Sunday, May 10, 2009

Salmon Nation - correction

We're not actually all automatically included in the Salmon Nation like I assumed in yesterday's post, even though the nation extends to wherever Pacific salmon have ever run.

What does it mean to Make the Leap?

It means you join a community of individuals, businesses, and organizations committed to live in a way that strengthens our local and regional economies, sustains our natural abundance, and nurtures our spirits. You also have the option of recieving our flagship publication, Salmon Nation Voices.

Of course, even if you don't want to receive anything from us, you are still welcome to make the leap — just as long as the values of Salmon Nation resonate with you.

What if the values don't resonate with us? What about people like me who refuse to resonate? And, what kind of person refuses to resonate (as in "be received or understood")? Can resonating with the collective be taught to people who refuse to be taught to resonate?

So, the Salmon Nation is "committed to live in a way that strengthens our local and regional economies, sustains our natural abundance, and nurtures our spirits," but nothing clearly shows how my spirit will be nurtured within this collective. Haven't found any references to the Fish God yet, so I'm thinking I may have to become a collaborator and fill the obvious religious leadership the emerging nation lacks. I can see myself making salmon offerings as a high priestess in the Fish Camp Temple, and the new gertee coverings are the colors of salmon, deep reds, pinks and silvers. Maybe I should become a business partner with Ecotrust and make some money off the final solution, like a lot of people would (and do). I have an acting and car sales background, that surely qualifies me to become a highly paid religious figure for the Great Salmon Nation. But really, what a sham time we live in, when any lie is believable.

Under a section called Informational Cartoons, the Salmon Nation website posts a gimmick called the Ask Sally Salmon routine. I think I agree with Sally's first two goals (I know a lot of Alaskans hate farmed salmon and I support local industry) but what really intrigues me is the last goal. I'd sure like a clear cut way to access and harvest the wood on the millions of acres of locked up forest. I already know about the benefits of wood, never heard of certified wood but whatever, we can't seem to get a permit to get to it. no matter what it's called At least this looks like a way to get it. For this practical reason it appears potentially beneficial to become a partner with the Salmon Nation. I do understand I must become bonified if I plan to survive under the new Copper River Basin land use regulations. (Their latest brochure calls our area a "county" in one place, and Alaska does not have counties we have boroughs, a "valley" in others, and also a "country." Very strange brochure that lists everything here except the non-Ahtna people.) Giving in looks better all the time, doesn't it? I mean come on, we all know the people who resist the collective will (of the more enlightened souls among us) will not long survive in the new system. What stops me from throwing in the ACL towel and joining the winning side? It's not like we don't share the same goals, is it? I can follow their guidelines, can't I? What is it that makes this group appear so sinister in my worldview? They have a real nice flag.

Just Ask: sally salmon Is it Wild?
Choose wild salmon; don’t eat farmed. Just ask "Is it wild?" before buying or ordering salmon. Choosing wild is better for you, the fish, our local fishing communities, and the oceans.
Sally Salmon will tell you why on this slideshow tour…

Buy Local!
Buy locally produced food. Supporting local growers is good for Salmon Nation in more ways than one: not only will meals be tastier, but owner-operated farms help preserve the kind of open spaces near which we all like to live.
Join Local Lucy and Traveling Tom in a Tale of Two Tomatoes...

Renewing SN Food Traditions Just Ask: Is it FSC?
Look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood products. Wood is good as a building material, both environmentally and for our rural communities. When we harvest according to FSC guidelines, we can have good lumber and restore our forests, too. Take a forest tour with Sally Salmon to learn more about the benefits of certified wood…
To the tune of "Cherokee Nation": %They made up the whole Salmon Nation.... forced us into a new creation...... took away our lawful tongue.... taught their doublespeak to our young.... dadadundadun.... Saaaalmon people... dundundadundun.... Saaaaalmon certifiiiiied .... dadundundadun, no longer freeeeeee...... collectifiiiiiiiiiiied....... dadundundunda.%

My tracker tells me someone was at yesterday's post from Ecotrust in Calgary. I've also noticed more hits from Cordova and BLM offices, local, Colorado, Fbks and Anchorage. It wouldn't suprise me a bit to learn half my visitors are the communitarians I write about here. I know they have trackers that send them alerts whenever their names are published online. It would be helpful if these visitors would leave comments or rebuttals like the DHS did that one time.

To all government and NGO partners, I will publish anything that disputes us or offers another perspective on the programs and efforts we discuss here, as long as it's not formed as part of an ad hominum attack.


The Angry Cheese. said...

All I can do when reading about this Salmon Nation stuff is think "this all mad, it's nuts."
One trick of the Communitarians seems to be to reduce certain serious issues down to a twee, patronising, childish level. Then one feels an urge to just dismiss it. A clever ploy.

The other method, of course, is to complicate it beyond comprehension - so one feels stupid trying to understand it - and dismisses it!

Very clever!

Basically, there is free food from nature in your area. This must be stopped!!!!

Bobby Garner said...

Does the pressure to join' "take the leap" seem uncanny? Demonic?

"And the sixth angel poured out his bowl onto the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up so that might be prepared the way of the kings from the rising of the sun. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are spirits of demons doing signs, which go forth to the kings of the earth, even of the whole habitable world to assemble them to the war of that day, the great day of God Almighty." - Revelation 16:12-14

This is what its all about. Its time to choose sides. Neither side will tolerate apathy or support for the other. The winner takes all, and there won't be any prisoners.

The "unclean spirits like frogs" took the form of channeled messages from Madam Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme, and all the other New Age Authors who wrote the blueprint for this action. The fulfillment of this prophecy beginning over 150 years ago proves where we are on the calendar of events like a progress chart, and provides clues to the scale of the time frame.

The reference to the river Euphrates, and its water being dried up, alludes to ancient Babylon when Cyrus diverted the water of the Euphrates which protected the city, and his army passed through its empty bed.

The city is unprotected as without walls or fortifications. "The great city, Babylon, has fallen"(Rev 14:8). Thats why we have no apparent defense against their onslaught. Thats also why we should not try to defend the city. "My people, come out of her, that you may not share in her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues..." (Rev. 18:4)

Sean said...

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.