clinton's speech - or flat ignores it

The NYT, the Boston Globe, the LA Times, CNN, CBS, NBC and ALL political talk show hosts are ignoring what Clinton revealed in Montreal. Why can't Americans be TOLD YET?

Bill Clinton praises Canadian unity, the Globe and Mail: Interesting how the word "communitarianism is mentioned only once in this article, buried in the 10th graph. Compare this to the article in the Suburban News.

Why wasn't this news repeated by the US Press? Shouldn't Americans be told about communitarianism too?

The Star's article follwed the Suburban article: but focuses on the failed Canadian "divorce". Kathleen at Habeas Corpus Canada explains why the failure was necessary in order to establish a communitarian regional government in Canada.

So what's more important, as in what's "hard news" as opposed to "fluff?" I studied journalism at UMass, Amherst under profs who also sat on city desks. I think Professor Howard Ziff would have flunked me for sure if I'd have chosen Bill's opinion of the Canadian referendum over his call for communitarian consciousness. Such an unfamiliar term gives it a higher placement in the story, but hmm. Did Clinton's speechwriters include the "joke" about separation to give the Canadian press something to write about other than his communitarian "call"?

So where's the US Press coverage of this historical speech? Notta. Zip. Zero. As far as the American press, BOTH RIGHT and LEFT, is concerned, this is NOT NEWS. But as we know, most Americans have never even heard of it. What is news in America nowadays anyway?

It was important enough for the to post it (along with a whole bunch of other topics related to communitarianism) They have a link to an article at prison planet where a commentor brings up communitarianism:

So here's Makegood blog about what else was going on at McGill University when Clinton was there telling us about our shared communitarian consciounsess:
"I chaired two sessions titled “Engaging the Next Generation of Volunteers” at the McGill Leadership Summit on Thursday, October 15th in Montreal. McGill is in the midst of a $750 million capital campaign; they recently passed the $500 million mark. The Leadership Summit is a gathering of campaign volunteers from far-flung committee outposts throughout Canada, the US and beyond."
So others attended from the US and beyond (as Buzz Lightyear says, to infinity.. and beyond!). Why didn't ONE of the attendees from the US send a news story or something to an American newspaper about it? Do they all sign non disclosure agreements like that Ophra class at Northwestern or lke what the reporters sign who attend Bilderberg meetings?

Here's Makegood (who apparently likes the idea) quoting a summary of Bill's speech :
"Clinton concluded by cautioning that an unequal world is not a sustainable world and it is not a safe world. He suggested that it is only by addressing these global inequities, and creating a great balance through the world, and spreading hope for a better future, that the challenges of the 21st century will be met. He believes a communitarian consciousness will be build hope in the world."
Now we're "building hope" too. Great. I'm on a budget here. How much does that cost?

Does it matter to the American "anti" LA-21 programme for sustainable development crowd that Bill made the EXACT same connection I made, and Bill said the EXACT same thing I said?

Bill Clinton just told the world that communitarians are building a sustainable world, and nobody in America needs to be told what that means or that he said it at all?

And yes it sounds perfect, beyond religion, beyond mere spirituality. It's so profound only a few special people understand it, and they are the leaders training NOW to show the rest of us sinners the path to communitarian freedom (which only looks like slavery to the unenlightened). How many suckers worldwide are convinced they are more spiritually evolved and now happily consider themselves communitarians, without the first clue communitarians are liars, thieves and murderers? And I'll just bet the faithful will deny it, no matter how much evidence they see that proves the concept of sustainability is a total lie. Once we come to believe in a power greater than ourselves that can heal the world...we just don't let go of that power very easily.

Just stumbled on this long, referenced academic article by Menno R. Kamminga (International Relations and International Organization, University of Groningen) article that argues:
"Sociologist Amitai Etzioni has gained much attention for his communitarian realist theory of foreign politics. Etzioni’s conception of an adequate, principled and pragmatic, foreign politics emphasizes both empirical and moral factors. This article analyses Etzioni’s foreign politics view from a political-ethical perspective. It claims that Etzioni’s view lacks an adequate ethical and policy foundation and thus falls short political-ethically. Etzioni’s communitarian realism fails to offer proper guidance to foreign politics."


Anonymous said...

Still stuck in moderation limbo at Prison Planet, as if banished to purgatory...

Justa Numerican Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

October 20th, 2009 at 9:20 am

It’s about time this site started focusing on that word “communitarian” – if someone on the tube [like one or two of our Congress-critters, for example] were to actually use this word… it would stir up a hornet’s nest. Perhaps this is why our top-tier kosher criminals… and their politically correct media whores… prefer to keep this one “special” word… under wraps – to reveal it [in speech] too often… could actually make the [impoverished] American sheeple start asking… too many [truly pertinent] questions.

America is under serious attack, folks… in many more ways… than one. When otherwise… good-hearted Americans… blithely accept the language labels… our jailers insist we use to describe ourselves… say, like employee, employer, consumer, taxpayer, dutiful member of “the community”, corporate citizen, etc…. only then will we start to realize… the full extent of our brainwashing.

Great comments here… and… congratulations, Prison Planet!
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REB said...

Like Marxism, communitarianism is a philosophy that is rooted in a rejection of rationalism. It is appealing to mystics and Pietists. They don't believe in truth as something that is external. Mystics think that truth is something that comes from within. They fool themselves into believing that reality is an illusion. The key is to get them to see where their notion of truth is in opposition to the external world, and do so without putting them on the defensive. That is not easy!

Boojahadeen said...

In response to anonymous:
Though I frequent Alex Jones for current events.
Expecting prison planet or any other "Conspiracy Inc." site
to post actionable information is wishful at best.
And if this link is accurate your interaction is being data-mined.

REB is correct, you have to "deprogram" them in person, one on one to achieve
any authentic results. Members of group-think still believe they are individuals!
Appear to them as part of there group and slowly lead them astray from the flock.
There are no road to Damascus type conversions from a established world view.
Go slow, This is truly an act of love you are saving lives.

Kolnidre said...

I've tried to post on Communitarianism and the terrorist Zionist Werner Falk on Prison Planet and each time the post got deleted automatically upon refreshing the page.

Alex Jones is a sophisticated gate keeper and ace up the sleeve of the controllers, who can always use him as the face of the "angry right."

the tent lady said...

Thank you all for your comments. I too am convinced that if people knew more about the word and actual theory of the emerging governance they would not be happy. My work has helped many but also in some ways harmed some of them too. It's the rare person who can stand alone and reject groupthink, and those are the ones who have become my best online friends and supporters.

It's a slow process untangling ourselves from the illusions, and it surely helps if someone else is there to hug us when we cry and grieve over our lost innocence. I could never have done so much were it not for my daughter who stood by me when everyone I knew laughed in my face. I've been continually reinspired by all the people I meet trough our work and I just don't think I'd be as well adjusted to my ACL-gertee lifestyle had it not been for the emails and comments from so many different kinds of people.

It's terrible to face the facts about people we want to admire, and it's a shame Alex Jones is not as interested in exposing the real NWO as he is in furthering the divide between right and left. As long as we're fighting each other we'll never fight our true enemy. And the fact that your posts get deleted is a real eyeopener for me.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your strength and convictions reassure me what I've done with my life is worth it.