Thursday, May 28, 2009

Official eats seal heart in solidarity with hunt (AP)

Tim skinning a wolf pelt

My vintage Foukes Fur Seal Coat

I'm still getting hits from people searching for fur seal coats. I tried to sell mine on ebay last winter but ebay employees have their own communitarian way of interpreting law. I put it on craigslist but changed my mind and pulled the ad. I'm going to put it on instead.

It sure irritates the EU communitarian lawmakers when any people defy their dictatorial laws banning the harvesting of local natural resources. The global government controls all resources on the planet. Global democracy does not mean locals have a voice in their government. Self government is no longer allowed nor will it be tolerated. Everyone is required to obey the EU trade laws, even if it means hardships and loss of livlihoods. The greater good requires all individuals to sacrifice themselves to global community harmony. The religious fanatics making the new global laws are not interested in what happens to individuals or specific people, only the animals matter now. They do care about everybody, in general, just nobody in particular. And they definitely don't eat meat, let alone raw seal heart. So check it out, the Governor General of Canada who did this is a woman! The very idea of that is "too bizarre to acknowledge."

This came from Consuelo:
Official eats seal heart in solidarity with hunt
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 3:07 AM

RANKIN INLET, Nunavut (AP) -- Canada's governor general ate a slaughtered seal's raw heart in a show of support for the country's seal hunters, a display that a European Union spokeswoman called "too bizarre to acknowledge."

Governor General Michaelle Jean, the representative of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as Canada's head of state, gutted the seal and swallowed a slice of the mammal's organ late Monday. It was a response to an EU vote this month to ban seal products on the basis that seal hunts are cruel.

Asked yesterday whether her actions were a message to Europe, Jean replied: "Take from that what you will."

Hundreds of Inuit at a community festival gathered Monday as Jean knelt above a pair of seal carcasses and used a traditional ulu blade to slice the meat off the skin. She deemed the heart tasty, saying: "It's like sushi. ... And it's very rich in protein."

Jean, whose post is largely ceremonial, defended the hunt as an eons-old hunting practice that is not inhumane.

Barbara Helfferich, a spokeswoman for EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas, said: "No comment; it's too bizarre to acknowledge."

Animal-rights groups argue that Canada's annual seal hunt is cruel and poorly monitored and provides little economic benefit.

Sealers and Canadian authorities say it is sustainable and humane and provides income for isolated communities.

Barbara Slee, a campaigner against seal hunts for the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Belgium, said: "The fact that the governor-general in public is slashing and eating a seal, I don't think that really helps the cause, and I'm convinced that this will not change the mind of European citizens and politicians."

EU governments are to sign the ban into law on June 25 after the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to impose it.

The new EU rule offers narrow exemptions so Inuit communities from Canada, Greenland and elsewhere can continue traditional hunts, but bars them from large-scale trading of their pelts and other seal goods in Europe.

As I'm out in the garden laying rocks and sifting dirt, I keep thinking about the ridiculousness of the emerging supra-national system. I try to imagine saying with a straight face: The only people who can be allowed to hunt or trap are Natives... white people have no traditional rights to anything. All white ancestors were very bad people who only raped and destroyed our precious Mother Earth. As potentially proud members of the Salmon Nation we must forget who we are, what we believe in, and where we came from. We can all be reborn in peace and harmony with the planet when we commit ourselves, freely, to volunteering to rebuild our home towns into globally directed sustainable communities. Give yourself over to the full power of the collective and experience true enlightenment. Open your heart to becoming one with the universe. Take a deep breath and repeat these words slowly, drawing out each consonent as you raise your hands over your head, then curve your arms into a fish mouth and whisper "Dagon...Dagon...Dagon... "

I'm having ancestor memory interference with my yoga fish god concentration exercise. My dad, may he rest in everlasting peace, had a T-shirt he loved to wear when he was working outdoors. He wore these white tennis shoes that he'd cut the toes out of in Vietnam with green cutoff fatique shorts that all seemed to go perfectly with his shirt that said: "Fish smell tastes great!"

The fish god died


Adam (UK) said...

You should try LIVING in the EU.

The world should ask where is the democratic legitimacy for the European Union?

