Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is the United Methodist Church Communitarian?

In a recent letter to the Toledo Free Press, a pastor from Bowling Green, Ohio explained the dialectical synthesis between JFK and Ronald Reagan (and claimed JFK was a communitarian).

Is this the official view from church leadership? I've known for years how many churches accept grants that require them to be complicit in the agenda, but I think this is the first time I've seen a Protestant pastor openly tell Americans communitarianism is the solution. Doesn't Pastor McGlade know what spiritual communitarianism is? Does his flock?

Communitarian Soul: The New Frontier and the Reagan Revolution

Written by Eric McGlade

Update: here's another one of his articles (thanks Con!):

The Communitarian Soul: When principle rubs up against pragmatism
Written by Eric McGlade | |
"For as long as I can remember, Sen. Ted Kennedy was there … an unapologetic liberal voice in an unrepentant conservative age. For those of us who believe deeply in progressive and communitarian values, he was a durable and reliable soul. The fact that he was able to rise above the pain, tragedy and messiness of his own personal life to keep the progressive dream alive is a testament to all of this. God bless him."

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CompleatPatriot said...

Is the Vatican Communitarian ? Their own Cannon Law seems to confirm they are. Does a 501C3 tax exempt church owe the corporate Massa allegiance? Yep, those subservient little communist serfs sure do look up to the man in the dress. Was Engels a Jesuit in disguise ? Did Marx have him a few ghost writers in that London Museum for a time ? Do the Communitarian political psychopaths kiss the ring on the hand of the man in the dress ? That man ruling all of Freemasonry world wide ? You bet.

Just laugh Niki, I think you know. I hope you are warm girl, I've read expose many times over the years, great stuff. I'm right here in Idaho, Sunvalley area, Sawtooth and Church wanderer, hooked on these Shining Mountains of Idaho. I've been here five decades. So many trails to see from the hurricane deck, so little time.

Someday Rome's dominance will end.