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"No Labels" Campaign is the Third Way, by Rosa Koire

No surprise to see Indiana Senator Evan Bayh was part of the start-up committee for No Labels. His ties to the Third Way are direct; Bayh was the leader of the Third Way bipartisan group in the Senate. I used to have a page at the ACL called "Bayhwatch." Following Bayh is how I first heard of Obama.

Read the Label, The new political group No Labels shows why labels exist
"Everything you need to know about the new political group No Labels is contained in its slogan: "Not Left. Not Right. Forward." It's smug. It sounds like an Obama campaign catchphrase. And it ignores the whole reason politics exists, which is that not everyone agrees on what "Forward" is. " By Christopher Beam, Monday, Dec. 13, 2010

From Rosa Koire:
You may have heard about the No Labels campaign. It's a new political movement, a sort of counter to the Tea Party for those on the left or more left-leaning. No Labels. Not Republicans, Not Democrats, Not Independents. No label.

Ok, we took a look.

They're Communitarians.
Another term for this is the Third Way.

The enlightened compromise. The civilized synthesis. The educated answer is consensus, they say. This is the heart of Communitarianism. Why? Communitarianism is the 'balancing of the individual's rights against those of the community.' In the US Constitution we are guaranteed rights that we were born with: life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. That last one, as you know, was to be 'property.' Property is not just land. YOU are your own property. That was an element of fundamental freedom.

So how can you 'balance' those rights with those of the community? The community has no rights under the US Constitution. Individuals have rights and responsibilities, but the community as a whole, what is that? The collective? Whenever you 'balance' or subsume, or subordinate, or consensus-ize the individuals' rights you'll get something different from what we are guaranteed under the Constitution.

Here's an example.
Let's take two glasses and set them on a table.
One glass is full of water. Let's call it a Republic.
The other glass is full of milk. Let's call it a Communitarian state.

Now we'll get a glass pitcher and set it on the table.

Let's balance the water with the milk by pouring them both into the pitcher.

What do you have?
It's not water anymore, is it?
It's milk. Watery milk. But milk. Not water.

The Third Way.

Communitarianism. Balancing your individual rights with the 'rights' of the community. This is being pitched to you as the new enlightened form of political discourse. You are 'selfish' if you insist on your individual rights and freedoms. This is the justification for Agenda 21-Sustainable Development. For the good of the planet. For everyone's security. For your health. To protect your children. To limit workplace violence. To stop bullying.

All of these things are laudable, but somehow they always result in more restrictive laws that affect everyone. They criminalize everyone. In our town, the Civil Code has been criminalized. What does that mean? If you don't mow your lawn it's a misdemeanor.

Will your child have a criminal record if he calls another kid a 'queer?' Will you be held responsible if your employee shoots someone and you knew he was upset over a breakup with his wife? Will your 15 year old daughter be strip-searched at the airport? Will you lose custody of your 10 year old because he is obese? Will you be evicted from your apartment because you smoked on your balcony in violation of a local ordinance? Will you be taxed for driving 15 miles to work instead of riding your bike? Will you be fined for watering your vegetable garden? Will your Smart Meter be used to tell advertisers what to sell you? Will your Smart vehicle with remote shut off capability be shut down by someone in your State capitol while you're driving? Will your neighbor report you to the Community Oriented Policing Unit of your local PD because you seemed to be acting strangely? Your rights have been balanced.

That was easy, wasn't it? No Labels. Why not? Maybe they don't have the guts to say what their label should be. Or maybe they figure you'll never guess.

For more on this please look at the list on the right side of this page and click on 'Communitarianism'.


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Rosa Koire said...

Thanks for posting this, NIki.
Anyone who is interested in reading more can take a look at our other site:

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Rosa Koire

Niki Raapana said...

Thank you Rosa, I think the way you describe it is very helpful. I love seeing other people describe the way communitarianism changes life, even though it's painful to read it. It's a nice list of the most ridiculous things, like a twisted joke with no humor behind it, pure maliciousness. But it is in fact very real and all very verifiable, and I think many people would agree with you based on what they can see going on.

It's just so much harder to see how it all ties together without knowing about communitarianism.

And they made civil code criminal there! It's sure progressing well.

Behind the Green Mask...I like that too.

Sean said...

The "Water and Milk" analogy was terrific! I'll be using that in my future explanations for certain...

Kevin Eggers said...


I'm glad you're on our side.

I can't help but think of the television show Dragnet when you say "Get involved, it's your city."

Keep up the good work.