Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meme theory/memetics/Sociobiology, from Lark in Texas

This looks like something that ties into ACL research. Just uploading it, haven't read any of it yet.
Alan, thanks for your reminder about academia's fascination... with study of bioethics. Memetics study and meme theoreticians seem preoccupied strictly with influence and persuasion strategies... and so... they also weave in studies of NLP... political science... salesmanship... marketing... game theory... and war. In the end... it all falls under the rubric of... utilitarianism... since [for them]... always... "the end justifies the means."

~Lark in Texas

The Art of Memetics

Religions of Fear and Hate - Meme Theory and Memetics

Memetics Resources at Lucifer.com

PHISHNA: The World is Under a Godspell - The Gospel is Actually a Jewish Written Spell

Sociobiology: The New Science of Epigenetics Study and Social Engineering

[Note: The new science of bioethics is closely related.]

Weaponized: Episode I - Love


Angry Cheese said...

Fascinating! Yours is THE MOST INTERESTING blog in the world. Thank you Niki, I learn so much from the weird links you uncover through your research and that your readers send you, do you think the world is going mad though?

Nord said...

I always knew we were under an enchantment.

Niki Raapana said...

Well I just read through one of the links and it was hard core stuff. I'm glad I posted it before I read any of it, because I might not have. But yes, I am glad to know what a meme is now.

Honestly I think the world I live in has been losing it's grip since before I arrived. To be born unknowingly into a big lie is one thing, but to hold onto the lie even after you know it's a lie.. well.. what else can you call that but madness?

Niki Raapana said...

and yes you did Nord.. you always said that, and I always said, "that's not something I can use." No wonder all my research was so boring. I left out the best parts. :)

Angry Cheese said...

I'm trying to understand this MEME business. Not surprised to find Richard Dawkins at the heart of it.

Niki Raapana said...

I just learned it's a familiar term to people who major in sociology. I'm literally buried in 3 feet of fresh snow so I haven't read any more of the links past the first one. I should probably make a disclaimer here and say I do not agree with the Shaman's assessment of the role Christianity plays. I am assuming Lark included it because of the way the term meme is used in it.

I resent being told by anyone, Abe Foxman or anybody else taking the "high road", that my opposition to political Zionism is really opposition to the Jewish people or their faith. My opposition is based on U.S. supremacy of law and has nothing to do with race. The introduction of Talmudic Law into the U.S. Justice system is the violation, not the Talmud itself.

That said, meme is still a very interesting aspect to the whole question I ask... which is why nobody seems to care what the name of the new global system is.

Richard Dawkins is who? See how uneducated I really am? :)