Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Radio Talk Show KAJO 9:30 am PST

Mount Blackburn (16, 390') behind Gerteeville,
an unintentional community for anticommunitarians

Preparing for the interview tommorow morning and looked up Grants Pass, sustainable development, community policing and fusion centers. Ended up at this amazing site called Creating Community. It's a very long list of intentional communities in the US. I scanned through it and read the titles of them, seems to represent a variety of "values" from Christian to Green.

Creating Community has a lot of links to building alternative housing, and it's so ironic but I'm really interested in those. :) I think cob houses and Earthships are great! I love the idea of becoming self-sufficient and building our own abodes. I hate the idea of being stuck with a group of brainwashed eco fanatics who would expect me to share their Hegelian values, participate in group "spiritual" events and perform on demand. I don't know that I'd be as unhappy in a Christian Community, because I do share many of their genuine values, but after twenty years of working in public venues and living in shared housing in Seattle for five years, I'm pretty much done with the whole in your face social scene. It does appear that gertee fits in well with this whole earthfriendly scam, except my anti-philosophy doesn't. So I've decided to use my gertee book to explain my personal philosophy of life, to address the communitarian scam from a different place inside me, the place that motivated me to expose them in the first place. I think I've written enough on their specific programs, plans and laws. It sure feels like I have.

The only link I took so far was to a lesbian community in Grants Pass that led me to this:

Growing Community! .... This is the theme for the 1st Annual Conference of the Cohousing Association of the United States. While we've hosted conferences in the past, we have graduated to an annual conference to accommodate the increased interest in the growing cohousing movement. This conference is THE venue for those who already live in cohousing, who are currently seeking a community, and professionals serving cohousing communities to learn new ways to "grow community." National Cohousing Conferences are also the ideal place for newcomers to learn about cohousing - whether you are exploring the idea of living in community or a public official trying to understand how to encourage community oriented development.
"Grow community?" Like HUD's Weed&Seed program, people are either bad weeds that need to be pulled and tossed, out or good seeds that need to be covered with compost. How did American "public officials" (presumably on the public payroll) gain the authority to "encourage community oriented development?" What exactly does community oriented development mean?

I'll be up all night reading through City of Grants Pass Comprehensive Community Development Plan. I'll be on Grants Pass KALO radio show this morning at 8:30 am Alaska Time:

I've been over Grants Pass several times but not sure if that's the city too. It was usually foggy since it was usually winter, and one time I stopped at the rest area somewhere up there in the middle of the night in a snowstorm and my dog jumped out of the car. I jumped out to chase her and locked the keys inside. I ended up using my bike lock, a rubber covered metal chain to break in the drivers window. I had a 1976 Ford Gran Torino (what a great car) and it took me hours. I remember it still as being one of those times when I wondered later why I hadn't felt any real fear or concern for my "safety" in that situation. And huh, is that the town I spent the night in the bus station waiting to cross the eastern pass over to Klammath Falls in Nov 1975? Did it used to be a logging town? I should go look at an Oregon map. I don't kn0w much about Oregon firsthand except that it was always a good place to fill up when I was heading north to Washington or Alaska or south to California, Nevada or Arizona on I-5. They had a law against pumping gas yourself. I miss the old days when gas station attendants did it all for me, and so cheerfully. Do they still have that law?

I have read quite a bit about the Portland area since it is a "model" sustainbabe city and I went through Ashland's proposed Charter revisons on the Jeff Rense show. So far Grants Pass looks like they haven't adopted many of LA21 goals, they have no identifiable connection with the international ICLEI community, but they do have community policing, a Volunteer Corps, Neighborhood Watch and a citizen's police training academy. Their website seems to be laid out well with direct access to everything they're doing. Their development codes appear, at first glance, to be more American than communitarian. Just the fact that they post their Quasi-Judicial Hearing Rules makes them a better place than Seattle, whose officials who hid everything and then refused to provide us with any documentation regarding their "quasi-judicial hearings." It's a pdf so I may not try to read it, but as far as I know it's an agency term and may be part of the Administrative Procedures Code, which is communitarian and used by every American agency.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki,

Oregon is still saving Mother Earth by making you wait to have someone else pump your gas. Grants seems to have a complex Building, etc Code, but they don't seem to call it the International Code. Don't have time to read it to see. KAJO seems to interview News With Views people, including Chuck Baldwin, Dave Daubenmire and Darren Weeks. Darren was on April 22.


The streaming mp3 listening option is .

The archives page is .

I'll be listening!


Bobby Garner said...

Niki, have you considered that you may be a Cultural Creative and not even know it? As of 2000 there were an estimated 50 million adults in the United States "who have the worldview, values and lifestyle of the Cultural Creatives".

