Thursday, October 15, 2009

We aren't changing our diapers fast enough

The debates over Health Care Reform are all predicated on the idea that Americans need and want more medical services at affordable prices. As someone who absolutely rejects modern medical principles and will never again allow a "trained expert" to touch my body, I've almost stayed away from this piece of the Obama pie. I don't even want so-called voluntary medical service for any reason, what-so-ever. I will never call 911. All I want/need is dental and that's never part of these health care packages. (Even our "great" Fairbanks Pipefitters Union insurance only paid 50% the first year and capped off at 80. ) But, since it's the topic of George's show tonight I figured I'd do a little research before I go on and sound like a complete idiot. It's just getting harder and harder to spend my precious time reading Hegelian arguments.. rather make videos and minis when I take a break from camping chores and building.

Big Mother's plans for us cover every aspect of our lives, and everything happening to Americans right now is directly tied to International Sustainable Development. Our health is a "community" concern, the community extends globally, and the costs involved will be covered by our new sense of shared responsibility. We are all communitarians now, so the very idea that any of Obama's communitarian plans for our future will not pass is practically sacreligious.

Here's a nice blog post at the Heritage Foundation about the difference between what Obama says and what Obama does.. and how little his words mean in our republican form of government. The comments are interesting too, mine seems be stuck in moderation..heh.

What does National Health Care have to do with COPS, Fusion Centers, Volunteer America, the National ID, Neighborhood Visions, quality of life, Sustainable Development, Verichip, the National Animal Identification System, mandatory vaccinations, the EU, the National Park Service, Administrative Law, Faith Based Initiatives, Zionism, the kibbutz, the Rothschilds, the Vatican and the 2010 Census? Ask Amitai Etzioni, he's the everything expert.

Is it "Time to Deliver" the truth yet?

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