Sunday, October 18, 2009

Literature relating to the linkages between adaptation and sustainable development

How does the proposed Climate Change Convention relate to sustainable development? Would the treaty place the United States under international communitarian regulations? Yes, it will.

What is adaptation?
"Adaptation to climate change is vital in order to reduce the impacts of climate change that are happening now and increase resilience to future impacts. The UNFCCC webpages on adaptation highlight the negotiations and action being carried out on adaptation by governments and stakeholders as guided by the Convention (particularly Article 2 and Article 4)."
How do the Kyoto Protocols relate to Capacity Building?

How many countries have adapted?

What role does the US play in the upcoming convention of climate change? Here's the US report on gas emmisions (pretty boring, I know, but it means something):

Is there a Climate Change "Enforcement Branch" of the United Nations?

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