A Cultural Creative can be anyone who has "... new ideas, solutions, social inventions that you and your friends are developing; or that you're thinking about; or that you have seen and been inspired by in your neighborhood or workplace."

Are you a Cultural Creative?I discovered Cultural Creatives while Googling "Philosophy For Children". The Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children began operations in the mid 1970's at Montclair State University. Teachers have been replaced by expert facilitators. "The classroom community of inquiry whereby children are encouraged to listen to and talk with their peers is the central feature of the Philosophy for Children program. This is not just another discussion format. Teachers are trained to become expert facilitators of substantive philosophical discussion about matters of concern to children."

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bobby! Philosophy For Children. Do I know about that! When our daughter was about to go into fourth grade in her affluent central Ohio government school we were asked if she could be in their "gifted" class. They deceitfully implied it was academic enrichment. I did ask if it involved Values Clarification. They lied to me and told me it did not. The PACE class begins in fourth grade and goes through eighth grade. For five years we never understood what it was about. The books didn't come home. Except one time when one of the Jr. Great Books came home. I read it. I was disturbed by one of the stories. I asked her teacher about it and could tell I had made her uncomfortable. The class made use of Jr. Great Books and also Lippman's Philosophy For Children. When she was nearly out of school someone dropped the truth into my hand. I then asked to see the books used by the kids. I was outraged. I then asked to see the teacher manuals. They refused. I fought them for several months. Finally they let me come to school to view them. Horrible. That was when my many-years-long study began. Her horrid facilitator/teacher retired on her big retirement and now facilitates "Christians" in the Emmaus Walk movement, another group dialogue/consensus scam. I'd like to write in more detail but I should not so I'll close now. I'd love to fill you in some time.

the tent lady said...

Thanks Pete, I shoud have guessed anything having to do with gas is part of the plan! KAJO's website link to the show I did this morning goes to yesterday's show with somebody else.

Bobby, This is hardcore, I wonder if they teach Hegel for Kids.

I've never heard of a Cultural Creative, but like AA, our spiritual NWO founders keep discovering new addictions we didn't even know we had. I estimate there are about 210 million adults in the US who have the values set forth in the D of I, and the other 50 million have the values of whatever credo they're told is more enlightened than the founding American documents.

At least I'm sure nobody can ever confuse me with "expert facilitators of substantive philosophical discussion," heh.

Bobby Garner said...

"Hegel for Kids"? I just received an email from a lady who tells me "Our daughter was in a gifted class at her government brain laundry years back. It was used to train her in Diaprax and to indoctrinate her. The teachers used Philosophy For Children..."

Diaprax is a term coined by Dean Gotcher to describe the dialectic process. In his book DIALECTIC AND PRAXIS: DIAPRAX AND THE END OF THE AGES, he says: "There is a major move to change the way Americans think. Some call it "the reculturing of America," others call it "reinventing government," and still others refer to it as "being competitive in a global economy." This scheme that socio-psychologists have designed for American education, business, and politics consists of the three phases: 1) "social-class" consciousness; 2) sustainable "social mobility;" and 3) perpetual "equality of opportunity." The reason behind the quest of these socio-psychologists is simply the resentment of having anyone in authority tell them what they must do. It is rebellion against authority. It is rebellion against God—Intellectualized."

The 50 million adult Cultural Creatives were once children who were indoctrinated with this garbage.

Sean said...

I called KAJO and let them know the archive was not updated properly i.e. NO NIKI! :(

...they took my phone number and said they'd call when it was corrected or when they knew more.

My GOSH... cultural creatives, philosophy for children... Can go back in time now, and chose not to read/learn all this crap? I can go back to my mullet haircut, my hip-hop dancing and overly baggy pants.

Hmmmm on second thought... I better stick with reality.

Anonymous said...

Another episode at the central Ohio government school experienced by our daughter: Jr. High. She missed a day at school and when she went back she was given a video tape of what had happened in her class the day she was absent. She was told to take it home and watch it. I put it in the video player and sat in shock watching it. A woman was sitting in front of the class and facilitating a discussion with the children in which they were talking about their home situation. One girl was telling about her parents, their divorce, their arguments, etc. I knew these kids as my child's classmates and here we were learning private personal information about them via this tape. I went into the school to ask the principal why this had been done. He told me children have many problems nowadays and this woman had been brought into the school to help them with their concerns. He said it was not an invasion of privacy. This is the same man who excused their bringing in Planned Parenthood people to talk to the kids even though some parents consider abortion to be murder. This was twenty years ago.

Sean said...

The Archive is correct for the show now... I just started listening. ;)

Katko said...

I am trying to join up with a lesbian intentional community.
As a 6 foot 1, 210 lb. cigarette smoking, beer drinking red meat eating male, i figured i would claim minority status and threaten to sue them if they won't let me set up my Gert made of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans.
do you have any links?