Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Edward Kennedy's Serve America Act signed by Obama

Here's the perfect example of a Communitarian Program
that continues to grow regardless of who's president.

Some highlights from the Act:
Enables millions of working Americans to serve by establishing a nationwide Call to Service Campaign and a September 11 national day of service, and investing in the nonprofit sector’s capacity to recruit and manage volunteers.
Creates a Social Innovation Fund to expand proven initiatives and provide seed funding for experimental initiatives, leveraging Federal dollars to identify and grow ideas that are addressing our most intractable community problems. (boldface added)

Not that I'd want to feed the fires of dissent, but didn't DHS recently identify Americans as our most intractable community problem? They're going to use 9/11 to trick or shame us into participating in a National Service Day. Now what kind of person will refuse to help on that
particular day? Imagine the insults applicable to such blatant selfishness, why it's practically criminal irresponsibility to refuse to serve our great nation and honor our lost dead. We need everyone to pull together, become greater than self and serve America. Everyone, no matter how old can find something to do, and every day the government is getting more organized in ways to help everyone find something to do. No one should be allowed to lazily shirk their share of the nation's burden. Our guru Etzioni says our unfettered Rights must be balanced with responsibilities if we want to grow into a moral society, and service work is a requirement of communitarian citizenship. Obama said no hands will remain idle, and he meant it.


Anonymous said...

Or we can turn it on its head and out 911 for the Govt.'s inside job that it was...

Sean said...

Was 9/11 simply a government job? Or was it a symbolic action planned by an internationalist cabal?

Getting people to hate, blame and destroy their own governments is the formula that 'revolutionaries' have used for centuries to accomplish their false uptopian dreams. Please don't come here and ask us to participate in that.

Regardless if you feel "awake" and ready to "inform" everyone about 9/11... 99% of the population will still be guilted into getting up and doing what the government asks of them on any "sept. 11 service day".

Should we inform people about the facts surrounding 9/11? Sure. Will they accept truth when it is served up to them? Rarely.

Bobby Garner's lead me to Doug Buchanan's "Intellectual Technology" website, and my thinking on how to 'convince' people of anything has changed completely ever since.

Should we ever convince anyone of anything? ...the answer is no. They have to do their own homework. Otherwise they'll never pass the final exam.

Don't take my word for it. Go read about truth.

The Angry Cheese. said...

Veeeery intereeeesting!
OMG! This is straight out of the Soviet Union, it sounds like a Subotnik Day! If you google Subotnik it will be described by some as a holiday and has its roots in a spring cleaning day but that does not quite cover it.
In the USSR there were several Subotnik days in a year, on these days people were expected to work for nothing for the good of The Community. No workers were paid on Subotnik Days, this money went to the State to be spent on "good works" locally like new school books, hospitals, etc. The elderly or housewives not at work would be expected to clean up neighbourhood litter, mend a communal fence or paint it, trim shrubbery or something communal - not just in their own garden.
Stirring classical music would belt out all day from loudspeakers all over Soviet towns and villages, and they would all be out there with their brooms sweeping away the snow etc.
A nice idea, a nice thing to do, but it is actually making me feel rather uncomfortable remembering it.

the tent lady said...

Saying 9/11 was an inside govt job is like saying the Illuminatti are behind the emerging global system. It leaves out the most important factor, which is, in my narrow ACL opinion, the fact that our govt has been infiltrated by persons whose sole purpose is to change our system of law. In order to change our law they must also change our feelings about our law. New laws must be made to appear necessary and prudent. New laws that outright violate the old law must be passed when the country is in extreme distress. U.S. law is the biggest barrier to global govt, and the global elites are behind 9/11 and every other false flag attack that brings us closer to a complete communitarian holistic-eco-govt-system.

Cheese, that's very creepy because I have always been really into the whole Clean up the streets days. My dad made us clean every place we ever lived, and I'm still doing it! It's a big part of the plan in the cities, my neighborhood group tried to get me to join the committee choosing "art." They tried to appeal to that part of me and asked "Don't you want to live in a nice clean place?" I replied, "Don't you want to stay free?" Did you live in the USSR? Your description is so complete I'd like to use it in an ACL article.