Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why surviving in a Gertee works for me

I'm working on a new article and video of my life in a Gertee. My Gertees are going to be included in a nice English author's book on sheds, coming out this June. That honor, and the growing searches for "are yurts warm?" are part of the big push to get my Gertee Traveler business off the ground right now. I've been sitting on these PVC units for almost a year. Other people are telling my story, and I'd be a fool to not tell my own side too.

These are some of the new pictures that will be in it. I'm doing a blow by blow account of all my daily chores, describing items I use and how I've modified my entire environment to suit my own needs. I think I really understand now why the Mongolians call it a "different universe" inside. I also got a copy of the History Channel's show on The Great Khan and of the Terror he inflicted on all of Asia, the Middle East and into Europe. There are always teepees depicted in ancient Mongolian movies. Why did I ever assume only the American Plains Indians used teepees? :)

And, you know who I think the experts are on building ancient style dwellings? The set makers in movie land! I see gertees in so many historical movies it's amazing. In the History Channel version there's a big yurt on a platform being hauled by 20 oxen! And lots of teepees....

Right now I'd like to say there are 3 things I FOR SURE would hate to get caught without a stash of if the market/dollar/world collapsed. 1. plastic garbage bags, 2. baby wipes, and 3. candles.

Home Sweet Home

Using the glitter paints I got from Rebecca for Christmas!

Covering everything with fabrics!

New dining area has polyester, wool, lace and vinyl walls

View out my front door window

Put a 10' Gertee Back Yard Traveler with an all PVC roof ring up on ebay today:

RE: 2020/TACM book orders: The revisions are really almost finished. I'm so sorry I felt I had to revise the entire first chapter. I held up the whole process. Now Nordica is reorganizing it all. I should see final copy by the end of this week and promise to make only minor edits, no matter how much I want to add or change. It's very difficult to publish a current events book and revise it 5 years later... too many new developments since 2006. Again, and yes this is practically our mantra now... but I sincerely thank you all for your patience.

Spring is in the air!


Anonymous said...

Niki! I think you should call it "Gertee Palace". It is beautiful. Bravo, sister.

Niki Raapana said...

Well sister, you know that ever since you suggested I make my gertees like my minis they've gotten way cuter. The real fun has been using the fabrics on the ceilings, walls, floors and furniture. Remember that antique store on Phinney Ridge with all the colorful cupboards and dressers (where we bought Friedrich der Grosse)? I think they look a lot like what few pics I've seen of inside Mongolian gers. The trick to living without windows is bright, festive interiors. P.S. I got my phone back, call me! hugs

Angry Cheese said...

Wonderful! So cosy and homely, and the view from your door is incredible!

Sarah~ said...

Warmth =D, you sound really amazing, would like to talk some time!