Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's still bear season at Camp Redington

This has certainly been a year for bears around here. We've had several carousing the neighborhoods over the summer. After one griz broke into 5 houses and actually tore huge logs off the back of one a 1/2 mile away, Nordica made me let her brings the dogs back inside gertee. Can't imagine what it'd be like if one of these broke into gertee but it's another good reason to keep up with the slop buckets and dirty dishes. :)

Tim's nephew Ray Jr. got this 800 lb griz last night. It charged them on the trapline, very scary story. Ray Jr. has run the Iditarod 8 times and usually places in the top 20. I think Ray Jr. may become the first Redington to win the race, although I'm guessing his cousin Ryan would disagree with that prediction.

The paws are 8 inches wide

I took video of Tim skinning it; usually leave before that part. Nordica made me change clothes and put them in a plastic bag when I got home. :)

It took 3 men to drag it off the truck

It's an odd feeling being so close to one, even when they're dead.

Tim and Ray Jr. looking for bullets


mudlurk said...

What a huge beast. So, does that mean you've got some bear meat in addition to the moose Niki?

angry cheese said...

This must be the one you recently mentioned? Scary!
If Ray Jn. imagines this bear is behind him when he's in the next Iditarod - he should win!

Anonymous said...

Somebody's got some work to do, my brother's hide must weight at least 100 pounds! Big tanning job. Good rug, I hope he's eaten a lot of berries since eating salmon!

If I was there, I'd eat some of his heart. Bless you, Bro Griz.


the tent lady said...

We aren't eating this bear. I told the guys my sister Kathy makes a great bear stew but they weren't interested. and yeah, the hide stretched out to 9 feet, it was a huge male. It's not the one I mentioned recently though, there's been 19 bears sighted where Tim traps, several by the wheels and another 5 up here.. and that's just the ones we know about. The bear population is growing in proportion to the land grabs. Alaska now boasts 2/3 of all the National Parkland in the US. There's a whole NPR TV show coming up calling NPs a beautiful idea, and their ad claims Alaskans are really only tourists who use the land for recreation and like to look at the bears. Total bs.

And cheese I'll mention your comment in the email when I send Ray Jr's wife the pictures! :)

Pete I'll get the heart from the next one and freeze it for you. He didn't smell like fish at all, I was kind of amazed because I barely smelled him. I too said a little quiet prayer for him when I saw him. Amazing creatures. Ho.

FishTaxi said...

Cornish Black Bear Nik, not brown. The fat is good to render into lard tho. Old homesteaders used to kill a bear just for the fat.