Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alaska's nothing more than a giant WAR GAMES playfield

This is not a drill.
Please go directly to your assigned community center.

I finally made it up to the Merc in spite of another foot of snow, and found this flier on the counter. It's the first I've heard of it:

Looks like they're claiming the entire north Wrangell St. Elias Park (#4). I'm going to look into this a lot further. My neighbors have told me since my arrival in the Basin five years ago that the U.S. military has "secret" plans to develop their hidden compounds in the Wrangells. I was told by more than one local about all the military transports flying through Kenny Lake the year before I got here. When I lived back on the bluff, I often heard big airplanes and helicopters flying low above the Copper River. Word is it happens on the Tonsina River too.

Then... there's that bit I found 4 years ago about Fish & Game wanting a checkpoint at five mile Edgerton outside Chitina. Alaska State denied their request based on lack of available funds.

Tim said he hopes this comes here because when one of their planes crash he can go get parts off it, and "they pay good" for rescue operations! His family worked for the U.S. Army back in the fifties recovering their plane wreckage using dog teams to get back into the wilderness.

What I find fascinating at first glance is how perfectly these proposed military regions go with the maps I've been studying of 1979 Native Land Act/Ahtna lands and the all knowing and far seeing WISE one's Copper River Watershed Project and Copper River Country Mapping Project.

We're also located at the top of Y2Y, and, as most people know, HAARP is just up the road too. I'm reading Tesla by Margaret Cheney right now, learning a lot more than I thought I would. It's got me thinking about how much electricity makes my life more comfortable.

The U.S. military has a long and honorable history in Alaska. They have every right to use the roads they built and they have a sworn duty to protect the population from invaders. Do they have the right to play war games in people's backyards or become the invaders themselves? No. And this would not be the first time they made the mistake of destroying the landscape.

There are MANY in the U.S. government who view Alaska as a frozen wasteland.

In 1963 the Atomic Energy boys made plans to NUKE a harbor in Point Hope, Alaska. It was the AIM organized Native Inupiat population who, for the first time in history, aligned with the Athabaskan Indians, who together STOPPED the PEACEFUL NUKING OF ALASKA.

These are Ahtna lands the big joints want to play loaded paintball on... the same lands I can't even walk across... what do the tribal leaders have to say about it?

Wish I still had a copy of The Firecracker Boys. Here's the proposed map:

Now I wonder if this isn't why Kenny Lake was being removed from all government maps. Does this have anything to do with what happened to Mt. Tillman????? heh, how creepy does it get?

Added 10:30 pm:

One of the reasons they give for choosing our area is because of the electromagnetic fields here.

Will the "training" be limited to U.S. soldiers only? As the old Sarge used to say, "Not only No but Hell No!" We've shared "joint" DoD training with the Israeli Defense Forces since 1984.
Successful Joint US-Israel Exercise in Shared Active Defense Battle Lab,
Posted on Thursday 10th February 2011 | Defence

Elisra has announced the success of a joint US-Israeli exercise which was carried out recently in its Active Defense Battle Lab, jointly shared by the Israeli Air Force (IAF), the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) and the US Department of Defense (DOD).

The Active Defense Battle Lab is developed and maintained by Elisra's Tadiran Electronics Systems Division since its inception in the early 90's. An end-to-end simulator of Theater Missile Defense, the Lab simulates attacks against defended assets, and the operation of defense systems against those attacks.

The computerized exercise was wide in scope, including operational forces and combat fighters and simulated a ballistic missile attack on Israel and the use of Israeli and US Missile Defense Systems.

Gov Sarah Palin, before she resigned to become a star, sent the Alaska National Guard for joint training with the Mongolian communist military homeland police. they called it Khaan Quest!
"Khaan Quest is designed to focus on developing participating military forces' ability to contribute to U.N. peacekeeping operations, particularly multinational efforts involving peacekeeping challenges like insurgency, terrorism, crime and ethnic conflict. The exercise aims to cultivate the readiness, interoperability and interpersonal relationships that translate into success in such contexts. " Alaska Guard trains with Mongolian armed forces By Pfc. Karina Paraoan, Alaska Army National Guard
Would Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range be the model training center for our modern camp?


Joint Statement by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on Enhancing Coordination to Secure America's Cyber Networks,Release Date: October 13, 2010, For Immediate Release, Office of the Press Secretary, Contact: 202-282-8010
Memorandum of Agreement Between The Department of Homeland Security and The Department of Defense Regarding Cybersecurity (PDF, 5 pages - 2.5 MB)

“Reflecting President Obama’s strong commitment to building an administration-wide approach to combating threats to our cyber networks and infrastructure, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have signed a memorandum of agreement that will align and enhance America’s capabilities to protect against threats to our critical civilian and military computer systems and networks."

Isn't it altogether too convenient that this training issue is to be determined via the EIS process... stakeholders who may have concerns or input may post "comments" during a brief time when most people have no idea it's happening. Then the planners get to determine their own further actions based on what the EIS scoping period determined for them. If enough stakeholders come out in strong opposition, they claim they will abandon the plans. Has anyone ever seen this happen?

