Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gertee's new summer window covers

1o yards of waterproof remnents, 25 yards velcro

Pieces cut in half and stapled up under trim.
Velcro will be added to bottom to secure against weather
and also underneath to hold them up in sunshine.

Wyatt fixed the trailer! (It got in a wreck)

Dog trainer in training

Gerteeville in almost summertime

Snow is almost gone from the Chugachs!


Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Which of those two gertees do you live in and what is the other one for?


the tent lady said...

Hi John,

My big gertee is a fully functional space now so I'm living in it all summer. Little gertee is still my experimental prototype, and I just got a load of gravel ordered to put down on the same space gertee was in last summer. So I'll be taking it all apart and rebuilding it again, and this time I'll do the wall covers how I want them. Right now the wall covers are too high for the screened portion. It's too hot to cook with the fire (and heat water) so my plan is to make it real breezy and use it as a summer kitchen that I'll share with our hostel guests. In the fall I'll move big gertee and attach it to little gertee and have my pod housing started! Then I can use it as a workshop and wood/water storage area.

Of course if you came to visit I would put a cot in it for ya! :)

Stop Common Purpose said...

Good luck with your project.

I'd love to visit but don't anticipate being in Alaska in the near future!