There is an EU parliament but it can't introduce laws (that's done in back rooms), it can only amend bills. The horse trading and pork barreling in Brussels would make your Washington politicians look like rank amateurs.

In the UK the only vote there’s ever been concerning the European Union was a referendum in 1975 to join a "friendly trading community" called the European Economic Community (EEC) - not unlike NAFTA - and Brits were told that there would be "no loss of sovereignty". What a lie that was! A British person has to be over 50 years old to have voted in that referendum and the country has had no further referenda for any of the subsequent treaties; the reason is that the politicians know the people would say “No”. Just before the last national UK election the ruling Labour Party (under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown) made a formal ‘manifesto’ promise to the British people that a referendum would be held, but this never happened and Prime Minister Gordon Brown ratified the Lisbon Treaty in private.

Eventually the EU decided to try another power grab and introduce the big one – an ‘EU constitution’. As the democratic deficit had become so embarrassing, amazingly, ‘they’ attempted to run referenda across the EU to get permission from the people. The first two countries to hold referenda were the two most pro-EU (France and the Netherlands) and the constitution was soundly rejected by the people in both countries; and all other referenda across the EU were then canceled.

But ‘they’ never give up (you should ALWAYS remember this). The EU constitution was replaced with the Lisbon Treaty (99% the same as the EU constitution) and this time there was to be no referenda in any EU country; thereby ensuring that the people could not reject the power grab. Alas for them, Ireland has a constitutional requirement for a referendum; so the Lisbon Treaty had to be put to the public and enormous pressure was applied. The Irish rejected the Lisbon Treaty. But, as I said, ‘they’ never give up. The Irish will vote again in another referendum in October this year. Constantly voting on the same issue until you get the right answer is a common EU tactic. The Irish economy is now wrecked and the Irish people will now have to say “Yes” or they will be ruined; the revenge they would endure doesn't bare thinking about.

It is worth noting that the Lisbon Treaty raises the EU’s constitutional laws above national laws. The treaty also allows the EU to increase its own power without the need for further awkward formal constitutional treaties; that's why it's 'The Big One'.

Don’t assume that America won’t end up in some sort of similar Union – I suspect it’s very likely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course the USA will end of the same. Our political class/parasites do the very same thing. We vote NO on lots of things, especially school taxes, and they just put them on again until they get enough suckers voting YES to pass higher taxes. Par for the course. Just today in the local paper: The parasites tried to get the people to tax themselves to build a sports arena but they said NO. So it was built privately but now the owners want to sell it to the government and the parasites plan to raise the taxes on liquor to get the taxes to pay for buying it. They have unlimited ways to screw us over.

the tent lady said...

My research on the EU shows that communitarian supremacy of law clause was quietly inserted into the first free trade/steel negotiations by Schumann and Monnet in the 50s; these men are known as the fathers of the EU.

The French and Dutch voters were reported to have rejected the treaty based specifically on the supremacy of communitarian law clause. Sovereignty, individual or national, has been discounted as an old, outdated idea. Only barbarians and the unenlightened cling to the *idea* of home rule.

This UN-EU-world trade government was never a movement that arose from the people anywhere in the world; it has no legitimate place in any national society based in the principles for self governance. Our republic was established ONLY to protect its citizens from global imperialist free traders. Many other nations in the world (including the so called democracies) are also former colonies whose working people declared INDEPENDENCE from imperial control over home markets. The bottom line was always who controls production of goods as well as the trade routes. For me this simplifies the whole concept of the American System and placing high tariffs on necessary commodities which encourages LOCAL production of necessary goods. The Thirty Year Tariff War was a *key* to our understanding the global trade conflicts leading up to the American Civil War, and high import tariffs are being discussed around the world again (thanks in part to Sun Yat Sen). To a globalist free trader this sort of renewed nationalism is a plague.

All EU joining member nations are required to modify their national systems to accomodate communitarian values. Since nobody is entirely certain what those new values are, many new EU countries have openly established new communitarian departments that assist with their supra national transition to regional governance.

The US still funds the global takeover, so yes, many new ways will be introduced that will increase the burden on US taxpayers. Bill would make Portland a testing zone for 'congestion pricing'. Pretty soon Americans will just start "volunteering" to rebuild community for no pay at all. :)