Friday, May 8, 2009

GerTee Prototype gets a new spring wardrobe

Just chillin' at home

20' gertee kitchen and entryway
(have to take all this outside to insulate the floor)

Haven't made many posts lately because I've been down with a spring cold which I made worse by not stopping to rest. First I sprained my butt using the staple gun in awkward positions putting up the roof materials in big gertee, and then I got hit with a flu bug (everyone asks me if it's the Mexican flu). I just had so much to do. Managed to rake all the winter's sawdust around my front area (a la Malemute Saloon, Chilkoot Charlies and other Alaskan bar floors) and cleaned out my entryway and around the yard. It looks like a dump in the old spot but it can wait. Thankfully I have been able to sleep and rest a lot without having to stoke the fire or haul in more wood. Cleaned the stack with my new metal brush from ebay and found it is a good scrubbing tool for my slop /milk can too. Can't put a garden in yet; it's still freezing at night.

Did the show with Devvy yesterday. Thanks to Sean for his encouragement and to Bobby for putting up the link to the show, it's added to the list of radio shows in the right hand colum.

GerTee Protoype's new dressings

Burgandy canvas walls, maroon tulle screens,
20x20' heavy silver tarp roofcover,

pink linen interior wall cover, beige sheer curtains.
first layer of white linen on roof beams

teal and pink interior wall cover, sheer beige curtains,
ivory damask window trim

placing 8' floor boards and seeing how uneven
the layout is! May have to rebuild it again,
and this time do the floor first, heh.

Ready for a sawduster's party!

Curtains made with staples

Lace on top of pink linen for edging

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Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Sorry to hear you have been unwell.

The gertee looks really nice!