Saturday, May 23, 2009

Girly Gertee gets dressed up

It's officially summertime in Alaska!

Building a 12 foot round rock patio by garden.
Snap peas are coming up, almost warm enough
to start planting the rest of my seeds.

Building new 18' rock/gravel foundation with pathway.
Took a load of gravel for partial payment on a webjob,
finding SO many ways to use the bigger rocks!

My second shipment of fabrics arrived yesterday, and I went right to work! The South Carolina dollmaker still has lots of remnants for sale at her ebay store, and she uses all her proceeds to feed the animals she saves at her animal shelter. Some of the materials are SO gorgeous I almost hate to put them up. The new model (which will sit on the new gravel foundation) will be covered in rich greens, rust, peach and browns. It will be fully insulated from the ground up, building this one the right way!

Make yourself a home
Introducing Parasol Gertee
covered in fine fabric remnants

10pm sunlight on northwestern side
This summer model is my new workshop.

Windows before final cuts

Covering the old roofring

6 foot ladder works perfectly in little gertee.
This took about 6 hours to staple it all up.
I think once I got it all figured out it'll take
2 days for the frame and exterior covers
and 3 days for an upgraded interior.


Stop Common Purpose said...

Wow, Niki! I really like the new interior.


Sean said...

...your interview on KAJO was one of the best I've heard... and

I think you are gonna be able to sell your Gertees with no problem!

the tent lady said...

Thanks John! It feels so different I wish I could convey that part of it too. I met another yurtmaker on facebook from England who's offered to teach me to play GO onlne this winter. For all I write about the evil British Empire I sure feel a strong bond and kinship with a lot of Englishmen and women. This is a sure sign to me that our mission statement holds true for us, because we not only stand for economic freedom for all commoners everywhere, we love meeting and sharing ideas with commoners everywhere too.

Sean, I think Scott Jorgensen was the best prepared interviewer I've experienced. He actually pre studied our thesis and summarized it several times and then asked, is that right? He avoided the buzz words and phrases so often used by the "right." He's a reporter for a paper down there and somewhere they must still be teaching writers how to do homework! I'm glad you thik it's the best because I think it was the most intelligent and understandable discussion of what anticommunitarianism means to us. I could have promoted gertee more, he gave me the opportunity right away, and he promised his audience I'd be talking more about 2020 and how to order it. Selling is a big part of radio so he must have assumed I would want to promote my products. I planned to, but it never feels comfortable using ACL air time to sell stuff when it's still WAY more important to me that people understand the ACL's thesis. I'm thinking about making my own videos and tapes now, and maybe this winter we can do some of those interviews you and I talked about before. Chris Katko is preparing to write an article on the ACL for the Idaho Observer and he's a lot like you Sean, young, hip, talented, funny, sharp, witty and very smart. When I talk to you guys I say things in a way I never say them to others, my brain works differently when I'm not trying to think in purely philosophical or logical terms. Nordica was always able to cut through the bs the same way you guys do (remember when she renamed our thesis "WTF is the Hegelian Dialectic?"). Scott is in your age group and he too has worked his way through a lot of the prevailing dialectical crapology; a few times it was like I was talking to you. :)