Thursday, June 4, 2009

1st Alaskan Miniwerks Display opening at the Merc June 10

Alaskan Miniwerks Display
featuring art by me,
with creations on the way from
Sharon Rose, Patty Barr, &
Catherine Fletcher-Gilbert

Filling 2ml glass jars with dried cilantro,
dillweed and savory, soaked in extra virgin olive oil.

Filled 4 2ml jars with wild Iris seeds.

Playing with Sharon's spices

built the step platform from barnwood siding
and the rest of the exotic hardwoods

Fresh Alaskan wildflower bouquet

Top of the display, not for sale

Alaskan Wildflower mini bouquets

Making several versions of
mini bumperstickers
Alaskan magazine covers

Will also have:
2ml bottles of Alaskan fresh "bottled" water


a mini scented oils section starting with
Alaskan wild rosehips soaked in olive oil and water

My Alaskan dude is sneaking out the back
with his fishing gear

My centerpiece

Alaskan Wildflowers in a rusty bucket
Got them all in water, will see how long they last.
May sell fresh wildflower bouquets daily.

%"Who will buy my sweet red roses,
two blooms for a penny?"%

The display when I stopped tonight
All we need now is a logo, lables and pricing.


Anonymous said...

You are so creative.

Sean said...

Tell me what text and style you want and I'll whip you up a LOGO in photoshop. I've been obsessing with tutorials as of late....

and as for pricing. Well I can't help there. I'd either price it to high so you'd profit big, or I'd price it all low, and buy it for my wife!!

the tent lady said...

Thanks Anonymous!

Okay, had to put the minis on hold while I'm rebuilding little gertee but yes Sean, I'd love for you to make me a logo and I'd be happy to make a mini scene for her! I made a lable for my Alaskan Bottled Water with a picture of Mt Blackburn, and an Alaskan Miniwerks lable that's just plain yellow letters on a green background.