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Exposing Community Governance - Glocoalization

Several people I know are tackling the globalization issue at the only level we have any power... which is locally. The Direct Action Network (DAN) leaders during their big Battle of Seattle turned their noses up at my research because it was so local. They protest/fight the big corporate global orgs like the WTO and they insisted that made their efforts somehow more enlightened than mine. If only I knew then what I know now. 10 years later I know that those organized and well trained anti-globalist street protest leaders work FOR the globalist cartel. Notice the anti-WTO protestors NEVER mention the system requirements under WTO agreements are entirely communitarian, nor do the anti-WTO protestors protest the actual LAW practiced by the WTO (Communitarian Law). Every dialectical drama requires at least TWO sides.. 2 primary controlled sides (which is one way of convincing myself I'm not part of a dialectical drama since I have no organized opposition..heh).

Our friend Bobby Garner continues to find really helpful information:
Most of you may eventually find this new post on the Blog, but this is so uncharacteristically bold that I thought you must see it now. This is the sort of thing we are accustomed to reading on "Conspiracy Theory" blogs, but here it is in their very own words. Don't make the mistake of excusing this as being of interest only to corporations in Australia. Communitarian Law is being implemented globally outside of normal government institutions by their partners in private business. i.e. Non Government Organizations (NGO's) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP's). All UN member nations have agreed to promote the UN/Local Agenda 21 Sustainability programs. Many of them are non profits such as religious organizations. As I have pointed out before, we have no need of access to their closed door meetings to know what they are up to, because all the action is in our hometown City Halls, and out on the streets of our cities and neighborhoods. Most of it is published in our local papers under "Community Development" in accordance with your "Community Vision" which does NOT change with the election of new political figureheads because they all received "Leadership Training" teaching them how to "facilitate"any meeting to get the desired consensus, the Third Way/New Age "higher truth".

The pincer movement is not a new strategy and this one has been working since 2003 and we have observed it in action, but we didn't know it was so boldly published on the Internet (at least I didn't). This particular one appears to be an intensified organizational effort designed to work against the common people such as you and me. No one is excluded. Non-compliance IS a viable option but it does not come cheap! What price are you willing to put on your rights as freeborn citizens?

Be sure to read all the way down including "Pathways to sustainability" and "Dunphy’s rage".

BTW, have you noticed Google's logo today?
September 21, 2009 10:29:44
Posted By Bobby

The following block quote presents a rare but real life example of how a pincer movement may be used to effect social change. THIS IS NOT CONSPIRACY THEORY:

External change agents can be mobilised from the ranks of politicians, bureaucrats, investors, business consultants, customers, community activists, intellectuals and "those who speak for future generations".

"All these roles can make a distinctive contribution to moving organisations towards sustainability, in collaboration they can have an irresistible impact," Professor Dunphy said.

"As the sustainability movement advances, there are increasing opportunities to lead by forming alliances between change agents working within an organisation and others outside it. Such alliances create a pincer movement of pressure for change and build momentum for compliance and beyond.

"If we act with integrity, standing with courage for the planet, for a healthy society and for future generations, our leadership will contribute to creating a new organisational reality — the sustaining corporation that contributes to creating a fully sustainable world."
- Contribute to Sustainability

The above is from a review of the book - Organizational Change for Corporate Sustainability - "Professor Dunphy hopes that the book Organizational Change for Corporate Sustainability will add momentum to the sustainability movement and support the work of change agents. 'As the sustainability movement advances, there are increasing opportunities to lead by forming alliances between change agents working within an organisation and others outside it...'"

Notice the characteristic New Age rainbow symbol in the page banner. Run your mouse pointer across the colored dots and check out the range and scope of interest of these self appointed caretakers and managers of every facet of human activity.

Discover why they are so successful by learning their methods, and how you could be one of their unwitting assistants: The Tools of Deception.

Bobby Garner
Use it if you can...
Government Profiling - I've been in contact with the Blairs for several years. The wife, Ronnie, is a lot like me and we've had some great conversations. Her research has taken her down a few different paths than me; she's more into the natural and herbal stuff (like Nordica) and retains some of her New Age beliefs, and we certainly don't agree on everything, but so what. Her husband's William's work, available online at is more like a official government publication and is an enormous contribution to anyone fighting the communitarians at their local community level. His new book includes a section on Collaborative Governance that exposes all their tactics, language and useage. It should prove itself to be extremely valuable to anyone studying the emerging global system but especially to people who choose to attend their local meetings in order to establish a counter presence to the globalist's plans. I sure wish somebody out here in my neighborhood would hire William to do an assessment of the Copper River Watershed Project and their "new" idea for a Regional Council. If we know their MO it's a lot harder for them to shut us down. Be really interesting to see what he has on Common Purpose UK, wouldn't it?

Working like a madwoman insulating my gertees and preparing for winter. Was down to 2 degrees F. the night before last, snowed yesterday morning but melted by noon. I ran out of materials for the 20' so I'll only be able to use it until it gets down to 20 below zero. Cuts down on my online time but I can accomplish a lot offline too.

The feedback on my etzioni slideshow has been positive and I'm planning on making a whole series now.. short little intros to communitarianism for people with little time to study. If I can condense the ACL into simple 3 minute presentations it will be a miracle. I'm thinking of breaking it down into topics like Community Governance, Community Policing, Community Policies, Community Law, Community Volunteerism, Community Development, etc. and rearranging the entire ACL website around these subject headers. And, if any of you are interested in trying your hand at one or 2 or 3 of these topics.... that'd be awesome! I forget to ask for help on my projects and I know there's people who want to do something because they write and ask me "What can we do?" all the time. It's time I make the ACL a collaborative effort.

Hearing lots of hype over the vaccine... so much so that it's beginning to look like a Straw Man now. What else is going on that isn't in the news? I also just read quickly through Michael Chussodovsky's (sp?) article about Fusion Centers at and found it very interesting that he focused only on how the Fusion Centers affect the left and failed to mention the big right wing expose a few months back. Didn't see anything about Obama's Drug Czar Community COP Kerlikowske and the fact that Gil's one of the creators of Fusion Centers and the COMPASS database used to categorize citizen's data. Dead silence on the communitarian reasoning for Fusion Centers too... but it was a really good article, wasn't it?

Doing the radio show today at 4pm AK time, be sure to tune in if you have the time.


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If two partners always think alike, one partner is unnecessary!
Keep up the great work.


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I was only able to catch the replay, Niki, and as usual, you were great! Hope you can reconnect with Susie and do it again soon. She's got the fever to make a real difference and I know your research [and special insights] will help her peel back... the layers of that onion... just a little bit more.:)