The bummer is the process for objections is pre-established and in their favor. In some ways all the scoping does is let the planners know who their local opposition is prior to moving into an area.
Department of Defense Homeland Security Joint Operating Concept

Date: February 2004
Author: Strategy Division, US Northern Command
Institution: USNORTHCOM
Bibliographic Entry: Strategy Division. Department of Defense Homeland Security Joint Operating Concept. Peterson AFB, CO, USNORTHCOM, February 2004.

Electronic Link:

Key Words: DoD; Defense; Homeland Security; Joint Operating Concept; Capabilities; Detect; Deter; Prevent; Defeat

Summary of Key Issues, Points, Conclusions:
The central idea of this concept is to provide defense using integrated operational and tactical offensive and defensive measures to defeat external threats and aggression as far from the Homeland as possible. This will occur in three regions:
• Forward Regions – Forward Regions are foreign land areas, sovereign airspace, and sovereign waters outside the Homeland. DOD’s objective in these regions is to detect, deter, prevent, and defeat threats and aggression aimed at the US before they can directly threaten the Homeland. This objective can be achieved independently, through preemptive attack (if actionable intelligence is available), or in conjunction with major combat operations, stability operations, and/or strategic deterrence.
• Approaches – The Approaches is a conceptual region extending from the limits of the Homeland to the boundaries of the Forward Regions that is based on intelligence – once intelligence has indicated a threat is en route to the Homeland, it is considered to be in the Approaches. DOD’s objective in this region is to detect, deter, prevent, and defeat transiting threats as far from the Homeland as possible. This objective is achieved through surveillance and reconnaissance, missile defense, air defense, land defense, and maritime interception.
• Homeland – The Homeland is a physical region that includes the 50 states, US territories and possessions in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, and the immediate surrounding sovereign waters and airspace. DOD’s objective in this region is to detect, deter, prevent, and defeat aggression and defend against external threats. This objective is achieved through air and space defense, land defense, maritime defense, and cyber defense. In addition, to achieve CS and EP objectives, DOD must also prepare for and be able to mitigate the effects of catastrophic emergencies and be prepared to support civilian agencies against internal threats or national emergencies if directed by the President.
Necessary Capabilities and Attributes
• Detect, prevent, (including through deterrence and preemptive attack) and defeat potential threats to the Homeland as they arise in the Forward Regions
• Detect, deter, prevent, and defeat ballistic missile threats/airborne threats/hostile space systems/maritime threats/land threats/physical and cyber threats to DOD assets
• Collaborate with federal agencies; conduct/facilitate vulnerability assessments; and encourage risk management strategies to protect against and mitigate the effects of attacks against the Defense Industrial Base
• Project power to defend the Homeland
• Prepare for and mitigate the effects of multiple simultaneous CBRNE events
• Conduct HLD and CS operations and EP planning activities while operating as LFA, providing support to a LFA, and during transitions of responsibility
• Conduct HLD and CS operations and EP planning activities when responsibilities overlap and in the absence of a formal designation of LFA
• Support a prompt and coordinated federal response for HLD and CS missions and EP planning activities; and facilitate and streamline rapid decision-making on supported-supporting relationships among agencies and actors

Name of Researcher: Josh Calcote

Institution: Integrative Center for Homeland Security

Date: 10/07/05


Keoni Galt said...

The bummer is the process for objections is pre-established and in their favor. In some ways all the scoping does is let the planners know who their local opposition is prior to moving into an area.

Why of course...the Delphi Technique is the primary means of making the people believe they had some "involvement" in "community decisions."

Let me tell you something Nikki, the military controls over half the land here in Hawaii.

I've snuck into military controlled ares to go hunting, and I've seen something that chilled me to the bone - out in the middle of the mountain range here on O'ahu, they had built a replica tract of a typical block of houses replicating American suburbia. When I saw it, and walked through the empty shells of housing, I immediately knew what it was for, as I've had conversations with various national guardsmen and law enforcement officers that I know personally. For the past 5 years or so, they have been deliberately training National Guard uinits in civilian round up and relocation drills and martial law implementation exercises. Makes one wonder what exactly they are really planning to do with all those FEMA camps.

The US military has become nothing more than a tool for the one world government agenda, and they are getting ready to seize control of this country and rule it through martial law.

Niki Raapana said...

Mahalo Keoni, and yes, this is the point where readers start asking, "What can we do?" I used to get a lot of email claiming that because I identify the problem that means that I must also offer a solution.

It just doesn't make sense for the comms to go to such extraordinary lengths to set up a whole new community govt system if there are no people to govern. Why change Santa Rosa, CA civil code into criminal code if everyone's going to be herded off to a FEMA camp? Obviously not everyone will be locked up because they're a "threat" to national security. A certain number of people will get to become good communitarians.

The next generation to survive will not be the fittest, they will be the dumbest and weakest members in every community. Maybe if small groups of hardy souls can manage to survive outside the system for a generation, the tide could turn. In my vision for the future, healthy, honest, strong spirited individuals with honed survival skills return with a vengeance and easily overtake the wimps who've stolen our land.

This monster of a global govt has a weak foundation and deliberately makes outcasts of the most able to resist. In some ways I think we need to look at Palestine for an example of what FEMA camp life will be like for us, and for how our new masters will behave.

Every morning I give thanks for another day of relative freedom. If all my detractors are correct, none of this is actually happening and you and I have nothing to be concerned about. Why? Because it could *never* happen here.

The first thing the globalists did when they accomplished their major coup in Sept 1901 was to seize our public lands. Today the federal govt controls ALL the wilderness and most forests in every state. Our people have no place to run and no place to hide. The enemy has bigger guns and more ammo (yet still fears our little handguns!).

I don't know why but I hold on to the possibility that our best men and women will look and find the communitarian's Achilles Heel, and then drive them off our lands.

Just because the comms wrote the playbook that enslaves us all does not mean that WE have to play by their rules. In fact just the opposite is true. The show's not over til the fat lady sings.

Keoni Galt said...

I believe that what they are preparing for is some cataclysmic event - either a natural disaster or some kind of war action.

Last year we had a tsunami warning here. Within hours, the grocery store shelves were emptied and the gas stations sold out as the cars lined up for blocks to fill up.

This is the reality of our society and it's dependence on our food production and distribution system.

One interesting theory I've come across is that the elite have been planning for the eventual start of the next ice age...and that global warming has been one, gigantic misdirection.

Check out
The website for the author of "Not by Fire, but by Ice."

One of the things associated with the onset of another ice age, is increased geological activity - volcanism, earthquakes, etc.

One "super volcanic" eruption like Krakatoa in the late 19th century, could blow enough ash into the atmosphere to block out the sun and kill much of the crops the world is dependent on for food production.

Even if the next super-volcanic eruption doesn't happen in our lifetime, a few extended colder seasons as we move into the next ice age cycle would be enough to devastate the majority of the world's crops as well.

This is perhaps why the Government is preparing for Martial Law and FEMA camping...they are planning on dealing with starving masses if/when the global food supply chain breaks down for whatever reason.

We who are aware of the movement for a One World Communitarian Government often speculate that these communitarians are planning something like man-made plagues, nuclear war, etc., to cull the masses to achieve their stated goal, like the statement etched into the Georgia guidestones regarding the "maintenance of humanity" at a population level of 500,000,000.

Perhaps they are simply preparing for the inevitable cataclysm to seize global control once humanity is culled by starvation and freezing?

I do agree with your assessment, regarding the state of their society they are planning for us to resemble the Palestinian refugee camps.


I think there is only one "solution" to be proposed. Understand their designs, and try and make a place for yourself where you can sustain yourself independently. Where you don't have to rely on the Government to feed you on the day that the grocery stores and gas stations are emptied and the countdown to mass starvation begins.

Anonymous said...

Great article.....thanks for such a detailed, informative read.

Niki Raapana said...

Keoni, did you see the news about Wisconsin putting the Guard on alert for the announcement of the proposed cuts to state workers? This new govt thinks union protests are a state of emergency!

The communitarians have been preparing for civil unrest for decades. They need it. Our rioting for food or more money (or to keep what we have) is essential to their reaching the ultimate end of their insane dialectical drama. I learned from the anti-WTO protests in the Battle of Seattle just how staged street battles are.

There's not an inch of land that the comms don't have control over in the U.S. I'm not sure there's anywhere left for our people to sustain themselves independently.

This area I'm in is almost all farms and yet the Community League now thinks we need a "community garden". It doesn't matter that that concept was started in urban areas where nobody had any land. It doesn't matter that local people here already share gardens because they like doing that. What matters is the communitarians say we need to farm collectively now.

I wonder sometimes if we shouldn't all start our own false front community collectives, so that we are less vulnerable to comm conscription. Hide in plain sight.

Thanks anyonymous, I appreciate your response. Someone posted a link to this blog post on reddit. It's filed under "conspiracy" and has one comment so far: "More guesswork devoid of substantiating evidence." by davesidious


Anonymous said...

Niki, I really like your idea of false front groups. Hoist on their own petard. They infiltrate all our groups. How about a Community Study Group in which we study the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Shared said...

I posted it on Reddit!

I thought conspiracy was the only subreddit where it would not get burried.

I replied to that commentor that he should doublecheck your past work and contact you directly if he thought he needed more detailed information.

I'll repost to Reddit frontpage... but I'm sure it'll get downvoted into oblivion by the "square heads".

Reddit is the best working example of "communitarianism embraced" that I've seen online so far.

They refer to themselves as a "hivemind" and a "community". And they act accordingly.


My girls are crazy-tough as ever.



Niki Raapana said...

Yeah we could start a "Community Watch" group.. our mission would be to report all seditious activities to the local militia! :)

S... this is toooooooo funny! Now I'm getting all kinds of searches about Mt. Tillman!!!!!! Someone even came to this article from AK state government in Anchorage. And I knew it was you when I saw how you reposted it. Thanks for a good laugh!

The boys are great but they miss me! big hugs to those tough girls!